Posts by mistaqur Also include Extrabees support (but you must enable unification of small dusts in centrifuge section).

    Yup, reflection Error. Someone didn't use reflection on the API class, but instead copied the Function inside it.

    It because i forget that NoSuchMethodError not instance of Exception. I'm already replaced all "catch (Exception ex)" to "catch (Throwable tr)".

    Impossible, all forestry recipes use ore dictionary name in recipes. If you unregister forestry bronze from ore dictionary, forestry bronze will be useless.

    And why you want disable forestry recipe for bronze? Because It cause exploit? Best way to fix it - disable Industrial Centrifuge recipe for Bronze Dust if cheap bronze recipe is available.

    - The Crafting Recipe of Forestry can be disabled in the Forestry Config, but not be reduced to a more sane amount compared to the most original Standard. I am not really removing it (as in no longer being there), I'm overwriting it with a Recipe containing the same Input, to give 1 or 2 Ingots depending on Config instead of 4, no matter if people like it or not. I just forcefully fix any exploit I know, as that has to be fixed, regardless of anyones opinion.

    You can disable centrifuge recipe for bronze dust if forestry recipe is active. I doubt that someone use this centrifuge recipe. Or you allow to get copper and tin from bronze in another recipe?

    Warning! Explosion code detected!
    Does it possible to detect damage status of turbine (redstone signal from cover or block)?

    How to made gregtech compressor\macerator\extractor?
    They require "Machine Box", "Machine Frame" or "Aluminium Machine Hull". Machine Box require "Aluminium Machine Hull" or "Machine Frame". "Machine Frame" from ThermalExpansion, so without TE i can craft required devices only using "Aluminium Machine Hull". But i can get aluminium only with Industrial Blast Furnace, that require "Steel Machine Hull" (require Blast Furnace), "Titanium Machine Hull" (require Blast Furnace) or "Advanced Machine Block" (require Compressor to craft "Carbon Plate"). So i can't craft anything without Railcraft or visiting villages.

    Steam is not taken into account for MJ Conversion as Steam is another different Energy System. The Main Reason why the Conversion of MJ is so low is, that all those MJ creating Engines dont really fit into the Energy Concept of GT. Look at the Crafting Recipes of all those Engines. Just smash 2 Gears, a Piston, a piece of Glass and 3 Ingots/Plates/Planks together and viola, you got an Engine. That is not even close to my Tech Tree, hence the bad conversion Ratio, which I won't change, unless I somewhen get the Idea of making an MJ generating Block, but even then very unlikely.

    Take into account that you can't store MJ without Thermal Expansion and you need 21 Combustion Engines that work on Diesel to power single 128 EU/t device.
    Why you cant buff it to 1 MJ = 1.3 EU ratio?

    And don't forget that BC Combustion Engines are more efficient than Boilers as for converting Oil into MJ ...

    Combustion Engine - 240k MJ for 1000 mB of fuel. 36 block boiler - 872k MJ from 1000 mB of fuel.

    Pneumatic Generator takes all the OP BC generators into account. look at all those Engines for BC out there. That's ridiculous.

    1000 mB of Fuel: 600k MJ in Combustion Engine, 1364k EU in 36 block boiler.
    1000 mB of Ethanol: 240k MJ in Combustion Engine, 454k EU in 36 block boiler.
    1000 mB of Lava: 18k MJ in Magmatic Engine, 30k EU in Thermal Generator.

    Most of solid burnable fuels: <heat> MJ in Stirling Engine, <heat>*1.5 MJ in Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion), <heat>*2.5 EU in Generator, <heat>*7.9 EU in 1 block boiler, <heat>*14 EU in 36 block boiler.

    1 LP boiler require 7550 heat to heatup (produce 14723 EU = 1.95*<heat> EU), after it produce <heat>*7.9 EU.
    Yeah, ridiculous amount of MJ for solid fuels compared to generated EU

    All that i want it's 1 MJ = 1.3 EU convert ratio.

    No, that'd be completly OP!
    1MJ-->1EU is fine, think of Steam Turbine consuming steel for that!

    No, that'd be completly useless!
    Steam Turbine can convert 1000 Steam to 625 EU (it consume steel)
    Steam Upgrade can convert 1000 Steam to 500 EU (but it don't consume steel)
    Pneumatic Generator Upgrade can convert 200 MJ from 1000 Steam (using Steam Engines) to 200 EU... WTF? It's completly useless upgrade.