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    I am trying to further automate my factory, and the Batch Crafter Inventory is causing me issues. Is there a way to either turn it off or fill it?

    In this example, i am trying to craft a dual MOX fuel rod. I can put a recipe in no problem, but all my Iron Plate begins filling the crafter inventory. I'd like the BC to only pull 1 iron plate at most, and hold onto it until 2 MOX fuel rods are available. Instead, I am happy I only had 1 stack of Iron plate made, because I would have had quite the time pulling lots of it out of the BC inventory.

    I suppose I could fill the inventory with iron plate, but in a survival game this seems like a waste. Any suggestions on either

    A) Turning off the BC inventory,

    B) filling the BC inventory so no further further iron plate can be pulled,


    C) limiting the process to only take 1 of each needed item some other way?

    I'm using IC2 and AE2. I'm disliking AE2's ME Interfaces, since they don't seem to share when it's IC2 items; I can't seem to get items created properly and back into viewable inventory. I can't think of a way to only store 1 plate and 2 (or 1 and 1) single fuel rods, since I don't know redstone commands well enough to know something like "off when not empty" yet. That's the next direction I am taking, but I am only just starting.

    The point is to fill the space in a reactor without adding thousands of heat MOX reactors need to replace. The point of THAT is to make automation easier. I don't want fuel rods where they don't belong. I figured making a Plating with 0 effect values would be easier than a new part or part adaptation.

    Call it "Full containment plating" with very significant explosion reduction and make it hard to build; call it "structural plating" and make it easy to build but little effect (-5% explosion size?); call it "Filler" and make it out of 2 iron plates and it does nothing.

    My current reactor is an "efficiency" reactor, so it has 17 spaces to fill. Even with "containment reactor plating", I'll be adding 8500 heat even with the standard containment plating, almost double its normal. If I decided to make the significantly cheaper normal "reactor Plating", it will add 17000 heat capacity to the reactor.

    Heating up a MOX reactor currently will take twice as long, if not more.

    Technically, 10 recipies? 7 if you drop the ore grinding.

    Nether Quartz Dust:

    Nether Quartz -> 1

    Nether Quartz Crustal -> 1

    Nether Quartz Ore -> 2 (or leave out)

    Certus Quartz Dust:

    Certus Quartz Crystal -> 1

    Pure Certus Quartz Crystal -> 1

    Certus Quartz Ore -> 2

    Charged Certus Quartz Crystal -> 1

    Charged Certus Quartz Ore -> 2

    Fluix Dust:

    Fluix Crystal -> 1

    Pure Fluix Crystal -> 1

    I'm not sure the right direction IC2 would take for this. Is this something you can add? Should I be talking to AE2 development to add something about Certus Quartz -> Quartz dust?

    EDIT: IC2 2.8.100-EX112, AE2 rv6-beta1. I'll look for new versions as well, I should have done that first.

    The one i developed is 100% stackable. here's a screenshot. It's not EASY to make, tons of parts, but it can be stacked easily if you can build it.

    The other thread gives a short instruction on how to build this. Key is right-clicking an ejector upgrade on a block side to make it directional, and stacking multiple ejectors. I use tanks, not distributors, for most of it because I need the directionality to make it work.

    Stackable Steam Generation thread

    FIRST: I think you missed a key component of how reactors work. It goes like so:

    1. If components nearby can take heat, fuel gives heat to components; otherwise, fuel gives heat to reactor

    2. Components pull heat from reactor (or exchange with reactor / components)

    3. components vent heat when possible

    An overclocked Heat vent will never vent 56 heat. It will heat (damage) itself 36 from the reactor, then vent (repair) 20. Things near it can help it cool down, but the max normal heat pulled is 36, and the normal max vented is 36.


    Adv Heat Vent... the overclocked outdoes it with ... a neat 56 hU/s actions per second, ...

    My best guess:

    - The Adv heat vent is designed to not need assistance. you could put 20 of them side by side and they would all pull / vent 12 each and not die until the reactor did.

    The Overclocked vent is designed to have 4 component heat vents around it. with 4 component heat vents, it will pull 36/vent 36, but without it will pull 36/vent 20 and die quickly.


    And, if you excuse me, what about a 2 way reactor fluid distributor, that works as a reactor fluid port extension so you can actually fit more than ~19 turbines on a fluid reactor

    There are both a Fluid Distributor and a fluid collector which either take fluid from 1 side and send to the other 5, or take fluid from 5 ports and sent it to 1. Stacking Fluid Ejection upgrades will allow it to move fluid more quickly.

    I'm assuming it's heating / spinning up / both.

    The Thermal Centrifuge has a "prep" bar, to I guess represent i spinning up and / or heating. Is there any way to speed this up? The prep bar seems like it can take longer than the actual separating to happen.

    I added 4 overclockers to the process and got no appreciable speed on the prep bar.

    Not a "OMG Broken!" post, just a "can it be done" kind of post.

    I ended up adding Better Railroads to my worlds, but for speed, not resources.

    At the same time, it gives you much more rail per resource (RpR).

    I would endorse expanding railroads a bit in IC2. Subways would be awesome :)

    I... don't put enough safety controls in my systems. And I haven't used Nuclear Control, probably why.

    It would be awesome if there were controls built in... but the list of "it would be awesome" is very long :)

    EDIT: The fluid reactors were in creative. They're STILL more of a pain to build than a "dry" reactor, even in creative, ESPECIALLY if you are trying to test / debug steam designs.

    A possible fluid MOX reactor? Again, simulator's acting a bit weird on my designs, haven't gotten a fluid reactor back together after the last couple blew up...

    4x Bi MOX, 1280 heat @ 51%

    (640 Sterling / 960 Steam EU/t)


    You can also swap out 1 Bi MOX for 3 reflectors:

    3x Bi MOX 3x Refl, 1280 heat @ 51%


    Ok, another:

    3x Quad, 1x Bi MOX, apx 1330 EU @8400 heat (19.0 Eff.)


    This thing is a heat trampoline... simulator says it will SLOWLY cool off. it can jump UP 0.4% while it does so... so be careful :)

    I don't think you can get more than 684 heat cap into a reactor without running out of space to have the glowing stuff. If someone else has a better vent plan, I want to know!

    what about this change? The simulator doesn't like it, but it seems stable in game. Slightly more efficient, not sure if slightly lower, same, or higher power.

    SO, I've spun around to Minecraft IC2 again.

    3 more designs for MOX reactors:

    6x Bi MOX, 960 EU @7500 heat (16.0 Eff)


    2x Bi MOX, 6x Refl, 480 EU @7500 heat (24.0 Eff)


    1x Quad MOX, 4x Refl, 560 EU @7500 heat (28.0 Eff)


    I've put "damaged" components into a fluid reactor all the time. It happens when I'm re-configuring the reactor, for example.

    I think I've seen that, but I haven't seen it actually do anything.

    The only parts I know DON'T work (well) are condensators. They might take heat, but they don't transfer it to fluid.