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    Thank you for the fast reply, SpwnX.

    The quotes were usefull, so why to sorry about that.

    With the Copymachine i meant a machine that copies the Map-Supercodevalue to another Map so it is very easy to code that.

    Recycling to 1 - 20 Scraps and Fakediamonds are also a good way for the Gems.

    I'm using Tekkit, which is disabling/overwriting the RP-Copper and Tin, and as i said Copper should be more valuable.

    Oilcells and Fuelcells in Generator is good, but i meant the Liquidfuelgenerator as a special way to use the liquid Fuels like Fuelcans (i have accidently referred to it as Gascans).

    With Kevlar i meant any use for it (even Cellphones are made of it today).

    That with the Lightningrod was more an Antisuggestion as you saw.

    Additionalslotupgrade was an Idea for a Queue, which could be build with two Chests, two RP-Filters and a Timer.

    Yes, that was what i wanted to say about the Trade-O-Mat. But if some people don't knowing the ID's you can copy the ID by putting the requested Item in the Slot and than increase the number with two small Up- and Downbuttons next to it.

    My Mainsuggestion was the Nikolitebattery-Recipe. I only wanted to make it a bit like the Redstone-2-Energy-Process

    I already know this Silverbased Glassfibrecablerecipe which is my only use for my Silver. I only thought about Circuits as an Addition.

    I forgot macerating refined Iron, but a Bronzerecipe for the Pistons would be nice.

    For the Wool i meant decoloring/washing the colored Wool (instead of painting it white with Bonemeal).

    A Watercell contains 1m³ Water, so if you compress it, you should get something about the size of a Snowblock (which is also 64 Stackable) and if you compress said Snowblock you get Ice. And a Snowblock is not a Snowball.

    I know, sticky Resin is easy to get, but i have no use for the Slimeballs (even with Tekkit) except Pistons, which are also craftable with Resin.

    UUM-2-Coal = 4 Coal is better.

    Oh, i have forgot to mention that, one of my Redpower-Ideas is containing RP-Tinbased-Buckets and than the Ironrecipe of the Alloyfurnace would be Tin (no longer damn Tin-2-Iron-Conversion).

    What?!? Quantumsuit is already Lavaproof! I didn't tested that, for Lava-Reasons.

    With the Plasticcraftstuff i meant only the Plastic as a new material (the craftingrecipes of that mod and the weighting of that stuff are very bad).

    What is if Teslacoils are not killing Creepers?

    I know the Dynamiteremote and the ITNT-Idea was also for the vanilla TNT to make TNT-Cannons with better Range.

    Yes i can cut the Cable and put it back, but what if the cable is not reachable without destroying other machines (wrenching could break your machines).

    I thought Uranium radiates a bit more heat than nearby nothing (never touched real Uranium because there are no Uraniumstores to buy it :D ).

    So, many of my Ideas where answered. Now i have to wait for new ones. Thanks.

    Hello everyone.

    Last time i have made a Suggestion-List for Minecraft, IC² and RP. After i've registered here, i thought i could add my IC²-Suggestions to the Suggestion-Threads here. I've not read all the Suggestions here, so there could be some duplications to other Threads.

    So, these are my Suggestions for IC². I hope some of them are getting implemented.