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    what good is the Quantum Generator is you can't build it? I know this was added for server admins and modders, but...seriously? How much power can this produce? IMHO, it should be craftable but require a TON of resources and component machines to build.

    can we say "hell no"? I knew you could.
    Craftable quantum generators would be seriously unbalanced and overpowered, no matter how many resources it took. They never run out of power and can dump out ludicrous amounts of energy.

    aka: map makers and server admins *only*

    I like the idea of steam reactors, but without an alternate output it makes Nuclear Power weak.
    We need a Distribution System like HV, MV, LV Cables and Transformers for Steam :)

    And Reactors need to consume water to produce steam! Currently i get Steam from a dry Reactor!

    Yeah, while I like the idea of steam reactors I don't like how it's either Steam or EU without any kind of in-game choice.
    Would be nice if there was a generator module or something you could attach to the reactor (maybe in the grid somewhere?) to make EU or if you want steam than to just hook up pipes.

    Hey, guys. I have a problem. I have installed Forge Loader and Industrial Craft 2 v1.109 on the 1.4.5 server and client. But when i trying to put any of IC2 blocks he is at once disappear. Here is a video
    Server log in the attachment.

    Wrong version of forge, run only the recommended version. (397, they made a major change in versions beyond that)
    Far as I know, only Railcraft has updated for newer forge versions.

    Granted. But that way's a bit of a roundabout method requiring two blocks to be used. Most people want it all in one, which is something I can't understand as each player has an essentially "infinite" world to play with, but I guess it's the achievement of a compact setup that attracts people to it. -shrugs-

    Me neither. I'm perfectly happy to have 3-4 power systems on a given map. Adds to the fun of the thing.
    Lemme see here, there's Railcraft for BC power, IC2's power system, Factorization's power and Redpower2 (likely in the form of a giant solar array and a battery charging via ender chest mechanism)

    - Rough fix to energy storage blocks not emitting redstone

    woo! nice.

    - Radiation poisoning can kill you
    - Bronze and Uranium blocks can be used as beacon base

    Nasty, i'll have to remember* carry around a milk bucket when setting off nuke blocks.
    also: another use for uranium! nice.

    *riiiiiiiiight... like that's going to happen.

    10252? Somewhat random number. On the server I play on, I've got 20 HVs feeding directly into a Mass Fab, giving me an UU every 5 seconds, but that's just overkill. I'm somewhat amazed I even managed to gather all that Iron and other materials, maybe next time around I'll try something different.

    I tend to avoid UU-matter as much as possible. I'll make enough for a q-suit + a gravi chestplate and that's about it.
    why? later on it's too much like EE where it's like infinite resources and takes all the fun out of mining and designing large redpower mining contraptions.

    It's their problem

    I fail to see how a simple request for disabling a tool is someone else's problem. *you* were the one saying in multiple places that mods shouldn't reach in and modify other mod's stuff.
    It wouldn't be that hard to disable the tool if the id is set to 0.

    heres a few bugs, first off you cannot hit enderman with the vajera as well as the ender dragon.

    Second is just an opinion. The fact that the vajera 1 hits mobs AND 1 hits blocks is kinda op. I think if a tool is so powerful against EVERY block in the game it should at least only do half a heart of damage to mobs. Like your vajera is more powerful than a nano-saber which is the highest tier sword and only sword, it has no other functions.
    If you get that mode code working I'd love to see some new type of nano saber (quantum saber?) that had different modes that would apply the effects of enchantments that are in the game.
    That said I love your mod and think everything else is balanced perfectly. Also the sphax textures for the new items are just about done.

    one last thing breaking ice with the vajera only sometimes turns into water.

    yeah.. that thing's way too overpowered the way it is now

    another outstanding bug that has yet to be fixed: the NEI issue. Namely, put on a gravitation suit and then look up the recipe for something, it'll be hovering in there where it doesn't belong.

    Wut? Lava is free, man. Go to nether. Pump out lava. Done. With Thermal Expansion, it gets easier with 'Go to nether, collect netherrack, throw in Crucible for lava', since it is easier to automatically transport solids than liquids across dimensional boundaries.

    or for the fun way to get lava to the overworld: mystcraft and railcraft. Mystcraft portals moving around railcraft tank carts.
    Nearly pumped out a lava lake with a BC pump in 1.3.2 that way.

    Churros. You know, the baked dough with brown sugar? I was eating dinner, and there were some as a dessert. I ended up eating thirteen of them, they were so delicious.

    Costco does 'em pretty cheap and generally huge so I try and get one when i'm there. Tasty little buggers, those.

    Not sure if i'd have a "favorite" food. Pizza maybe? Favorite combo there is bacon + pepperoni. (frequently without cheese unless i'm in the right kind of mood)

    "java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    at ic2.api.EnergyNet.addTileEntity( )
    at net.uberkat.obsidian.common.TileEntityElectricBlock.g("
    I think a problem in compatibility with this mod "uberkat.obsidian" and i can't find in error log problem with my code.

    hmm.. totally missed that when I looked through things, thanks for the pointer. Looks like obsidian ingots and the rest of UE I was mucking about with goes away then.
    Yup, just ripped it out and everything works fine. Looks like OI is doing funky things with the IC2 api again. (for a while it would crash if you ever hooked it up to anything IC2)