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    By the way, I am very confused by my tungsten vein. I just went digging for some more tungsten and I got 11 huebnerite, 8 ferberite, 12 scheelite, 13 tungstate, 10 wolframite... and 82 malechite, 116 yellow limonite, and 40 azurite ore. Why is there so little of the tungsten family of ores mixed in with so much malechite and yellow linonite? Aren't those from two different ore families?

    Yeah thsoe seem to be two different ones, you sure you dont just have two ore layers instead of only one?

    Rotten Flesh? Fertilizer should be doable already.

    BIC needs shreddering or other ways of Recycling.

    The Gates are single Tick things, the Repeaters have 2 Ticks. There is a delay that the Redstone just cant keep otherwise. The Mold itself checks every tick or so if Redstone has changed so too small pulses might end up being an update between OFF and OFF without noticing the ON inbetween, thats why the Repeater fixes it.

    For the item Pipes thing, I will add a Magnifying Glass response to it.

    Umm... yes? They are 1/4th a unit for each rail and 6 rails makes tracks. The question was why did the number of tracks you get go down by 2/3 this revision? Or has it always been that way but is tripled if you have railcraft installed? If it's the latter then why does it only go up to 12 when the railcraft recipes give 32?

    I do detect Railcraft and increase the amount of Rails just to balance it out with it, otherwise I use Vanilla Balance.

    Also when I was looking today at work with only GT6, GT6 tracks only made 4 tracks per recipe. Here at home where I have not updated yet, it makes 12, which is less than the 32 you get from the railcraft recipes, but it's a hell of a lot better than 4.

    Have you actually looked at the amount of metal you need to make GT6 Rails?

    Catch-22 anyone?

    Why would you need Nano Armor to kill the Dragon? Maybe if you have that Hardcore End Mod but not in Vanilla. Also I still need to add the Cryogenic Distillation Tower for proper Air Processing.

    Then how do I find it? Like I said, I searched for "steel ingot" and didn't see these new ones.

    How often did I mention HSS? Why dont you search for HSS?

    OK, but why did the enchants for red, black, and blue steel used to show up fine and now they don't?

    Probably because i have set the limit for visible Enchantment Count too low, that's probably gonna be fixed soon.

    Does that mean it only applies if you have GT5U installed? I was thinking I was going to be able to play with a new material.

    Nah you can use it whenever, its there now.

    I am not sure I understand. Do you mean the font size of the tooltips got larger so now the enchants don't fit?

    I added a Material that had literally every enchant on it, and that pretty much went offscreen for me when i used default resolution.

    What are these new steels the changelog says you added? I downloaded the update and went to look for them, and I can't find any new ones listed, and the old black, red, and blue steels now say "Too many enchantments to list".

    the whole HSS Stuff from GT5U. There is a random work in progress mod that combines GT4, GT5 and GT6 into one, and having Material Support for those Steels was easy to add.

    As for the Too Many Enchants thing, that was because the Tooltips became larger than the Default Screen and had to be cut short.