[Official] New Reactors design thread.

  • Will be adding gregtech reactors shortly, pasting notes here so I don't lose them and to have them screened.


    Thorium positivee hybrid reactor, 8 extra per Thorium cycle. 484 EU/t.
    Hybrid Efficiency 12.9 +8t


    Thorium Neutral hybrid reactor, isotope arrangement by BrickedKeyboard, cooling system by Requia. 367 EU/t
    Hybrid efficiency 14.68+0t


    Thorium negative hybrid reactor, takes 4 extra thorium per thorium cycle, 420 EU/t. This one is all BrickedKeyboard. (combining two of this reactor with one of the first has neutral thorium use and beats the efficiency of a thorium neutral reactor).

    Hybrid efficiency: 16.8 -4t


    Beginner thorium reactor. 32 EU/t, easily doubled.

    Thorium efficiency: 4


    2 chamber compact tiling of the arrangement above, 128 EU/t
    Thorium Efficiency 4


    Another zero chamber, more power (72 EU/t), less efficienct.
    Thorium efficiency 3


    Single chamber high efficiency thorium, 80 EU/t. Easily doubled in a bigger reactor.

    Thorium Efficiency 5

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  • For my Very Fast breeder, can you include these instructions:

    Heat initially by leaving overclocked heat vents out while the reactor is off for ~10 min. Cooling exactly offsets the heat generated by heating cells, it will never cool off after heated.

    Thanks for Giving drill access to miners!

  • Stable Cheap Breeder
    Efficiency: 96.4%
    Speed: 358s/uranium
    Cost: Iron: 132, Copper 631, Bronze 21, Tin 57
    This breeder will hold its heat when off, so it can be run for partial cycles without problem, requires being run to reach full heat.
    Credit: Requia

    Slight upgrade I think.

    I don't know how to put it in your format.
    What formula are you using for breeding efficiency?

    Thanks for Giving drill access to miners!

  • efficiency=(Total cell produced-total cell used)/(Total cells produced)

    Multiply efficiency by 8 to get the number or uranium cells per brick.

    Yours is 96.8% and gets 7.74 cells per brick.

    Hmm, self heats (without the cooling trick, which I hesitate to recommend to anybody not well versed enough in nuclear power to figure it out on their own) and is 11 more copper and 6 less iron.

    Yeah, I think yours is a little better.

  • 2 designs
    Hybrid reactors:

    Link: Breeder Replacement
    Eu/tick: 60
    Energy Efficiency: 3
    Overall Efficiency: 3
    Running costs: 0 UU
    Breeding Efficiency: 95
    Breeding speed: 125.9s / uranium
    Cost: Iron 293, Copper 1706, Tin 112, Gold 26
    Credits: gorzak
    This breeds as much uranium as the standard breeder, and outputs 12x the energy with 3.0 efficiency. Run it instead of the standard breeder and get energy and efficiency while you breed. It's stable off temp is 22k, it's stable running temp is 28k. Even though it says mark II, no downtime is needed.


    Link: Maximally Efficient Breeder
    Efficiency: 98.9
    Speed: 113.6s
    Cost: Iron 218, Copper 1853, Tin 87, Bronze 50, Gold 8
    Credits: Gorzak

    At 5 chambers it is frame friendly, self heating and temperature regulated. To get better efficiency, you have to pull tricks to get extra heat beyond what heating cells can provide.

    Thanks for Giving drill access to miners!

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  • I'm still not convinced the max efficiency thing is a useful concept. For comparison, you'd have to breed two stacks of uranium to get just one extra cell out of it over your double breeder design, but the double breeder runs twice as fast for the same cost.

    The hybreeder though... your efficiency is off, it should be 94.9%. But the diminishing returns thing above still applies (this'll make about 20 less cells per stack of uranium, so noticeable, but not severe). It'd make a great reactor for people like me who want to get the breeder going asap then worry about power to avoid the shortages running without the breeder causes.

