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    How about I fix this thread...
    This is the recipe

    :Coal Dust::Refined Iron::Coal Chunk:
    :Coal Dust::Advanced Circuit::Energy Crystal:
    :Coal Dust::Refined Iron::Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk: = n/a
    :Coal Dust: = carbon fibers

    requires eu to use, has a aim, doesn't affect players, can one shot a zombie, and it runs out of eu on the 20th shot but it can be powered by the lappack only.

    The main reason it was suggested because I wanted a bow that didn't wear out and didn't require an enchantment (I hate enchanting), and was day dreaming about one shoting zombies in style! :thumbup:

    There fixed. :thumbsup:

    you using inficraft

    I have a crossbreeding farm set up on a 9x9x3 (W,L,H) block of dirt at layer 150. im keeping it fully hydrated etc, but after 1 hour of getting weeds i started using weed-ex on the crossbreeding crops and after 3 hours of producing weeds after that i dont know what to do anymore. The location of the farm is in a swamp biome no blocks are within the radius (nothing that would block the 'air'). im using all vanilla minecraft items (mainly melons,sugarcane, and wheat). and i just want to know what im doing wrong. (I'll probably update this later incase further questions about my problem arise.)

    is there grass or dirt next to your crops or are there like empty crops or are there empty farmland near them?

    We do not support Tekkit/Technic on this forum, please post this server on the technicpack forums or etc that involves not being on this forum. In short don't post Tekkit servers on this forum please.

    I'm kind of discouraged by this honestly, I made all my gear honestly and I've worked hard to get it, and I've seen other players with far better gear who I've seen online less, and I get banned based on your suspicion that I may have cheated to acquire a relatively low grade utility item. if you don't want players using creative mode then why allow it at all, and before you ban someone for "having expensive gear they couldn't make themselves" you should probably a) have some kind of proof that they actually cheated to acquire it, and b) check to make sure that the item is actually hard to make.

    ALSO c) check our workshop its got enough stuff to make anything AND d) check everyone else seriously they have like redmatter everything and extremeley small workshops.


    You guys were in creative mode. I already said that you can only use creative mode for building spawn. I honestly doubt that shroo got that catalytic lens legit.

    HEY!!! I never was in creative I got the catalytic lens from the EE2 flower working over night and getting the 9 dark matter to make the hyperkenetic lens and then combining it with my destruction catalyst. If you are be busting people then bust Furvik he has RM armor last time I saw.

    Also how can ever have been in creative if I never helped making spawn.

    Even thought it's a IC2 addon this forums doesn't support Technic/Tekkit. ALSO Forestry was removed from Technic/Tekkit because Sengir added code into forestry to make it incompatible with Technic/Tekkit due to him not wanting Forestry in Technic/Tekkit.
    Plus you can't make any crossover mod between any mod and RP2 (Eloraam doesn't like crossover mods).