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    Can someone beat that? :D

    1. [21:00:52] [Client thread/INFO] [FML/Extra Utilities]: If your Log stops here, you were too impatient. Wait a bit more next time, before killing Minecraft with the Task Manager.
    2. [21:13:10] [Client thread/INFO] [FML/Extra Utilities]: Congratulations, you have been waiting long enough. Have a Cake.
    3. [09:35:48] [Client thread/INFO] [FML/Extra Utilities]: If your Log stops here, you were too impatient. Wait a bit more next time, before killing Minecraft with the Task Manager.
    4. [09:46:51] [Client thread/INFO] [FML/Extra Utilities]: Congratulations, you have been waiting long enough. Have a Cake.

    Those were both non-first time launches, I don't have logs for the first launch. I have zombie awareness but not galacticraft. I also have a ton of other mods, MC reports about 100 in total but most of them are smallish ones and/or addons to other mods like TC and IC2.

    q6600 (core 2 duo-based quadcore from about 7 years ago)
    4G ram
    running on an oldish 1TB HDD

    As if IC2 needs to change so that FTB like them...this is exactly the kind of bullshit that makes the modded minecraft community so bad.

    It's simultaneously sad and funny how FTB has become the polar opposite of what they promised to be. There is no choice. It's their way or nothing. Big part of community is ignored just to stroke the ego of a few select people in FTB team who have an axe to grind.

    As a "not really a pipe" alternative IC2 could have what GT used to have pre-pipes:
    machine box that could move around power/fluids/items with appropriate covers or in case of IC2, upgrades.

    Because of its extreme simplicity. Generate power here and use it there, no fuzzling to get it where you want.

    Don't forget about being able to teleport energy with tesseracts. Dirt-cheap way of powering stuff anywhere in the world.

    For a while I used to use TE item+power tesseracts on quarries. Three blocks was all that was needed to build a "mining base".

    Any code she writes is by default copyright under her name. And copyright is generally interpreted more liberally than direct code copying. For example, if the others did indeed look at her code, it would be very difficult for them to defend themselves from any serious legal action.

    There is absolutely *nothing* illegal about decompiling and *looking* at code. Not to mention there is no way she could ever prove anyone did that unless people flat-out say that they have done that.

    Only way she could have any legal leg to stand on is if she could show parts of her code were copied 1:1 and that the stuff that was copied was not general enough solution for a problem that many people have come up with before (e.g common sorting algorithms or the like).

    If you set up the quarry to be 64x64 it takes nearly a full real-life day to dig from ocean to bedrock when feeding it maximum amount of power.
    52 diamonds is some 2-3 hours of manual mining at diamond layer and you should get more than enough other materials to build most things from that.

    You must be REALLY impatient if you feel you need to have the UU stuff up and running in less than a half a day of playing. How long do you play in a single world generally? What do you do once you have UU running in?

    I made a mod!

    For Factorio. It's research was WAY too simple for my taste and once you set up your lower-end science pack production you never needed to update it.

    Now it has changed! Basically atm I assume recipes only use science packs and at most one of each type per "unit" of research. Basically if a recipe has 1 pack it gets no change, if green is added red count is doubled, if blue is added, red is doubled again+green is doubled and if alien science pack is added all other three are doubled once more.

    Basically with all four packs being in-use for a tech you'd need 8x more red, 4x more green and 2x more blue science packs than usually.

    No, because I can't make videos yet as I don't have a good camera (my only camera that isn't inbuilt into another device is 4.1 mega pixels...)

    MP is the last thing to look at when you try to figure out how good a camera is for taking videos. Vast majority of cams are 2MP, the highest of the high-end professional cams have gone all the way to 18MP being almost good enough for filming imax directly and are WAY above 4k. For 1080p a decent 2MP camera is more than enough.

    Problem is, vast majority of cheap cameras have lousy lenses and sensors with tiny physical area. While lens often aren't too important the area of the sensor is by far #1 importance.

    To be honest that sounds REALLY suspicious. Every single thermal regulation thingy I've seen and/or used in PCs has defaulted to maximum cooling. Having something stop all cooling due to missing OS-level software should be literally physically impossible.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if they had no idea why the card stopped working and just made up a random fairy tale on the spot. It wouldn't be the first time I hear things like that happening :)

    if Forge came up with a way of storing massive amounts of data between launches

    Forge doesn't do anything like that and neither does minecraft.

    From what I understand GT spends it's time not on adding recipes but scanning them and forge has an awful way of storing recipes (a single llinear linked list that needs to be traversed every time you look up something IIRC). GT also adds a LOT of recipes, probably doubling the total amount of recipes on your average big-ish modpack putting a massive strain on the forge recipe handling system.