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    Just some stuff GregoriusT figured out:
    Max-Efficiency=7 => the Quadcell itself causes +3 Efficiency, but the +3 doesnt affect surrounding Cells
    The Doublecell consists out of 2 Cells + 1 DCP and 2 Doublecells + 1 DCP = 1 Quadcell
    Maybe DCP is that Orange Alloy, because its produced via compressing
    You can maybe make Hazmatarmor with that Orange Alloy
    We will get Heatcells and Reactorvents
    We probably get new Outsidecomponents (like Chambers) for the Reactor, like Heatswitches.

    I am pretty sure this is actual information by Alblaka. He obviously told someone to create an account to upload this, or he even made this account himself. Why I think so? Because Alblaka told us that he spread secret infos around.
    I'll collect the informations found in my profile.
    Of course, I could be horribly wrong, but the uploaded notes may be the answer to the questions about nuclear engineering in 1.3!

    Tonight I got an idea for this suggestion. Please don't get mad at me if you don't like it, it was 3am here: I thought scrap had to do something special, because it can basically consist of anything, so I thought of something it could stand for. S.C.R.A.P., or Stuff Concentrating Random Addition's Percentage, added to a reactor with substances in it would increase the concentration of a random substance. However, I didn't think of a way to prevent one from just inserting the rarest of the ingredients and then just throwing in tons of scrap, and then adding the rest, but I'm sure there is a wa to prevent this. Maybe only let it work when there's a certain amount of substances in the reactor?
    Another idea would be Stuff Changing Reactor's Aqua pH, so scrap inserted into a reactor with water in it would change the pH level a bit, maybe up to 1 up or down, so when you fill a reactor with pure water (pH 7) and add a piece of scrap, the pH could change to any level from 6 to 8, except 7.

    Thanks for reading!

    Another suggestion: When you have a solar helmet (and only then) you see the time until dusk if you're in the sun and it shows you if in the place you are solar panels would work in daytime! This would give a tiny advantage when not using a quantum helmet and you could determine the perfect place for solar farms (if you build solar farms).

    There is a special permission. You have to solve a ReCaptcha for every single edit.

    To the wiki! We have to save its HAYOness!
    EDIT: It's impossible! Why can't I read these captchas? I'm a human!
    EDIT2: Finally there was a captcha you can actually solve! Is there a way so I don't have to solve a captcha every time I want to edit something? Some kind of permission or so? If I made enough changes?

    First, I'm sorry for the double-post. Again. But it wouldn't be good to fill a post with completely unrelated stuff, right?

    I extracted the good old Wikiarticles about IC²-Machines, HAYO!

    I'll continue this. And at some point, I hope we'll be able to reconstruct the ENTIRE FRIKKIN OP! HAYO!

    Chicken Launcher? Mr. Cappucino? Please implement this!

    No I have to stop because of the limit.

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: BrainTech Agricultures' patents have been bought by GregTech Intergalactical. The GregTech blueprint datachips now contain these crops. As a result, we have ceased updating our products for new cropstick firmware releases.

    Greetings, employee of Apertura Agricultures!
    To increase the amount of possible tests BrainTech Agricultures genetically engineered new lifeforms which are now allowed on your cropsticks, provided you install this addition to your database.
    Seeing as animals and dangerous creatures can decrease the time spent testing by destroying crops or test subjects, we created new plants which substitute said entities.
    To make sure your brain can recognize these new lifeforms, we took pictures of the first and the final stage of the life of these new lifeforms.

    Goodbye employee!

    Greetings again, employee of Aperture Agricultura!
    DosGla, the head control unit of Apertura Agricultura, enriched the enrichment center's air with vaporised tin and copper. Please wear your HazMat suit at no times to prevent you from preventing deadly neurotoxin to get into your lungs.
    The metal vapor can be filtered out of the air and hardened by new plants manufactured by BrainTech Agricultures. Your cropsticks' database can be updated by the download and installation of below datachip package.

    Greetings, employee of Apertura Agricultura!
    To improve feeding and thereby to increase the time spent alive and thereby to increase the time spent testing, DosGla allowed BrainTech Agricultures to construct datachips which allow fungi to be planted on cropsticks when inserted.

    Greetings again, employee of Apertura Agricultura!
    Employing the procedure already known to you, we sell datachips for crops containing Ag and Pb now.

    Boring version:
    So you can stay away from mobs and keep animals away from your base, this cropcard adds crops which drop mob drops. Pictures of first and last stage of the crops are above, a list of crops is below. Tin and copper crops (tin pine, short tine, and copper cotton, short coppon) were added in v1.3. Mushroom crop were added in 1.5. Silver and lead crops were added in 1.7.

    Planned features:
    Animation for Tränenstängel

    Known issues:
    None at the moment

    v1.7.1 Fixed a graphical glitch with the new crops
    v1.7 Added silver and lead crops
    v1.6 Update to IC² 1.109
    v1.5 Name changed to BrainTech Agricultures Datachip Package, added mushroom crops
    v1.4 Update to IC² 1.108
    v1.3 Added Tine and Coppon & added config option to turn off seeds that are not in seedbags (e.g. Blaze Rods for Blaze Reeds)
    v1.2 Several name and Disconverd by-tag changes
    v1.1 Update to IC² 1.106
    v1: Initial Release

    Neowulf for the code.
    GregoriusT for updating and additional code.
    I don't now (Me) for the textures.

    Thanks for reading!

    OH MY HAYO!!! This is frikkin EPIC! The only thing that could make it better would be such lines(I hope you know what I mean):
    Okay, I calmed down a bit... It's really cool! If possible, have it say something on certain occasions like that armor in Half-life! For the voice, just record google translator or so (if that's allowed, if not, look for someone who is good at imitating computer voices). That would be REALLY epic.

    Even if we say this is true, it doesn't change anything about the fact that they are a) not always be used together(for example, Buildcraft is pretty much obsolete because of RedPower2 so less people use it) and b) that this is an IC² addon.

    a hardened machine from FORESTRY

    it need buildcraft power.

    How do you want an IC² addon to use something from forestry or buildcraft? This isn't a crossover addon.

    if this is in the wrong thread i apoligize

    It probably is, seeing as this has little to no relation to the addon presented in this thread.

    If you feel offended, sorry, that wasn't my intention, I just wanted to point out mistakes in your post.

    Disclaimer: I don't now if this works at all, I have no idea how the wiki's code works. Also, this post may include large amounts of personal opinions. I do not want to offend anyone. Also, the "now" in the "I don't now" in the beginning is intended!

    Some people hate the articles full of "bad jokes" that were on the wiki, but some people, like me, really love the brilliant work Alblaka has done to entertain us when finding out about IC-things.
    A way to address this issue would be, if it is possible with the wiki's software, to introduce another "language" to the wiki, let's call it HAYOish, you can switch to (think of languages at Wikipedia) where the "cool" descriptions are placed, while there are normal "boring" articles on the English wiki. This way people who like the style Alblaka used can write in that style while people who just like plain information can still use the wiki without being annoyed by hundreds of HAYOs and frikkins everywhere.
    I hope you consider my idea, thanks for reading!

    Live long and prosper!