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    The conversion rate was quite high actually, and it needed a lot of string.

    String was an absolute non-issue the moment you got your first flax seeds. The amount of it you got from a single 9x9 field harvest was just stupid.

    The new Remain in Motion (Which is the 1.7 replacement to Redstone in Motion), now has an option to require power. Link.

    RiM also had far less problems than RP2 frames while actually allowing people to, *gasp*, configure the options! That's one of the (many) options RP2 didn't have.

    Actually it was not balanced, she did repeatedly say that the recipes were temporary until she got her multiblock machines built (of which they almost were done when she got overtaken by real life), they were going to become drastically more expensive at that point, and I do not mean in just creation cost, I mean in on-going cost. There was going to be more bluetricity usage. Solar and wind power were still very low tier, the new multiblock machines she created were going to require *multiple* concurrent wind generators going, or a higher tier power, which involved types of fuels. Green power in RP2 was the lowest tier power possible, you were going to be very polluting very quickly if you wanted to generate any useful amount of power at all.

    Yes, I know her mod was "alpha" state but it was in that state for several years. At same pace we'll first get Minecraft 2 than non-alpha RP2. It doesn't really matter that she said "it's just temporary" when in reality that "temporary" stuff had existed for far longer time than vast majority of popular mods out there.

    Basic machines being redstone dependant is not a bad thing, the main problem I had with RP was more about blulectricity being too cheap to produce.

    Not only was it cheap (all greengens IIRC) but nearly nothing used it in the first place. It was possible to convert it to MJ but even that was massively OP, a couple of wind turbines generated more power than diesel engine!

    The block breaker needs to be tiered too, but otherwise it was balanced imo.

    Her pipe network stuff was nice to look at for about 5 minutes but then I would have done anything to get rid of the massive lag it introduced by rendering everything + updating positions of thousands of in-flight items. Also, the entire logistics network worked basically for free and with individual components being nearly as cheap as BC piping.

    I wonder why so many people (on the reddits not this thread) seem so harsh and judgmental before she's written a single line of new code. It seems like people are telling her to go away and there is no place here which makes me sad.

    I would think the main reason is that generally when she "wakes up" it takes about a year and a half for any new stuff to be released.

    That and that she prefers to work on stuff that extreme minority of players ever use. I'm not saying she should only do stuff that majority wants instead of doing things she enjoys. Just that when she spends insane amounts of time on things like PC emulator that is programmable in Forth and where you can't even edit the programs outside of MC then it's quite obvious that most players couldn't care less about such features.

    The RP Frame Quarries were the only ones which I liked, not even the AE ones are really good.

    I once built a RP quarry that used BC miners, was 32 blocks wide and used the TE energy tesseracts/item teleportation.

    Yes, it was a "little" OP.

    As for Elo being "back", meh. There are tons of mods out there that do everything RP2 used to do only significantly better.

    best bet really is to just offload major compute tasks like pathfinding and large algorithms to at least one extra thread, if you really wanted to you could try your hand at openCL but last I checked that's heavy to set up on java and wouldn't be helpful for servers really.

    Problem is there really isn't such big compute tasks in MC. What MC does have is insane amounts of tiny entities interacting with each other.
    Though I'd absolutely LOVE to see chunk generation be multithreaded somehow. With a bunch of mods installed it takes forever for new chunks to generate. Using optifine makes it several times faster but no were near good enough.

    Using GPU on running Minecraft entities seems like a massive waste of time, though I bet an awfully fun one :)
    GPUs have insane lag from inserting data to getting a result and NEED thousands of parallel data points doing roughly similar computations to be of any use.

    Ray tracing is considered "embarrassingly parallel" task and has been ported quite successfully to GPUs. Even there having a GPU with roughly 50x higher FLOPS and at minimum 20x higher memory bandwith achieve at best 10x higher speeds than a CPU ray tracers.
    In other words, GPUs are nice for what they do but they have a FAR way to go before the G can be turned into "general" in there :)

    MC being tick-based should technically make massively multithreading it trivial but it would probably have to be changed from ground-up on vanilla-level.
    I can't remember what's the name of the pattern but basically each entity has two copies of it's current state:
    1) result of last tick
    a) doesn't change in this tick (const)
    b) anyone can read it with no sort of locks/mutexes (read-only)
    2) result of this tick
    a) changes during current tick
    b) only the entity itself changes it (other entities send "messages" to it, write-only)

    At the end of each tick the #2 state becomes new #1 state

    I can see only two problems with that kind of approach:
    1) one tries to change the state of an entity in current tick and another entity absolutely needs to get the now-changed data during the same tick.
    2) some operations take more time than one tick

    Stuff taking over 1 tick need to be implemented as special cases, just as they are at the moment.
    If things can live with one tick lag then it is more than good enough and would eliminate vast majority of problems that multithreading generally has.

    Exactly, always keeping things up to date is the main reason I use it. Without it I'd probably stopped playing most games as the time it takes to find, download and install the updates manually I'll probably already annoyed enough to not want to play the game any more. Plus steam workshop is quite nice for the games that supports it.

    Not to mention Steam allows me to share my entire game library with my GF with ease. She can just "take over" my collection and play the stuff she likes.
    Also the way they added the possibility of rating games ins pure awesomeness. The combination of hours spent on the thing + just plain yes/no instead of silly point scales make it WAY better and more useful than anything else I've seen anywhere else been done.

