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    There's a configoption for Soundsourcelimit since at least 1.42 but don't know since when exactly.

    Oh and i found out that i set it to 10 instead of 5.

    with that change you will most likely not hear the Blocks, if you cause enough other (also vanilla) Sounds like Doors after triggering them.
    Newly caused sounds like the Jetpacksound or the Chainsawsound are still hearable most of the time.

    This configoption applies only to IC²-Sounds, so all the vanillasounds are like before.

    I hope you meaned that, but a new soundoption in the config seperately for tools and blocks would be very nice.

    That is a very good Idea.
    I have the same lagproblem with the sound, so i limited the sounds to 5 (Jetpack/Chainsaw/Laser still hearable).
    That solved it for me. Dare you Notch for using that old soundsystem on so an awesome game!

    Maybe a lagdetection, so if the FPS are lower than 15 (playable limit) the sounds will be limited more.

    Nice idea you got, but that looks like you want a boat that can place blocks on top of the water.
    With the Redpower-Frames you can build such boat if eloraam releases them before 21.12.2012 (12.21.2012 for americans).
    So then it will be obsolete and i don't think that Alblaka will add any entitiys in next time (except items and projectiles).

    And the Freezeray is also a good idea for later.

    Guess I read as much of your suggestion as you read the forum.

    Hint: I didn't read what wasn't quoted.

    So you've also read everything was SpwnX has quoted, and that's everything except the last line of my Post. :D

    And I'm not able to read the whole Forum, because i'm playing to much Minecraft. ;)

    And another question to you:

    Are you knowing how a Pineappletree looks like?

    99.99% of all the people who know Pineapples, don't know where they came from!

    When frame motors come in rp2 i will make a nuclear powered deathcrawler filled with nukes to ruin your friends day.

    Only the framemotors? Not the frames itself? Just joking. I would make a landscapeeating supermachine powered by anything that is in my way.
    Wood, Lava, Coal (after coked with railcraft), Uranium and whatever else comes in my way (Enemybases for example).

    My Endgameenergysource is Netherlava. That's the reason why my base is in the Nether.

    On my actual survival-map i was planning to make HV-Solar-Arrays, but then i found out that i actually have to less Circuits for it and invested my materials into Geothermal. Now i'm producing only 1280 EU/t with it for the Massfab, but i'm expanding very fast.

    Thank you for the fast reply, SpwnX.

    The quotes were usefull, so why to sorry about that.

    With the Copymachine i meant a machine that copies the Map-Supercodevalue to another Map so it is very easy to code that.

    Recycling to 1 - 20 Scraps and Fakediamonds are also a good way for the Gems.

    I'm using Tekkit, which is disabling/overwriting the RP-Copper and Tin, and as i said Copper should be more valuable.

    Oilcells and Fuelcells in Generator is good, but i meant the Liquidfuelgenerator as a special way to use the liquid Fuels like Fuelcans (i have accidently referred to it as Gascans).

    With Kevlar i meant any use for it (even Cellphones are made of it today).

    That with the Lightningrod was more an Antisuggestion as you saw.

    Additionalslotupgrade was an Idea for a Queue, which could be build with two Chests, two RP-Filters and a Timer.

    Yes, that was what i wanted to say about the Trade-O-Mat. But if some people don't knowing the ID's you can copy the ID by putting the requested Item in the Slot and than increase the number with two small Up- and Downbuttons next to it.

    My Mainsuggestion was the Nikolitebattery-Recipe. I only wanted to make it a bit like the Redstone-2-Energy-Process

    I already know this Silverbased Glassfibrecablerecipe which is my only use for my Silver. I only thought about Circuits as an Addition.

    I forgot macerating refined Iron, but a Bronzerecipe for the Pistons would be nice.

    For the Wool i meant decoloring/washing the colored Wool (instead of painting it white with Bonemeal).

    A Watercell contains 1m³ Water, so if you compress it, you should get something about the size of a Snowblock (which is also 64 Stackable) and if you compress said Snowblock you get Ice. And a Snowblock is not a Snowball.

    I know, sticky Resin is easy to get, but i have no use for the Slimeballs (even with Tekkit) except Pistons, which are also craftable with Resin.

    UUM-2-Coal = 4 Coal is better.

    Oh, i have forgot to mention that, one of my Redpower-Ideas is containing RP-Tinbased-Buckets and than the Ironrecipe of the Alloyfurnace would be Tin (no longer damn Tin-2-Iron-Conversion).

    What?!? Quantumsuit is already Lavaproof! I didn't tested that, for Lava-Reasons.

    With the Plasticcraftstuff i meant only the Plastic as a new material (the craftingrecipes of that mod and the weighting of that stuff are very bad).

    What is if Teslacoils are not killing Creepers?

    I know the Dynamiteremote and the ITNT-Idea was also for the vanilla TNT to make TNT-Cannons with better Range.

    Yes i can cut the Cable and put it back, but what if the cable is not reachable without destroying other machines (wrenching could break your machines).

    I thought Uranium radiates a bit more heat than nearby nothing (never touched real Uranium because there are no Uraniumstores to buy it :D ).

    So, many of my Ideas where answered. Now i have to wait for new ones. Thanks.

    Hello everyone.

    Last time i have made a Suggestion-List for Minecraft, IC² and RP. After i've registered here, i thought i could add my IC²-Suggestions to the Suggestion-Threads here. I've not read all the Suggestions here, so there could be some duplications to other Threads.

    So, these are my Suggestions for IC². I hope some of them are getting implemented.