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    So I have been breeding forestry bees this week and as a result I have been centrifuging a lot of combs. My centrifuge is connected to an aluminum brass item pipe going to a chest. Every time I centrifuge combs from rocky bees, and only these combs, they produce a pile of stone dust and 2 small piles of bees wax. Every time, the very last one to be centrifuged puts the output in the centrifuge, and they get stuck there instead of being piped to the chest. It is only the very last one, and it happens every time, and only with this particular comb. All outputs before the last one go into the chest, and all outputs with all other combs go into the chest, but the last one of the stone bee combs gets stuck.

    Can you guess why this happens? I know why, because once a Machine is shut down it doesn't DO anything, so all outputs have to be emitted BEFORE the Machine shuts down, which AGAIN boils down to USE A BIGGER PIPE!!!

    Also it seems that the lifetime of the fuel is not effected by higher neutron flux. Are you planning on adding that? If you burn the fuel faster to get more heat out of it, it shouldn't last as long should it? I would think that would be the tradeoff between neutron absorbers and refectors; reflecting will get you a lot more power for a faster burn rate, but absorbers get more power without burning the fuel faster, so more efficiency.

    Yes I plan Stuff, just dont know which of the Plans will go through.

    How so? If you aren't producing enough hot coolant to satisfy the exchanger, it will shut down at least until it gets enough. And when the heat exchanger is flickering on and off, the boiler output will be fluctuating all over and so the turbine won't run right.

    It very much works not like that, it wont go ON/OFF all the time.

    Oh good. Is there a way to automatically replace the fuel rods?

    No there is not. Also have you checked how many IRL days the damn thing runs? A tiny bit of maintenance can be expected every few weeks

    Why does it not say what sides it goes in/out on in its tooltip?

    Because it doesn't matter which side. :P

    Ahh, I figured out you use pincers to remove the fuel rods, but the thing still won't run any more. I even tried a machine status display switch and when I flip it on, the fuel rods start to glow, but no coolant is produced and the heat exchanger won't light up.

    Maybe you did something wrong? If the Fuel Rods are ON then they are ON and producing Hot Coolant for sure, or else the thing would make explosion sounds.

    use the ON/OFF switch cover, my Machines NEVER accept just raw Redstone, you always have to use a Cover, except for Crucible Molds.

    As for Heat Exchanger, try using it before you complain about needing "full tilt" which it very much doesn't.

    And you can place multiple Reactor Cores adjacent to each other so you get a 2x4 or a 4x4 Slot thing, or larger.

    Isn't a burning box "power generation"? AFAICS, the purpose of coolant is to take heat from one place ( normally an IC2 nuclear reactor ) to another ( normally an IC2 boiler ). There's nothing stopping you from using the heat exchanger to heat other machines, but unfortunately, other sources of heat can't be put backwards through the exchanger so the only way to heat the coolant is with the reactor. If the reactor produces a certain amount of heat and transfers it through the coolant to the boiler, I don't see why it would be a problem for GT to take heat from a burning box and transfer it in the same way, at the same radio of heat to coolant. Is there anything else in any mod anywhere that uses the coolant.

    There might be something in IC2 that i overlooked which is the main reason why. See if the only means of production of Coolant are Power Generators, then everything is fine when someone adds a more efficient Heat Exchanger for example. But could you imagine what happens if someone made a Coal Synthesization Recipe and how it would affect balance if that Recipe is cheaper than the shitloads of power you get from Coal in a Fluidized Burning Box?

    Why not? What is the use of having the fluid without IC2 then? You can't do anything with it. It would be nice if you could use multiple heaters to heat coolant, then dump all the heat out into a single machine.

    If i offer a way to turn coolant into hot coolant using regular methods that aren't necessarily power generation, then it might disbalance certain things that expect coolant to hot coolant to be a "use only by generators" operation, and I plan Nuclear Reactors so guess why.

    Oh? Where does he read?

    I wonder if he ever reads at all, he doesn't like reading. XD

    maybe look into the MineTweaker Scripts of the Pack?

    Only MC + GT6 + NEI needs just 1GB of RAM and runs fine on a 1.1GHz Intel Quadcore Processor with Integrated Graphics. Fastcraft and Optifine can help too.

    I just use the same naming scheme for "Electric Units" in GT6 and "Energy Units" in IC2, they also are 1:1 conversion ratio and essentially the same thing.

    Rubber Trees do exist in GT6, just in different Biomes, and you can get Resin from those too with a slightly different mechanic. You can put a Leather Bag for collecting the Resin out of the Holes semi-automatically.

    Things exist in GT6 that copy IC2 Stuff in order to NOT depend on IC2.