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    You could build a simple cobble gen with IC miners. The concept is pretty simple if you know how the miners work.

    also possible to do with Buildcraft quarries. Size required varies dependent on how much power is supplied. Fully powered via combustion it may take a line 10+ long to avoid the problem of the quarry mining further down.

    EE2 is actually very, very much balanced. extremely balanced.

    but ic2 isn't balanced.

    HAHAHAHA.. that has to be the most fanboy inspired comment i've ever seen. IC2 is quite well balanced against other mods. EE2 spits in the face of other mods and has it's own idea of "balance" that completely breaks the balance of other mods.

    You must use Depleted Isotope Cell, not Near-depleted Uranium Cell

    Wow.. i'm just having a derpy kind of week apparently, thanks.

    edit: there, re-built the reactor. (recently forcefully vacated IC2 from the less than 255 Block ID zone, had to wipe the test world) It already looks more like the pic. (Gee! Imagine that!) The one downside to that design is the heatup phase takes a while. Wonder if I can substitute quad cells for the heating cells to speed things up. (incoming crater possibly?)

    ok.. is there something wrong with breeders?
    I get 4 depleted uranium from a reactor run in the test world so I make the design in the OP to test that out. Fast forward a while until i'm looking at around 57k heat on the (nuclear control) display.
    Anyway, load up the uranium, (crafted from freshly NEI'd components) let it run for half an hour and see nothing.. zero progress on the nearly depleted cells.

    If you really miss CASUC, you can create designs that exceed 2100 EU/t, but mind the little bit of maintenance that is refilling the LZH condensers.

    Is there a faster or better way of recharging the thing? Like surround it by 8 lapis/redstone recharge? one at a time is painful if you've got to load up quite a bit.

    Now IC2 API allow register own components that can be used in reactors. But itis impossible to modify ice and water bucket class to implement that API without modification of base class.

    Ah.. derp, totally misunderstood that. Thought you were referring to MC base edits, not editing IC2 stuff.

    Didn't want to make a new thread for this so:

    Out of curiosity, does the new reactor Explodes or do something if you try to disassemble it when it has some internal heat stored? Kinda cheap if the heat would go down to 0 everytime you disassemble it.

    Just tested it, got a reactor up to 8,900something heat and disassembled it without a problem.

    Nice! I may start actually using a breeder with a design this easy.
    Never got into it before due to how !@#%!@#! difficult the things were to heat up and use.

    Get rid of Modloader and Audiomod

    next time: READ THE FREAKING INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. Namely, the ones that say to *ONLY* install Forge.

    I seriously hope it will be as fun, as original X-COM. Without unnecessary simplifications.

    there's quite a few videos here on gametrailers if your interested.

    I will crush your hope before you get any more "hoping". This game is going to be the simplest tactical game ever. It should not be even named X-COM. That just confuses old fans. Old X-COM and this one wont have even one common thing. Except for title.

    Spoken like someone who hasn't even looked at *any* of the info.
    This is Firaxis, they're doing a rather good job based on what i've seen so far.

    Thanks, this will help me with the creation of a Map im working on.

    sorta unnecessary anymore than Forge has the 4096 block ID Fix integrated.
    Just start stuffing things in the 900 range. there's a ton and a half of IDs free there.