    You can install Steam games from web if you wish. For launching you can just run the shortcuts games create.

    I for one welcome Steam. I can't imagine how I'd handle my 300+ game collection without something like that :\

    Forge Fluids can store Heat using NBT Data. I would disrecommend that as not all Mods watch it, and because Fluids with different NBT don't stack together in a Pipe.

    Would it be possible to make special kind of fluid storage/piping blocks that can contain different amounts of liquid with different NBT data?
    Alternatively when any fluid enters that special container it gets "mixed" and temperature gets averaged for the entire container.

    Obviously that would mean that only the pipes/container that have that special extra logic are able to properly handle variable-temperature fluids.

    we already tried that (considering general oredict problems)
    Skyboy declined, he sees it as a protest. >.>

    Looking at current code in git it seems like he only adds leather boots to oredict under that name so slowdowns should be gone at least.

    I personally don't support eugenics. Preventing stupid people from breeding doesn't stop stupid people from being born.

    People don't generally born stupid, they are taught it by other stupid people. It's a vicious circle.

    Willful ignorance and science denialism is praised all over the world and it has been done for ages. Only reason why some notice it now is that due to better communication it's easier to see how bad things have got.

    So what do I do to get MFR to stop calling them greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it? It's kinda annoying and it causes GT to make my game take 5 minutes to load instead of just 2.

    You could possibly open a ticket on MFR bugtracker saying it slows down mod loading or something.

    Sadly both pay-to-play and pure donations work really bad.

    yes, and? That doesn't make the practice in any way less illegal. No one is entitled to be able to run a big MC server with loads of features.

    It's same as saying that any twitter client that has premium version that unlock more feature is ripoff, coz it sell twitter servers features.

    No, twitter is not in any way similar to MC. Its license also doesn't seem to forbid making such clients.

    "you can buy is decorative/resource or some extensions to survival (limited creative for example). "

    That is part of the game that Mojang sells people or at minimum heavily based on it (e.g mods written using MC code. Bukkit is perhaps somewhat of a gray area, Forge based stuff clearly isn't).
    Selling that kind of stuff is absolutely against the EULA and should not be allowed.

    Mojang has never said one can't ask money for running the server, hiring admins and event creators or even hiring people to write mods for you. For all that stuff you can do it just fine. What you can't do is sell in-game items or features.

    So Play Mindcrack server that lives on reward-based donations is bad?

    I'm not quite sure what sort of rewards they give out unfortunately so it's hard to comment. The tiny bit of information on their site didn't help much either but it seems they sell "boosters" of sorts and I'm quite certain that has always been against the EULA.

    MC is somewhat like a software library that is NOT free to use and most definitely users of it are NOT allowed to extend it to make money off from.

    I'd say QT pre-opensourcing was somewhat like that. It had double-licensing
    1) GPL for KDE and other fully ope-source stuff. You can't sell anything you make using that license but you can sell support for the things you produce
    2) commercial for anyone who used it to make money (either building programs with it or using it internally in a company without releasing the sources for the app).

    Servers who ask money for playing or sell in-game stuff are like people who repackage the library but with less features, if you want to have access to the full original content you'd need to pay. Alternatively they add a couple of convenience functions and try to sell the whole package, including the original library, as their own product.

    It's a bit complicated, but in the end the problem is: the ppl want all and for free.

    And other people want to scam people out of their money by "selling" them stuff they should have access by default. Why should we tolerate those scammers?

    If we close pay-to-win servers, ppl won't start making free servers so we would just lose half of servers.

    I can't see anything bad about that. I'd rather have servers running because people WANT to play MC, not because they want to make money out of it.

    Unfortunately, most games are using this technique. Go on any smartphone app store and you will find many games using this IAP model - pretty much every EA game, some other games like Clash of Clans and some crappy Facebook games. For your average MC user with a fairly large pocket or a child with access to their parents' credit cards, any perks that allow them to become more competitive immediately attract them. This is especially common on some multiplayer war-type or competitive minigame. Usually these are intended to pay off server fees, but some people have expanded it for personal profit.

    Yes, there are mountains of games with in-app stores selling all kinds of stuff. Difference is, these stores are run by the same guys who made the game in first place.

    The model some MC servers use is basically as if someone would make a Q3A server and only allow people who pay to use rocket launchers. They are basically extorting players for money for the content they have bought from Mojang.

    Also, clash of clans is BS. Castle Clash FTW :-P
    Though I know that it is sort-of P2W by giving people who have spent >1000$ in the in-game store a massively OP hero. Though it doesn't really bother me personally, I'm playing the game to have fun and I most certainly am having it even though I haven't spent a dime in there.

    In this case paying for something like diamons/plot of land/ visual perks etc.

    Paying money to get plots, diamonds or items has always been against the EULA in MC and in pretty much every other multiplayer game in existence. Not to mention it's a shitty way to run a server anyway and world will loose nothing of value when scams like that go away.

    Why a bust against though? It's not a get-rich-quick plan, and the user never pays anything.

    As said, it's a massive source of malware. Considering the intelligence level of your average MCForums user I'm almost certain most of them are part of several botnets because of that

    And if Pay-to-Play is still allowed then why the fuck are people complaining about that?

    People are stupid, don't read the EULA and those who have read it don't understand what is written there.