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    I made a mod!

    For Factorio. It's research was WAY too simple for my taste and once you set up your lower-end science pack production you never needed to update it.

    Now it has changed! Basically atm I assume recipes only use science packs and at most one of each type per "unit" of research. Basically if a recipe has 1 pack it gets no change, if green is added red count is doubled, if blue is added, red is doubled again+green is doubled and if alien science pack is added all other three are doubled once more.

    Basically with all four packs being in-use for a tech you'd need 8x more red, 4x more green and 2x more blue science packs than usually.

    No, because I can't make videos yet as I don't have a good camera (my only camera that isn't inbuilt into another device is 4.1 mega pixels...)

    MP is the last thing to look at when you try to figure out how good a camera is for taking videos. Vast majority of cams are 2MP, the highest of the high-end professional cams have gone all the way to 18MP being almost good enough for filming imax directly and are WAY above 4k. For 1080p a decent 2MP camera is more than enough.

    Problem is, vast majority of cheap cameras have lousy lenses and sensors with tiny physical area. While lens often aren't too important the area of the sensor is by far #1 importance.

    To be honest that sounds REALLY suspicious. Every single thermal regulation thingy I've seen and/or used in PCs has defaulted to maximum cooling. Having something stop all cooling due to missing OS-level software should be literally physically impossible.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if they had no idea why the card stopped working and just made up a random fairy tale on the spot. It wouldn't be the first time I hear things like that happening :)

    Exactly, always keeping things up to date is the main reason I use it. Without it I'd probably stopped playing most games as the time it takes to find, download and install the updates manually I'll probably already annoyed enough to not want to play the game any more. Plus steam workshop is quite nice for the games that supports it.

    Not to mention Steam allows me to share my entire game library with my GF with ease. She can just "take over" my collection and play the stuff she likes.
    Also the way they added the possibility of rating games ins pure awesomeness. The combination of hours spent on the thing + just plain yes/no instead of silly point scales make it WAY better and more useful than anything else I've seen anywhere else been done.

    You can install Steam games from web if you wish. For launching you can just run the shortcuts games create.

    I for one welcome Steam. I can't imagine how I'd handle my 300+ game collection without something like that :\

    My favourite games from last 5-ish years in random order:

    Kerbal Space Program
    Space Pirates and Zombies
    Defense grid: The Awakening
    Path of Exile
    Dungeon Defenders
    All the RTSes from Warhammer series

    I believe there are about 2-3 games in that list from big companies, rest are from more or less indie devs. Those indies most definitely have by far the most innovative gameplay compared to pretty much anything I've seen from the big names in the industry.

    to be fair, i think the new version is a tad bit too 'grindy,' and my suggestion would be make the overclockers a little more effective by either reducing the eu spike or improving the speed %.

    I haven't played non-GT IC2 since forever but I believe the machines can take full 64 stacks of oveclockers in each of the four slots. Sure, you'll need to reserve some for other upgrades to be able to actually use the overclockers but you'll still get at minimum of 128 overclockers in them, possibly 196. I'm almost certain it's enough to make any process take one tick :)

    The increase in power is nearly nothing with non-GT overclockers. I think one needed 4 or more overclockers to double the active EU use.

    lack of interesting and exotic features

    Such as fully-configurable nuclear plants and crop breeding?
    Oh, you were simply talking about OP ways of generating stuff out of nothing/cheap items. My bad :)

    Also, IC2 is under massive development and not feature-complete. It makes no sense to criticize half-finished features as if they were fully developed.

    Can't remember when some big guy last made a game that I actually liked. I've been massively disappointed in every big-name game I've bought in past 5 years or so and there were many I tried.

    Luckily I have found a mountain of stuff from small devs.

    Wait, am I understanding it correctly that you haven't even tried things out on your own and just came here to whine? :)

    It's also weird that you think there is a lack of new users. Just because those creative-mode searchers aren't flocking to it as they do for TE doesn't mean the mod is anywhere near dead. If anything then IC2 is evolving faster than most other mods out there with more new features that aren't just copied off from other mods.

    Are you on 1.6.4?

    Also, the problem seems to be an ID-conflict with fluids and buildcraft is the one getting the error. Do you have any other mods that add oil? Seems like some other mod has set the block-id of oil to something different than what buildcraft expects.

    The problem with the new IC2 is that it takes much, much more time to get started. The main reason for this is that demand for resources has rocketed.

    You know, for many people the old way of easy stuff was a problem so devs made it a bit more challenging.

    For instance, now you have to waste 32 diamonds to get MFE opposed to 8 or so (and CESU won't help here).

    MFE and MFSU went up a tier and CESU is now sitting at the exact same spot EU capacity/output wise were MFE used to be. How can you claim it doesn't help?

    You need a decent power supply almost right after you got your first generator, however, solar panels are too expensive, so the only viable option is nuclear reactor which again requires tons of metal to get at least 20 eu/t.

    What about semifluid or geothermal generators? You can always have more than one running in parallel for higher output.

    All this scares off new users who have a lot of other mods as an alternative.

    If players want creative in disguise of easymode mods then they can feel free to use those other mods that give it to them.

    So, can you define "fun" in some way that can actually be implemented in game? What sort of requests from users have been ignored? Where have those requests been made?