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    I put a firecracker into a paperblock of ITNT, added some random paper person and ignitet the ITNT a few months ago. Video won't be uploaded because I ignited the ITNT on the wrong edge and it burned down before exploding.

    You could use custom machine recipes addon in order to add maceration recipes.

    Or you could wait until the next release. No offense, you can't know it, as I didn't tell anyone yet.

    Thank you so much, I don't now, IV is one of my favorite worldgen mods. BTW, anyone tested this with dense ores?

    I think, if you used this with Dense Ores (assuming you mean the MystCraft symbol) your chests/worlds/computer would explode from too much ore.

    +++NEWS +++
    Scientists discovered a large anomalous metal object situated about 20 meters below the bottom of the Cobble Trench in the Southern Minecraftian Ocean.
    Dr Albrecht Hubert, one of the geologists on-site, said that "the object seems to be composed of a dense form of copper, but not reactor-grade dense."
    Attempts to destroy the object have only created gravity-affected blocks, falling out of reach.
    However, the leader of the so-called "Kappa Project", Nonmomentus Brain, explained that it "would be possible to gain two ingots of copper by plain smelting of a cubic meter" of said material.
    +++ NEWS +++

    +++ NEWS +++
    The Kappa Project gained access to the fallen blocks. First experiments with the material showed that it is indeed composed of copper.
    Several industrial companies are willing to pay high amounts of credits to get access to the so-called "Cuprum Object".
    However, experiments showed that the material cannot be macerated by any current means.
    +++ NEWS +++

    +++ NEWS +++
    An electromagnetic sensor satellite discovered a very large metal object in the Creeper Mountains.
    First scans by the team of the Kappa Project showed that it consists of tin and mostly has the same properties as the Cuprum Object.
    +++ NEWS +++

    +++ NEWS +++
    The Kappa Project discovered a way to macerate parts of the Cuprum Object in a standard E-901 Maceratron.
    Copper prices are expected to drop quickly as soon as similiar objects are found.
    However, everyone associated with the Kappa Project refused to talk about this possibilitly.
    Nonmomentus Brain said that he "didn't found the Kappa Project for industry, but for science! And an important part of science is nuclear physics. We're trying to compress parts of the Cuprum Object to reactor-grade copper, but we just got very dense dust as of now."
    Nevertheless, Gregorius Techneticies, the leader of GregTech Intergalactical, said that "this large amount of Copper could be used to build the new thoriumfueled Nuclear Reactors of GregTech Intergalactical."
    +++ NEWS +++

    NOTE: You can find incredible veins in every biome, not just in ocean and mountain biomes.

    Boring version:


    Download and Installation:

    Friedi(IC Forum)/Friedi4321(MCF) for coding.
    I don't now(IC forum)/Mr_Brain(MCF) for art, idea, OP.

    Check out the vanilla Incredible Veins mod here!

    Sorry that there are no pictures, I'll fix this later.

    Let's say you have that ultracomputer with unlimited computation power. In that case, you coud calculate, let's say, the 10^10^10^10^10^10^ most probable scenarios and could effectively predict the future, but there would be a chance that what happens wasn't calulated. Also, you couldn't be sure what exactly would happen, you just know some possibilities.

    That would be nice man. Do you have time to start drawing up ideas now? We really aren't in any hurry though, because this will probably get implemented at least after 1.3.2 IC2 update.

    I do have time for doing that. However, next week school starts again, so I hope to be able to finish most work this week. Also, by drawing up ideas, do you mean making sprites or having ideas? English is not my native language, so I'm not entirely sure.

    Yeah, thanks! While you're here, and since you're a vet on fusion reactors it seems, can you give some more input in regards to the fusion reactor? I'm still stumped on the reciepe.

    Well, I must admit, my suggestion was not complex at all, it just was more or less realistic in comparison to the machines back then. The link is right here.
    There are quite some cool, but probably too complex/not-fission-reactor-like-enough fusion reactos suggestions on the suggestion board.
    What about making sub-components for it, like first having to make magnets out of superconductors, used to make a reactor torus used in making a reactor for which you also require cooling systems made of coolant pipes... I think you get the idea. Also, you might want to use wait until the next IC² update for new reactor components you can use in the recipe.

    I need help with this mod!
    I need someone to help make block textures since I'm terrible with pixel art, and someone else to make sounds for the new machines!

    I could probably help you with some of the textures. I made a texturepack , an IC² texture pack , the some textures for For The Trees , the textures for IdnCrops and the textures for some of one of my friend's mods (most of them are not released)(I didn't make the sprites for the mobs however, I'm terrible at spriting anything that complex).

    Live long and prosper!

    The person who suggested a fusion reactor for IndustrialCraft the very first time (it was me, it was the 8th suggestion, it was before fission reactors were implemented) approves of this!

    BONUS: BALLOONS! (if people are really nice to me and help me with this instead of letting the thread fester)

    The very first person to suggest balloons for IndustrialCraft (again, me, it was part of said fusion suggestion) approves of this and suggests using helium in that recipe.

    - make it so that upon going critical, instead of just a nuclear crater, make a large sphere (maybe 15 meters in width) out of a special "sun" block which acts just like lava but has no flow value and crazy-high heat value. Further, a different block at the center of the sun (yes, where your reactor used to be), can cause the area (maybe all 9 surrounding chunks) to be filled with "intense solar radiation" causing all mobs to receive 5 hearts of damage per second. May have it also so that said blocks disappear over time, and once all block have disappeared around the core, the core will become a useless brown dwarf, with the same blast and mining resistance as bedrock. Or could just make a bigger explosion.

    I vote for the sun, not the explosion.

    I don't really get what you mean.

    I think he/she means you should make a new block to pump liquid nitrogen, but I'm not sure.

    The reason I worded it in a way where you actively put the coolant is for those who don't want to use buildcraft with this addon (which, I may just give up on because you'd be stupid not to use it with this addon).

    There are quite some people who don't use buildcraft at all, so you might want to think of a buildcraft-free way to deliver liquid nitrogen without so much trouble. Maybe if you place a Zeream-Cryogenic Atmospheric Refrigerator right next to a coolant-using block it doesn't need cells and just ignores the hydrogen and helium in the atmosphere while pumping liquid nitrogen into the block?

    Live long and prosper!

    I like the Hazmat suit recipe :P at least I suspect it is as it clearly represents a modified nanosuit pack and it has Safety first written all over. I wonder what its made of though.
    Instead of Carbon plates the recipe uses R and O
    R: reinforced stone (probably not)
    O: seeing as "make it orange" is written near you could think it is orange dye
    O: could also be a diamond/energy crystal

    "R" is probably rubber, seeing as Alblaka mentioned a rubber hazmat suit somewhen.

    For effectiveness
    :Tin Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Tin Ingot:
    :Copper Ingot: DCP :Copper Ingot:
    :Tin Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Tin Ingot: = x4 + DCPx1 = super [unreadable]

    I think it's super metal.

    Did I misinterpret this? What I meant was that this guy was interested in creating a language pack for Norwegian so I told him to talk to the guy that made this so that you could be of use in telling how to alter IC2 names to Norwegian

    Oh, I think I did misinterpret this. But the "the" before "language pack" is a bit misleading...

    @OP: If you have questions regarding making language packs, feel free to PM me!