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    Well this is the biggest (and most ambitious) addon fro IC2 so far.
    I am excited about what will become of this, but I would stress that if the moon dimension doesnt come easily then scrap it.
    there is easily much difficulty in making a new dimension also there is already a couple of Moon mods around MCF most notably:…028-173-the-moon-v11-wip/

    Im sure that you wont be wanting cheese, but if you can do it use the already made methods for suffocating spacesuits ect.

    Fusion reactors!
    good Ive been wanting one of these.
    could you make the GUI have several slots for Coils? and possibly Heatingelements/neutronthings
    I am thinking here something along the lines of 3-6 slots with diffrent combonations (semiconductor copper) allowing a stronger or more efficient field to be maintaned
    and therefore more powergenerated/less power wasted the same with the heater components.

    ( I apologize for my incompotence in the RL subject, and yes you do sound like a student)
    I think that you should focus on fleshing out things on the surface rather than making a moon dimension but if you can manage it then go for it!

    Yeah IMHO 16 Times is fairly balanced since it is very easy to get to the stacks in seconds stage with automated farms even with Bare minecraft mechanics
    personally I wont be using this mod but It is a job well done keep it up :thumbup:

    Some people on server seem immature as of now, but mostly people on server are friendly (if somewhat mod wise ignorant)
    my only complaint is of Corrj (or whatever) who apparently sabotaged my Quarry operation, not only stealing my quarry but also the cooling pump, causing all of my iron engines to explode (indirect greifing) however he is now banned.

    I am hoping to lead -as one of the more technologically advanced and knowledgeable people on the server- common projects which will benefit the entire server, such a the public oil refinery (which is now partitialy complete) where anyone can take a bucket of refined Fuel from if they so need it.
    also the later, much more advnced Nuclear power plant, the output of which everyone will be able to utilize.

    my only concern is ignorant people disregarding what I am saying, on such being Jkkriky who despite my plea to "Leave the iron furnace alone" proceeded to smelt some stone (delaying me in my mission to smelt glass and craft into tanks) today the iron furnace -which is mine by the way- has strangely gone missing.

    however, i remain optimistic towards the potential of the cooperation on this server and will be putting in some hours to make it a reality :)

    @ OP sorry but: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…58j3vr5mu4vgbzqszjx8w5tts
    platings are nearly never used and as you will discover once you build a reactor legit, 6 chamber reactors need TONS of resources to make
    also watercooling is OP so its better to make several smaller reactors than 1 big one
    note: the bottom 9 squares are water the rest is air , 2 air blocks would be taken for cable and redstone so it all comes down to exact Mark I

    After adding a buffer in front of the injection transposer and behind the empty bucket remover it did run perfectly. Now this reactor is running with even more uranium cells you use. I added 2 next to each other in the 2nd row, and one all by himself on the first row. Now it does 635 EU/t and it didn't blow up so far. I also build an other design with 1 reactor chamber less. I filled all the rows except for the top row. I only have 3 cells there. 2 connected to each other and 1 alone. It produces 695 EU/t. That is 60 EU/t more than your design, but wow, 2 600 EU/t+ Mark 1 reactor. And Alblaka wanted us to believe the perfect reactor's didn't exist.

    as we know well these reactors are not That safe, and it has already been stated that the only way to keep them running is by mass fabricating uranium, so they are also very uranium hungry

    first of all a concept design from before Redpower 2 this one was supposed to be used with BC (5 chambers):…HXUXXUXHUUUUHCHXXHCXXXXXX
    personally, I think that this one:…XHUUUUHXHXXHXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    is efficient enough for me,
    but if you really want to push the boundary:…UHUUUUUXHXUUUXXXXXXXXXXXX
    only 7 bucket slots!!!
    but if you can get it working it will PWN

    Oh, I really like your last idea, about filling meters but not the make-the-geothermal-into-another-reactor-idea
    I am also plagued by my geothermals flipping out when i am just using power but not exactly 10 EU/t, it is very annoying...

