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    If you are talking about what I think you are talking about (getting some flashing/disappearing stuff with optifine installed) then I'm almost certain there really is no fix for that as long as you are using Intel GPUs. For others you can disable threaded optimization in driver settings.

    why your character able to craft any device (know all recipes) but "must" scan dirt in order to replicate it?
    any logic behind it?

    Machines don't have the knowledge you have so it has to "read" it from somewhere.

    Also if you think people know what stuff dirt is made of you are massively overestimating the average knowledge level of people :)

    Imagine if Notch just suddenly said "enough" and abandoned Minecraft like that, leaving no indication of what the heck happened.

    Notch hasn't worked on MC for quite a while now. Though he didn't just leave overnight and gave the project over to others who were already working on it with him

    SimplyJetpacks has many "similarities" with IC2's implementation both on the macro and micro level. It starts with having the same overall approach, continues with the class hierarchy, solutions to individual problems, partially identical method and variable naming, semantics, down to exactly matching syntactical elements at times. While it may be a coincidence that some of these happen to end up the same if someone implements a similar thing himself, the probability decreases with each instance and there are a lot of those. Additionally there are some occurrences where he's using implementations seen in IC2 which are not reasonable for the scale of his mod or which are just legacy from the past due to IC2 just being a mod much older than e.g. Forge. There's also fairly obvious implementation style/approach inconsistencies towards the features he has added of his own.

    I'm curious did you check the decompiled mod or did you follow the github commits? I know he took the git repo down now but seeing the mod progress from commit to commit should give quite clear idea what is going on.

    Though the modder actually taking the mod down without much of a quarrel (presumably) does raise quite a few red flags.

    I know why it was created. The whole point of it was to show how it had exactly as much evidence behind the claims it made as any other creation story or religion in general.

    As for the law, I have no idea

    Is anyone really beliving that pastian shit? Everyone knows that the only true deity is the Random Number God and it hates me!

    I ask the exact same thing from myself about how can people possibly believe in afterlife or anything supernatural in general. Pastafarianism is essentially in no way different from any other religion out there and it's trivial for everyone to see that it's just bullshit. How they can't see their own religion is often even worse is a mystery to me.

    Be glad you didn't mention men and women are different and genetics gives them different traits that are better on one and worse on the other. Modern day feminism has turned into a cult that's indistinguishable from ordinary religions and conspiracy theories.

    Any chances to get a lower-end steam-to-eu generators? Something one could use as an alternative to nukes between small single-block reactors and bigger ones. Nerf their efficiency a little bit (don't allow to use the fancy turbines in them?) and have not-as-efficient steam generators. I'd just like to see a bit more gradual change in used technology instead of massive jumps. With 5 tiers of machines it'll happen to other things, would be nice if it happened with enegry generation too :)

    There has been some hullabaloo lately regarding the Heartbleed exploit that has caused many servers to go down, and I know Mojang servers were affected at one point. They should be fine now.

    Mojang-owned servers were perfectly fine but the load-balancers they used from Amazon did have the problem.

    I re-started my carrieer with the ARM pack in Kerbal and just made my first strong-enough rocket to have a close fly-by of Minmus. All was going fine and I was doing research in my 3-stack of Science jr's when I noticed my height being just about 4.5 km and travelling at almost 1km/s. I was almost certain all is gone as I saw a huge mountain coming up behind the curve of the moon. Sure enough, I crashed right into it but to my surprise not all was lost. Through some weird magic my crew capsule survived the impact. Apparently my craft was positioned at just the right height that all the other parts touched the surface but the capsule itself was high enough to barely get over all of it. Had I had just half a meter lower orbit it would have crashed as well. In addition that crash slowed me down enough that I was put to re-entry trajectory with Kerbin. While I lost all the science in the science jr's and goo capsules I did manage to get a whole lot from crew manifests and EVA reports so all in all it was a successful mission. At least for the Kerbins :)

    You could make your life a bit easier and have first three tiers named as "basic X" "X" and "advanced X". In other words, insert a no-prefix version between basic and advanced. I could also see adding back the "industrial" prefix to some mid-tier.

    Any hint on what sort of materials/components will the higher tiers need? Perhaps those could be used. E.g "titanium-plated X" or "chromed X".

    I'm not a gay. And don't support democrazy either. (intentional mistake).

    I bet you hope Putin to become a strong-arm leader, just as Stalin, Mao, Hitler and the like. Screw freedom!

    And BTW, there are almost no gays in our country. At least in semi-province areas (quite close to Moscow, ~50-60-ish kilometeres). You can't prosecute/chase people that are nonexistant, can you?

    Are Russians somehow different than rest of the humanity or are the non-heterosexuals just too afraid for their lives that they don't dare speak of it?

    Waaait a second, who on earth was imprisoned for being "inconvenient"?

    What about Kasparov?

    Twisting laws? A few examples please?

    How about pushing the Pussy Riot amnesty so fast through parliament? What about blantantly ignoring the treaty they made with Ukraine when it agreed to get rid of nuclear weapons?

    Rewriting history books? A few examples please?…ory-idUSBRE9AH0JK20131118…nism_(negationism)#Russia

    Hrm, I personally do read NYT and WSJ (primarily "opinion" rubrics).
    Informating put up there has nothing to do with the reality, believe me.

    And where exactly do you get information about your version of reality? From the news outlets under direct Putin control?

    Hrm, sorry for being a teeny-weeny bit imperialistic, but... who on earth needs Estonia?

    Estonians and Russians living here, perhaps? Guess how many ethnic Russians want to leave here to get to Russia? The number would be negative.

    @Brainwashing: From my point of view you're being brainwashed. From your point of view I am brainwashed. Where's the truth? You think the truth is yours, I think it's mine. Loop. Recursion.

    Remember the 140% stuff? What about 97% voter turn up in Chrimea? What about Putin blatantly lying in his speech?…g.html?wprss=rss_politics

    Putin was never power hungry

    Right. Twisting laws, imprisoning "inconvenient" people, rewriting history books and doing other stuff like that is just all OK.

    if you just ask anybody in our country, 8/10 people will say they support Putin and the direction he leads our country.

    And that direction would be world domination? Also, brainwashing is a thing. How much non-Russian media do you follow? Have you ever compared how different news outlets present the same events?

    We respect, adore and love him and everything he does for the good of Russian people.

    As long as you aren't gay or pro-democracy.

    We'll get there though, don't worry :P

    I do worry. I don't want my country to be invaded and pillaged for half a century but looking at Crimea that's exactly ere Russia is headed.