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    ...only please him and no one else...

    With the current information you could only infer that you dont like it...

    ...but I am aware and recognize that in the end all decisions are made by those with the power to code.

    So anyone that knows how to code makes the decicions?
    I know C++ thus I decide if this idea gets implented...also don't bash me for saying that I know what you really mean.

    First of all congrats on a well conjured post. Now to post my opinions.

    1: a point. Tin cable was ment to transfer tiny packets over very long distances (As you most likely know making this responce stupid in the slightest) I think it should stay like that...just my opinion.

    2: Loosing EU when entering a cable? Chance of degredation of the insulation upon entering a oddball area of EU's. Just a cap in increments for the max EU/p per insulation level for me thank you. Too much micro-managing otherwise. If I got that wrong let me know. My brains not working very well atm...

    3: Agreed

    4: Agreed

    5: Thinking about this...

    6: No

    7: on the side effects, yes on the transmit.

    8: Agreed...thought that was already in but ok.

    9: Agreed

    It would work...exept for the fact that it gives you potion buffs. I mean I get that people want to make potion brewing more industrialy but without modifying the source file for brewing and modifying the hell out of brewing stands I don't see the use for duplicates...

    Otherwise good idea. Just disclude the potion esque effects and ill vote for it.

    I actually like this idea. Usually I find that whenever I find a rubber tree, no saplings fall from it. I have to chop down around 10 trees to find a single sapling. (Then for some reason the planted trees drop at least 1...not sure why)

    HOWEVER: This would also mean that you would have to find 2 iron, smelt it, and use shears due to the new spawning code used. We can no longer go around punching sheep.

    Thats in EE?

    My thought was more on the side of ceramic and diamond not being better than one another but more on the side of being more on the lines of having their own strengths and weaknesses. Diamond wouldn't be better than Ceramic it would just be faster and mine a smaller area. Ceramic would be slower and mine a larger area.

    My first thought when seeing this thread was "Bricks"

    Also Thought for "Brick" Drill

    Diamond Drill: Faster, mines only one block.
    "Brick" Drill: Mines a 3x3x1 area but is slower.

    I initially thought that but decided it would be to costly hence the separate uumatter gauge/tank. it will allow you to split the single piece of uumatter between multiple machine-recipies\

    Well what would be the ratio of UU Matter to Tank Points?

    ever try to sift through a build library for logistics pipes? template would be a good word to use but I would say for the sake of simplicity steve needs a "template item" to get the copier going not sift through a library. but popular consensus or devs can decide other wise.

    SO your saying that the this "Library" would just be a chest of stuff to replicate?

    Like the UU Idea...maybe 1 UU per material, per component?

    Heres a thought:
    When a object is placed into the "copier" its template (sorry brain-fail refuses to provide a better name) is stored in a library of sorts. This could be a per-copier library or a universal one. There are a number of ways to balance this (such as placing a new "Template Library" Block like in BC 3x) Eather way it would allow you to copy when you don't have the object on you at the moment.

    welcome to the forums, i generally stick to Vanilla Redstone as well but sometimes, especially on SMP, it starts to cause issues with alot of redstone use. i agree though, we do need this and it would be nice to have this and the Thermometer/Control Block added. also that reminds me. Alblaka, if you read this, could you make the Nuclear Control block make an Emergency Evacuation siren when it reaches 85%+?

    Nice Idea :thumbup:

    On a related note maybe there should be reactor redstone emmiter settings. Such as "Emit Redstone when heat reaches (blank)"

    Then again that would interfere with the disabling method for reactors.

    Perhaps it could be used in a more efficient way of producing advanced alloy?

    Or based on this It could also be used for the following.

    Efficient Minecarts
    Machine Blocks
    Advanced/Regular Circuts
    Coolents (Such as :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: and :Intergrated Plating: )
    And other assorted stuff

    Now How to obtain it is a diffrent story altogether.

    Shouldnt this be a cooling cell surrounded by iridium?

    Carbon Rod

    3 refined iron and 6 carbon plates placed in rows with iron being in the middle.

    Is about 2 times more effective at cooling than a cooling cell but will catch fire (raise heat and get destroyed) if the temp goes above about 75%