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    Spanish Translation Finished.... 17k+ lines... MinecraftCreeper (You force me to create a program to help me parse and translate with complex regular expressions! :pinch: )

    For version 5.03o (test version)


    PROBLEMS (Gregtech Bug):

    * The mod ignore the tooltip text boxes (they are translated, but appear in english)

    SpwnX , that is kind of what i wanted ;)

    Not Gregs problem. Spawning in air - means what other mod replaces stone and other soft materials on generation. I'm using dungeon mod too , and its works alright. No ore spawning in air. And vanilla dungeon is alright too ( found it when was mining copper ) , and there is no floating ores in it.
    And i found 2*2*2 diamond mine that was in center of copper mine (yes , i'm so lucky there). It was center of that copper mine , so ... That is really or other mods problem , or someting else. And gregtech has almost all ores - you should disable ore generation in all other mods!

    Yes, it is gregtech problem because some ores are entities instead of blocks

    The test version for 1.7.10 is generating ores OVER other mods like this dungeon generator

    Link to the mod

    The problem is that gregtech ores appear in the air on the middle of the rooms, instead of replacing blocks

    another thing from the log:

    Pleas read the crash log, it is about adding researches from Thaumcraft.
    Unless you can find and install Thaumcraft for 1.7.10, you have to disable ThaumCraft research recipes from Gregtech recipes.cfg, because Railcraft, you undoubtedly installed, includes API files for Thaumcraft and other mods, while not providing Thaumcraft or other mods functionalities. It makes Gregtech detect the presence of Thaumcraft and call its API methods to add support for Thaumcraft Researches in Gregtech.
    Distributing other mods API files is a disputed practice and already reported to CovertJaguar the maintainer and Author of Railcraft as issue #256.

    Work-around as explained by SpwnX:


    Backdate IC2 to build 559 or lower.

    It keep crashing with