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    I have a suggestion:
    The Countdown Block!
    Are you tired of not hearing a voice which says when your missile starts?
    Now your problems are solved! Just craft a Countdown Block, activate it with a redstone pulse and wait! After 10 seconds it will give off an redstone pulse to activate your missiles! HI-JOE!
    And that's not all: The block will make a count-down sound (T minus ten nine eight seven six five four three two one ignition!) so you always know when the rocket starts! HI-JOE!
    And it's easily crafted:
    :Copper Dust: :Refined Iron: :Copper Dust:
    :Copper Ingot: :Coal Chunk: :Copper Ingot:
    :Copper Dust: :Refined Iron: :Copper Dust:

    :Copper Dust: being redstone, :Copper Ingot: being a redstone repeater, :Coal Chunk: being a noteblock and :Refined Iron: being :Refined Iron:! HI-JOE!

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: I could make the sprites for this block if it was added, I already made a texturepack and the sprites for two mods.

    First: Great-tastic addon! Just installed it and nuked the gimmeabreak-spawn-village.
    Second: I found a bug. If you launch an unmanned passenger rocket using redstone, Minecraft crashes as soon as the rocket reaches orbit. If you restart Minecraft and the world, the game crashes and the world is corrupted so you can't open it again as soon as the passenger module lands. Error report:

    PS: I know the passenger rocket isn't made for starting it with redstone, but I wanted to test a launching system without losing the ressources for a warhead.

    First things first, nuclear power is generated when two uranium atoms collide.

    No. A thermal neutron collides with an atomic nucleus (for example a uranium nucleus) and splits it up into several smaller nuclei (for example into Barium and Krypton) and one or several neutrons. This is called nuclear fission. By the way, I'm 13. This isn't meant as an offense.

    Don't forget to rename the Mining Laser to Mining Energy Gun or something else, or at least the speed of the energy "bullet" should be changed to about 299 710 kilometers per second (light speed in air) and it should be slowed down in, well, pretty much everything.

    Well, how the title says, I made a Mark-1-OE Breeder which requires not a single chamber, but is only capable on running on low temperatures cause of the used HDs.The efficiency is exactly 1, but 2 million EU per cycle should be enough for people who don't have additional reactor chambers.
    The design: Clicky Clicky!
    The Math: I'm too lazy.
    The Outward Cooling: Everything filled with water, except two blocks which can be used for a cable and for a RedPower jacketed wire.

    And yes, it was discovered by putting some random stuff into the But it was tested in Minecraft.

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: I'm working on a design which isn't a breeder but has a higher efficiency. EDIT: Done!

    New reactors:

    Both aren't Breeders but are watercooled Mark I-O-C Output 20 EU/t. One needs an additional chamber but requires less reactor components, the other one needs no additional reator chamber but requires more components.

    No Chamber
    1 Chamber

    Blablabla... I just created a new super-cheap cell efficiency 2 0-chamber perfect breeder! HI-JOE! I would like to tell you something about it, but just look at it yourself!
    Click here! HI-JOE!

    Well, my idea is having something ike single-use-batteries, just for Tier 2 and Tier 3. We already have them for Tier 0 (Redstone, Ultra-Low-Voltage) and Tier 1 (Single-Use-Battery, LV). Now i suggest the energy gem (Tier 2, MV) and the Lapotron Energy Cell (Tier 3, HV). The energy gem is made like this:

    SLS= 8xEnergy Gem

    R being Redstone, L being Lapis Lazuli, S being Single-Use-Battery. An energy gem stores... Well, it doesn't exactly store, it... has 10000 EU. The Lapotron Energy Cell is made like this:

    ECE=6xLapotron Energy Cell

    L being Lapis Lazuli, E being an Energy Gem, r being Refined Iron, C being a Cell (Otherwise it wouldn't be an Energy Cell) and c being an Electronic Circuit. Each Lapotron Energy Cell has 100000 EU.

    The advantage of these Single-Use-Things over rechargeable things is that they are stackable.

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: If you think "There are no higher-tier-single-use-things cause when you have Machines for higher tiers you also have cables for higher tiers" you should know that I just wanted to say it and maybe someone else will make a better idea, something so the single-use-things have an advantage over cables. I can't think of one at the moment. Oh, and I don't think that this will be a part of the main mod, but an addon for this would be nice.

    Well, I think I'll just post some screenshots of my base.

    Rubber tree farm:

    My solar-powered Macerator and Electric Furnace (Input/output chests are inside):

    My input/output chests for the Macerator and for the Electro Furnace and the exit:

    My old working area:

    My Workbench and clock (made by setting a RedPowerLogic-Sequencer at 300 sec):

    My chests:

    My room/cave/whatever (The trapdoors lead to my mine):

    The wiring for the Electric Furnace and Macerator with a RedPowerLogic-Timer so only one item/block is in the Electric Furnace/Macerator at a time and a RedPowerLogic-Sequencer so it shuts down itself at night because the machines are solar-powered.

    My mushroomfarm:

    I know my base is not big/very good but everything I have at the moment. The texturepack I'm using is my own.

    Thanks for reading!

    The thing is there was no wire :P. I just had placed the generator on the crystalcharger due to space-reasons and it nearly ate all my coal. Later on the crystalcharger ate my stacked crystals >.<.

    No. I can remember the update before the real wiring update, it was the first time we could power machines without batteries. But we couldn't place wires then, we had to place a generator on top of a machine.

    And the charged crystals can't stack, so it throws them out like the generator the batteries. Put a chest next to the crystal charger.

    Finite Glowstone

    It's possible to create infinite Glowstone if you make a compressor. Then, make 1 glowstone dust out of redstone and gold dust. Then compress the dust, place and break the block, you get 2-4 glowstone dusts, and repeat. I hope Alblaka will fix it by disabling glowstone compressing. It isn't a real bug, so I didn't post it in the bug section.


    Sorry, but I suggested this on minecraftforums. It's post number 171. That was before nuclear reactors and advanced circuits were added. Alblaka's answer is post number 175.

    Quote from Alblaka

    However, i will NOT implement Fusion Generators...