Posts by RawCode

    Coal should be used to upgrade biofuel to normal fuel.

    Hydration and other nonsense not really required.

    Also redstone\glowstone\gunpowder and probably quartz\lapis\sulfur can be used to improve conversion rate.

    1000mb of biofuel + coaldust + "catalyst or none" == variable amount of fuel from 200 to 1200 based on catalyst used.

    it should kill instantly ignoring armor or give immunity to radiation.

    in first case it may be used as expensive and effective trap, killing instantly ignoring armor will make UUM cells great weapon, just like lava buckets was long ago

    in second case will be nice addition to reactor, that currently have no use of UUM.

    regeneration, resistance and other effects already covered by beacon and potions.

    Lets count:

    3 tiers (3 separate machines with boring and completely unnnesesery crafting)
    5 rotors
    4 sizes

    60 different setups for no reason! WTF really?

    More does not make game better, it makes game slow and tedious.

    My suggestion about windmills:

    Nobody lurk around and check rotor every 5 minutes, for this reason windmills dont need any GUI.
    Clicking mill with rotor should install it and give old rotor back (if any) (and automatically rotate to direction).
    EU output and rotor health can be checked with EU meter without opening GUI (and there is no gui to open).

    Windmill should have kinetic generator as recipe component and be embedded into single hull, anyway mills never placed alone, placing two machines istead of one does not provide any joy.

    Only iron,steel and carbon rotors should stay - 3 tiers is top, anything else if overcomplication.
    All rotors are same size.
    All rotors are same durability.
    Only output ratio is different.

    100% and 50% and 25%

    Recipes for all rotors should be "same".

    When rotor durability is depleted - it destroyed completely without trace with exception to carbon rotor that stay permanently but produce only 5% power and can be "regenerated" with UUM or carbon fiber later.

    I have planned 2 - 16 times more energy and 8-64 stones to create single lava *bucket* based off steam generator (accept stone dust instead of water and produce lava instead of steam, more heat - less cost, internal tank for lava 1024 buckets, can explode if overheated, "calcify" (and explode) over time, can be decalcified by redstone (that also can be melted into lava - at 2x energy cost but do not calcify).

    Actually blast furnace can melt stone into lava just fine without adding one more machine.
    If stone present istead of air cells empty cells accepted.

    exploits by other mods:
    There is no way to take into account every single mod in world and this is not reason to reject features.

    Its just like "we can't do this, this will upset niggers\islamists\vegetarians\someone else"

    buildcraft pump
    bottling plant
    large supply of universal cells
    powered obviously by geotermal generator
    nether portal
    everything inside quarry chunk loading

    home area:
    nether portal with flush area filled with large amount of hoppers
    large tank (or VERY LARGE) (or large area and flood gate)
    bottling plant
    one more quarry to keep chunks loaded

    Actually i always wanted some machine that can generate lava from stone and energy, but always delayed that for random reasons.

    there is alternative space-time flow that justify anything related to gravity or volume.

    single cubic meter of minecraft space can hold infinite amount of matter without altering density of that matterm just like bag of holding (every player have one).

    when energy network is finished, internal buffer will cause cable melts, becouse "full" solars will emit "more" then 1 eu per tick if they managed to accumulate anything (full batbox case).

    in case of fixed 1eu output, buffer will cause solars to "produce power when there is no more light" causing confusion.