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    Is there any way to have one generalized "on" sound, such that you know something is working, but not separate sounds for a specific machine? Maybe a generalized hum?

    This is per Base IC2:

    I find there's often too much sound going on, such that coming into range of my machine area doesn't always trigger every sound, or I have "dueling sounds". A Compressor may be overriding my macerators, or the macerators are overriding the sound of my extractor. I appreciate having notification my work is complete, but the clashing sounds are dissonant.

    Just thought of this, might not work... but if you just need 1-3, what about having that number of inputs to the machine?

    You have your main buffer of over 9000 plates.

    You have 2 outputs going to different sides of the machine.

    The machine would gain 2 plates at a time, more or less. (or 3, w/e small number you need)

    The latest 1.2.2 is This one.

    If you go to the "latest 1.12.2 IC2 Jenkins" from the wiki, just remember you DON'T want the DEV, or API, or anything extra version... just "normal". That's the 3rd link / bottom link in the center "latest successful" section.

    EDIT: does the game run with Forge and no mods? If it's not running with NO mods, it's possible Forge is not loaded correctly.

    What opens the file does not matter, notepad or something else. as long as the file downloaded is titled "industrialcraft-2-2.2.828-experimental.jar" (turn on your extensions if you cannot see the .jar), then it is the correct file.

    you might have other mods causing problems, and for that we will need crash logs. I'll leave crash logs to others to decipher :)

    Example: I use Google Chrome on my Windows PC.

    1. I go to IC2 wiki.

    2. I use the link at top center to go to the IC2 1.12 Jenkins.

    3. I pick the last of the top center links, industrialcraft-2-2.8.111-ex112.jar.

    4. The file downloads, but google Chrome puts an alert at the bottom of my screen, saying "this file is dangerous". I have to press "Keep".

    5. Finally, I can go to my download location, copy or move the file to the .minecraft\mods folder.

    I've got a suggestion/bug for the IC2 reactor planner.

    I suggest putting in a total EU from a 50% Stirling cycle and a 75% steam cycle. I'm also not sure if the heat and the EU are both calculated correctly, this might be a bug.

    So I've got 2 reactor designs:

    Fluid, 1352Hu/s at 6000+ heat, calcs to about 10,000,000 EU generated

    EU, 560 EU/tick starting at 7500 Heat, shows 112,000,000 EU generated.


    I would expect 1352 Hu to give more net EU at a 75% steam cycle than a 560 EU reactor, but 1352 Hu/SEC doesn't compute to as much as 560/TICK.

    I think both designs should be able to be compared. If both has expected totals, I think this would work well. I also think both should be shown with "Per Tick" or "Per sec", not each being different.

    What's your max EU based on? Here's numbers for decent reactor designs, from the simulator.

    If your numbers are correct and I understand your math, the EU reactor below should have no problem handling your UU regeneration.

    I've got a 1-quad EU reactor that does 560 EU/tick, 112,000,000 EU generated.


    I've got a 1-quad fluid reactor that does 1352 heat/sec, 10,078,504 lifetime EU generated on steam cycle. (something wrong with calcs, this should be more than above?)


    Is this about "highest bet energy output", or "highest output in any second", or something else? For example, I like "highest efficiency" and "least consumed materials", which means no quad fuels.

    Ok, I get it now. the OC vents have to cool down to 0, or the nearly double heat buildup will continue and destroy them. That means the whole reactor needs to cool down to 0, and that means MOX won't work like this.

    Help me, here; I am missing some key point.

    You cannot pull more heat per tick than the total vent capability of your setup, so your design should not be able to ever vent more than 900 per tick, no matter what your design produces. Since I got slightly more vent capability, my design vents slightly more heat per tick, 912.

    Given you cannot vent more than x heat per tick, the next step is to minimize chance of explosion. I designed my reactor to produce double the heat needed to vent 912/tick and then adjusted the pulse to allow it to vent twice as long and the vents to vent 912.

    I don't see a problem with the mox setup, you just pull most of the vents out until it gets to the desired temp, then put them in REALLY FAST. :). My design should work for any start temp from 5001 to 6001, for sure.

    I doubled the heat because that is what I recalled happening. The heat output will actually be double, I think, so 1824. I only simulated this, so I don't recall if the simulator is telling me I got something wrong, or if it falls to calculate the double heat, it if I'm just wrong. I suppose I should have pulled out other designs to check.

    Ok, this one should work and be slightly better than the previous. Previous fluid reactor cools (54-9)*20 = 900(*2) = 1800 heat max, per tick; this one cools 912*2 = 1824. There is room for improvement, but MOX is tricky :)

    This is a MOX reactor; you need to get it above 5000 to make this work. I simulated 6K Start. Also, this is my first successful simulated MOX fluid reactor, I think! Yay!


    Timing: .25./25 sec (1 tick / 1 tick, something like that)

    (edited a typo)

    wouldn't a 3-Quad-MOX reactor get more heat, because you could fit more cooling? you'd have a smaller window to work with, you'd need to keep the reactor above 5000 (or 6000) longer.

    I'm trying to build this. I don't have a working simulation yet, just the ideas :)

    EDIT: I tried a straight 6-Quad setup, but you need the "shield" for the quad fuel or they burn out the nearby components.

    A key point for my advice: I'm not always right. This is "to the best of my knowledge".

    Consider condensators "vents that don't heal". So for a advanced vent, it absorbs 12 heat and then "heals / vents" 12. If you watch its health, it will effectively "damage 12 / heal 12". A condensator might take in heat based on reactor heat, but it will never "vent / heal". So if a 30K coolant cell takes 200 heat from the reactor, it will never go back to 30k. It will be at 29,800 until you take it out of the reactor and manually repair it.

    Condensators will also never pass heat to a fluid reactor, for the same reason.

    On reactors "per tick / per sec": The point is that it all happens at the same rate. Count all of the information on the wiki as "per sec" and you won't go wrong. or all of it as "per tick". Reactor Heat Exchangers pull 72 heat from the reactor per time unit, and will just sit on it.

    I'm talking about 1.12, some earlier versions can't do this. I think it was added in 1.10...?


    1. Set the machine to fill the right side, per the arrows. Place the fluid cells in the machine, let it fill the right tank.

    2. press the "swap" button to swap left and right tanks. (See red outline)

    3. Set the machine up to either use or empty the left tank, as needed.


    Alternately, build and set a Tank next to the machine. Place the cells in the input of the tank, and either set a fluid ejector to the tank (they can be shift-clicked on a side to be directional) or a fluid puller in the Machine, and pull from the tank.

    Or shift-right-click... and don't miss the machine or you'll have a watery mess on your hands :)