  • Your design change has changed its stable off temp to 0. It's a lot easier of a build if you are ok with a cold start, but I wanted it to start hot. I'm guessing it can be improved, but it's a good starting point for hybrid designs.

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  • Yeah I just came back because I remembered it has more than 60 cooling. I prefer that all breeders have hot start, its far better for automation because you don't need to worry about whether or not you have enough uranium to run the whole cycle (especially for higher speed stuff like this).

  • In regards to the max efficiency breeder, I run a variation of it. The constraints that make it preferable are 2: Space constraint. I don't have enough space for 3 double chests to feed isotopes, and 2 I don't like running it hot enough to cause radiation damage. That design does a double chest exactly per cycle at 39 heating cells, while remaining below hurt and even evaporation thresholds. My feelings won't be hurt if you choose not to include it, my constraints are likely unique, but my thoughts were having maximums and minimums might prove useful to someone who needs something in between.

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  • I actually do the same thing with my breeders (among other things I like golem automation), though I'll be switching over to autocrafting to get around the nonstackable thing this time around.

    Hmm, repost the variation you actually use? It's not as important for the cheapbreeder, but since the high efficiency ones don't allow you to just replace cheap plates with expensive plates to get the no damage state that'd be pretty useful as its own design. (don't worry about the 6 chamber thing, I'll eventually make a list of 4 and 5 chamber designs mean for frameships, but those'll go in the for use with other mods section).

  • This is the breeder I am actually running on my ship.
    Environmentally friendly Breeder
    Efficiency: 98.2
    Speed: 178.9s/u
    Resources: 1626 copper, 84 tin, 53 bronze, 196 iron, 8 gold
    Credit: Gorzak

    This retains high efficiency, and trades a slower output and higher cost for the reduced automation complexity and reduced environmental effects. You only need to automate 1 double chest full of isotopes, as it breeds 56 vs the 58 you can contain. The hull heat is below evaporation and hurt threshold, you could cover this with decorative water if you wished, and get as close to it as you like.

    Thanks for Giving drill access to miners!

  • http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…k746u17l3l2ngr7fp8rrjjqtk
    the onlything this does is evaporate water and burn stuff, so it is your breeder with less cost

    when you put water block outside the 5x5x5 blocks radius only the flowing water will evaporate

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

    [b][i][u][url=' [url='http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7745']HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

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  • That design isn't on the list for a reason. It consumes copper far faster than it consumes uranium, so all that efficiency is worthless, because you can't actually use the uranium you save. You could run the output through a matter fab to get the copper, but then the overall efficiency drops all the way 2.97, and the overall power to 60.

    As for the double breeder, what don't you understand?

  • but i have tried to run it full cycle, reflector and uranium finished at the same time

    breeder can rechage damaged uranium right?
    but how can i rechage a dual-uranium cell?

  • High eu Output.6 Chamber

    Eu/T : 3280
    Efficency : 5.47/5.47
    Heat is always at zero, if you have a good supply of Lapi Luzli
    Link : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…trhf6uzaijbllrnbjx5pb2j28

    Breeder (not the best but it charges the isotope cells pretty quick)
    6 Chamber
    Eu/t : 540
    Efficency : 2.78/5.78
    Reachrge Per Tick : 900
    Per isotope : 100
    Per Uranium : 25
    I run the Heat at 25.500, if you got a good supply of Lapis Lazuli You should be good
    Link : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…dgpzwjkg6phsiqpe4oa93720v

    but i have tried to run it full cycle, reflector and uranium finished at the same time

    breeder can rechage damaged uranium right?
    but how can i rechage a dual-uranium cell?

    You can't recharge a dual uranium cell, when they become deplted they go down to singles, therefore you need to convert them stick them in to your breeder then craft them in to uranium cells then in to dual.

    When the cells become depleted you should have 2 deplted cells stacked on each other