All Nuclear Reactor heat management components need a massive nerf in cost.

  • I did some maths and the reality is: powerful reactors are completely worthless.

    The most powerful fluid reactor I could come up(26880HU/s) with is only 133% as powerful as my Melon Power Plant(20480HU/s) while costing several times as much. It's also not more compact.

    Granted, the melon power plant costs a lot more tin to build, but in total material value that doesn't matter because replicator is a thing.

    As long as the reactor components remain excessively overpriced, nuclear power plants will never be worth it and the only use for uranium that makes sense is a lot of very inefficient reactors for plutonium production.

    This also makes lead a lot less useful, because a low-efficiency fluid reactor is a lot worse than a low-efficiency EU reactor.

    Is there some big game changer I'm missing or is Uranium really just for depleting ASAP?