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    For me this was the most revolutionary thing that helped me with my plant breeding. I got a bit of a late start and had the benefit of a lot of forum posts, but one thing that hadn't really been mentioned: Use the weed killer on your cross-breeding crops! I cannot begin to tell you how infuriating it was to raise healthy green weeds every time I tried to do anything. Even if you don't use it on your planted crops, weed-kill that cross-breeder. Fertilization and hydration are a major help, but one friggin weed can wreck it all.

    High speed rails are only for straight line running. You need regular rails to trun, board and disembark, load and unload.

    I also tested the cart linking. It works very well with powered carts and booster rails, but using both isn't recommended.

    I just thought I'd mention something that may be of interest... A powered cart pulling normal carts moves at the same speed as powered rails so using them together would be kind of a waste of resources. If you link carts you may as well use one or the other, but both would, as was pointed out, cause problems.

    I can test this out myself to see how well they would handle with powered rails without an engine cart.

    for simplicity how about it just tells you what it can make from the chest next to it instead of building a library. if the ingredients are not there then the option to make the item won't be there

    Yes Lurker, yes. Having to have already built one and fed it to the machine in order for it to learn the recipe would be like teaching the replicator what it can build.

    Geez, reading comprehension is pretty low today. Lurker pretty much showed me a post that was basically the same I dea. I overlooked it, sadly. In effect, it would be like a crafting table except that it draws the components out itself instead of you assembling them every time. Naturally it could not replace an extractor in making rubber, but if the rubber was there it could easily creat copper wiring if the copper was also there and the recipe was stored.

    Where the hell you came up with pipes and automatic crafting tables is beyond me. It all has to be in the same chest.

    Do you actually read any of these posts?

    You put in an item (circuit) and it saves the recipe for that item. Batteries, furnace, reactor, anything will work and the recipe is saved. It's added to a menu that you can select and, if the components to make it are in an adjacent chest, it will make that item. It won't construct all of the components, those will have to be done separately but they too can be stored as a recipe.

    So no. Not at all like the project table except for the fact that it can construct items. It doesn't need a prebuilt template already. Just the recipe and the ingredients.

    Honestly I was picturing the electromagnet coupled with a capacitor and an iron plate to act as a "piston" with a range of up to 32 blocks. Would certainly make for some amazing hidden stairways and critter traps.

    Simplicity in idea, maybe not so in reality, but here's the idea.

    The replicator wouldn't necessarily take a great deal of power, as its function is not to create matter from passing asteroids. Add an item, be it a simple component or a complex machine, and the pattern is stored. When you select a pattern from the menu, it will take the materials needed from an adjacent chest and build the item true to the original pattern if the materials are there. Without sufficient materials the item simply will not be built.

    Understandably you would have to select components the build the pieces of a complex machine, such as circuits would have to be assembled for a solar panel before the panel could be built, but with a few clicks the finished product would be deposited back into the same chest to be retrieved or used in a more complex recipe as needed.

    Perhaps not a true replicator, but it sounds nicer than lazy-ass assembler bot.

    Consider the electro-furnace. We already had furnaces, but they were improved. Not everything in the lists is a replacement, when in fact few of them are. Additional choice is never a bad thing, and considering the applications that have been outlined, many of them couldn't feasibly work without a new material. Besides, ceramics have been around for centuries wholly due to the versatility and sheer utility of them. If you are so predisposed to dismiss this simply because the applications of the material are similar to what already exists, then 99% of all mods written are, for the sake of this argument, useless.
    Personally, I like variety and choice.

    Funny how my ides sort of got promoted to someone else's ideas, but here's a list that I had in mind:

    Ceramic or ceramic/composite housing for specialized breeder-only reactors. The heat resistance is a must.
    The mugs (dyeable)
    Capacitors for perimeter defense and perhaps other uses. Not a viable battery solution.
    tool medium, mixed with diamons or obsidian for grinding/mining heads usable with miner to perhaps expand the area of effect (3x3 with head, lowers friction and wear)
    Armor plating for a low-cost armor solution for those who aren't up to building nano or quantum armors
    False teeth for people with too much radiation exposure
    Heat buffer for those who like to run Mk V reactors and don't care to run the risk of lavafying the area
    Hull reinforcement plating to mitigate heat damage and to offset ambient radiation in the case of high reactor output
    A paintable building material
    Etching tools to allow "personalization" of tools and belongings, such as chests and armors
    A medium for specialized switches and circuits to enhance the power grid already in place
    A medium for detectors and/or monitors to read outputs of generator power and reactor heat
    Plant "containers" that would help reduce corruption from weeds and any other destructive problems with the plant breeding system
    Insulation for wiring to make bundling or cables possible
    Flechettes in a crowd-control explosive or tripmine for those damned creepers
    Thin sheets as a medium for "photography" or etching of circuit paths

    I'm sure there are many more applications. I'm very sleepy right now but I'll ponder further when lucidity allows.

    Yup, a new material. Made with clay or clay and sand then baked in a kiln (or electrofurnace) to produce ceramic wafers. Perhaps it could also be cut to shape with a diamond tool of some sort, but useful in building specialized breeder reactors and components within them since ceramics are known to withstand immense amounts of heat. Ceramics are also nice for decorations, making mugs for drinking, etc. Stone mugs are nice, but ceramics can be painted with kittens and crap like that. And dyed, so your favorite coffee concoction can be enjoyed in a blue mug. Ceramics also make excellent tools for cutting, not so much for mining, but can be employed as a medium to hold cutting or grinding implements.
    Ceramics are also excellent insulators for electrical purposes and are irreplacable in high powered circuits and switches as well as capacitor housings.

    Ah yes, capacitors. Batteries from hell. That was the other suggestion. Still working on implementation of that, but ceramics would help regardless.

    No weapon suggestion until Industrial conflict add-on.

    Sir, yes sir. Are you always this abrupt about subjects over which you have no control?

    My last suggestion post was deleted. I can only assume is was due to the fact that people in this forum chose to insult and antagonize me instead of offering any kind of helpful feedback. I really don't feel the need to do that again, so don't play high and mighty with me. I can suggest what I please. Perhaps this isn't the time for it in your mind, but the idea is out there.