[GT6] [1.0.0-a.18 : Fixes] QwerTech: Tools, Turkeys, and Tons More

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    Welcome, fellow aficionado of fine mods!

    Technological transformers, magical manipulators, realism reimaginers, you've come to the right salesplace. Can't figure out that doohickey? Not enough rewards at the end of all that processing? Need more challenges to chase than just finding and grinding fifty thousand ores so you can find and grind them better?

    QWERTECH is the addon for you!


    Crafting Anvils allow you to craft and hammer and construct your machinery without the need for those pesky GUIs!

    Slingshots, Maces, and Bats give you more freedom to crunch those Creepers -- and even GT tools get fresh new 3D models, too!
    Turkeys, Frogs, and [tested by] Bears, oh my!

    Plus many more features, such as:

    • Dozens of achievements to guide you through the Stone Age and Bronze Age! Now you can act like you know what you're doing.
    • Dozens more achievements, just for fun! A legitimate excuse to throw rocks through your pal's window.
    • Sturdy Tools that can mine, dig, or chop 2x2 areas instead of a single block!
    • Enhanced mobs! Chickens will actually act interested in those HarvestCraft seeds you've got.
    • And that Zombie with a compass... he knows where you live.

      Do be warned:
      QwerTech is not for those afraid of change. Always at the cutting edge of technology, features may change or break at any moment when in Alpha development! New developments may appear and disappear without warning! Worlds may blink in and out of existence! Your mother-in-law might come to visit!


    Download: QwerTech on CurseForge

    Wiki: QwerTech on FTB Wiki
    Support: GT Help on Discord
    Chat: #GT-DEV on esper.net IRC



    At long last, the feature I have been working on for ALL OF ETERNITY (or maybe like, three weeks) has been released into the wild: THE CRAFTINATOR THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE!

    Or, as Bob from human resources likes to call it, the T4 Crafting Anvil. Bob, tragically, was born without the use of his imagination.


    DISCLAIMER: test recipes not included

    While bringing you this marvelous invention, astounding breakthroughs were discovered in hand-item interaction. For too long, inventors have had to sit down at their tables and stare at blueprints and guidelines while arranging their creations. One could not simply place things one by one without rummaging through backpacks. But no longer will this situation plague you, fair inventor! For the QwerTech Tri-Dimensional Informative Crafting Holograph is now completely interactive!

    Or as Bob says, "you can put stuff directly on the table instead of using the GUI." This is why Bob doesn't work in Marketing.


    The exact details of this advanced new behavior are still being researched, but our lead techs assure us that it should be basically the same as sitting down at a table, except you can turn around lickety-split and stab that creeper that creeped up behind you with creepy intentions, and would have gotten away with it if you'd had your nose buried in a blueprint.

    And speaking of blueprints, those of you who are always muttering about how there's not enough items for your recipes can rest easy. We've declassified the plans for rotors, buzzsaws, and our patented QwerTech Improved Variational Lumber-Based Craftination Stations.

    Bob insists they're called wooden crafting tables. I insist that name is even less interesting than Bob.

    Lastly but not leastly, those hearty adventurers among you who have ventured to the Forest of Eternal Dusk and wished to bring back specimens of its unique fauna now have a simple solution!


    Have fun out there, inventors!

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    How do you reach the cell in the middle of the 3x3x3 grid? Surely it's got grids in the way in all directions?

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • How do you reach the cell in the middle of the 3x3x3 grid? Surely it's got grids in the way in all directions?

    You have to place an item in the slot below, above, behind, in front, to the left, or to the right of it. Then, once you've placed the item in the middle, you can remove that item if it's not needed.

    Or, of course, you can use the GUI like a savage.



    Unfortunately, it seems that Gregorius Technologies components used in our recent QwerTech Tri-Dimensional Informative Crafting Holograph improvements were more inherently unstable than I had been led to believe, resulting in potentially fatal malfunctions should the QwerTech Craftination Station be removed.

    Bob says "blame Greg for crashing when you break tables." It's possibly the smartest thing he's said in ten years.

    Have fun out there, inventors! For real this time!



    QwerTech is proud to announce the release of the brand-spanking-new QwerTech Bodily Universal Repairable Protection System! Don't fear the Creeper, with protection against the elements like never before! Manufacturable from hundreds of different materials, the BURPS will greatly reduce the amount of physical harm you may recieve while puttering about your factory, or adventuring for those raw resources.


    Not only do the BURPS come in many varieties of material and color, but it even comes in two -- yes, TWO whole styles! The lighter and cheaper chainmail armor offers speed over strength for your flightful frolics through the wild, while the wholly unique and innovative* plated armor is even more durable to withstand your most ferocious battles.

    *Bob protests that we just totally ripped off the vanilla armor design and made it a little nicer. Well, we'll just see how much nicer Bob is after he gets totally ripped off!

    You may notice that the traditional display monitor has been replaced. Our graphics department is hard at work cooking up the final designs to allow you to upgrade your BURPS, but for now, you may see just how much protection you are receiving, and how much weight you're hauling around on your back. Titanium might be quite powerful, but as Bob has so thoughtfully agreed to demonstrate in the coliseum this evening, you won't be doing much fleeing with a couple hundred pounds of that purple stuff on your back.

    But what about the "Repairable" part, you may ask? (Yes, Bob, I'm getting, there.) Hammering any BURPS with a tiny or regular plate will fix it right up! Not only that, it's cross-compatible with competitor's products, too! Your old Knightly Helm need not be such an Unsightly Helm anymore.

    What, you want a repair system for tools, too? Well, lucky for you, you've got one! All Gregorious Technologies or QwerTech brand tools, and many more, are fully repairable with tiny plates and a good pounding!

    Additional improvements have been made to the QwerTech Tri-Dimensional Informative Crafting Holograph as well, to streamline your in-world crafting experience. No more uncertainties about what goes where, or improperly guessing at recipes.

    Have fun out there, inventors!



    QwerTech would like to take this update to assure you that unlike certain other technological groups chasing willy-nilly after space rocks and asbestos, we are fully devoted to the further good of humanity by ensuring our products are of the highest caliber for destroying the insectoid menace.

    Bob tells me that's not what "getting rid of bugs" means. "Bob" sounds a lot like "bug", doesn't it? I'm not going to take his word for it juuuuust yet. Better to be safe than sorry, as they say. (Because then you have a bunch of valuables instead of a dumb old apology.)

    Get out there and blast those spider-men, or mantis-men, or whatever it is we're supposed to be blasting!

    Oh, and have fun while you're at it, inventors!



    Despite a malicious act of sabotage from a certain small, squishy, Seattle-based technological firm, resulting in the temporary complete shutdown of QwerTech industries, Bob has I have worked around the clock to bring to you the latest and greatest weekly update!


    Certain improvements remain to be made, but despite its rough edges, the QwerTech Interactive Upgrade Desk is fully functional! Simply pop in your armor, pop on an upgrade, and pop it back off! Bounce around on springboots! Slip all over the place with slimepants! Slap a dashing monocle on your noggin! There's no limits to what you can do with the QTIUD!*

    *currently limited to about seven varieties of upgrade. not all upgrades applicable to all armor. upgrades will not bring you respect or love. upgrades are incapable of providing insights to the secrets of life, the universe, and everything. upgrades invalid where prohibited. no purchase necessary. all lefts reserved.

    Have fun out there, inventors!