    I agree with Albalaka,
    watermills are Lame atm, Before in IC1 I was envisioning Watermill farms.
    In the end your "Best" power source all has to do with your current circumstances Solar for lots of resources spare surface base lots of constant power needed,
    wind for mountain top base with lots of iron spare but not much else,
    nuclear for when you are underground, have a ton of tin and copper, and uranium but not too much spare iron, and need large bursts of energy,
    and Watermills for when you want to stay hidden/protected in your undetectable underground base on SMP.

    what you need to do is have the reactor floating (flipped 90degrees to horizontal)
    and have it in a chamber where the 3^3 cube is surrounded completely (except for the red in power out blocks)
    then you have restone powering a repeter powering on of the chambers to turn off the reactor
    the inside if the enclosed space should be entirely filled with waterblocks (that particular design should never get above 10% (1200) hull heat
    as long as you time it properly
    so no worries about water evaporating.

    all of them are essentially Mark V. if you don't want the extra power that badly but would like the reactor to be much safer (without changing your calculations)
    note that each extra chamber adds 1000 Heat Capacity and each plating adds 100 so that reactor will have 12000 + 1200 "HP" half of which (6600) will evaporate waterblocks within 3 blocks of core 85% of which (11220) will turn solid blocks within 3 blocks of core into lava (if no such blocks melt chamber/s)

    also if you care to recalculate 4 additional cooling:…UIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
    also note: that you need to first subtract 2.6 cooling as the vendaria simulator fails to check if cooling components connect to heat sources
    and we know that Dcells put their heat directly into the reactor hull
    this design has 16000 + 2600 "HP" meanign that water will evaporate at 9300 heat, lava will spawn at 15810 heat
    thanks for the concept, i think ill be using it myself :)

    1. He was being ironic here

    2. There are three types of Efficiency with reactors: Uranium, Resource and Time
    increasing the Uranium efficiency will most probably reduce time efficiency (if you have to take a 10 minute break every 5 minutes then your reactor will need 3x the time to use 1 set of uranium) this means that the average EU/t over both on/off cycles could actually be less on a Mark V compared to a Mark I.
    resource efficiency is a one time investment but making your reactors legitimately actually takes a Crapload of tin and copper but less iron then other power sources
    also alot of Adv circuits are needed.
    Time wise it takes 10 000 seconds (reactor ticks) to use up a set of uranium cells if running nonstop.
    he could be talking about uranium efficiency or resource efficiency here.

    3. I was talking to Desuman here if you look at his post he says "still Mark I with the clock" this is wrong, all Reactor which have to be switched off midcycle are Mark III or upwards.

    4. what I meant here is that the reactor has to have a 2 time on / 3 time off(cooldown) cycle controlled by a redstone clock. But because of the single HeatDisperser nestled between 4 triple pulsed uranium cells it heats up very quickly so therefore the reactor has to run on super short cycles of 200/300 On/off to avoid melting this key component. (because without it the reactor would emit 24 more heat/tick rather than its current heat production)

    Remember now all clocked reactors are Mark III
    interesting idea there Desuman Ill be looking into slightly lower powered designs of that now...
    My run of the moment design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…wvxxby5ym7uvhsdliwta5qh4w
    it will be able to run on/off 40%/60% at 200/300 tick increments this is limited by the maximum heat capacity of the centered HD (which would burn out quickly otherwise)

    it could be optimized (Ive left a 4 second safety margin)
    anyway. ill be having fun on the next server I find with RP

    But why? I mean we can also make a rule against using coolants then right?

    The fact my reactor is so big is because it got 4 layers of reinforced stone to protect against a meltdown (which can happen if a nab decides to destroy the cooling system). Without the protection it would be really small.

    will you please stop spamming your CASUC reactors everywhere it is NOT wanted?
    sorry but this is the 4th time you've done it and it aggravates me!

    sorry but the whole point in transformers and higher grades of wire is to prompt exactly the opposite
    you gain more by sending larger packets (higher voltage) because you loose less.
    that is the way it has been the whole time with IC