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    Pre-106 casuc breeders was something very few could do, but reward was great. Properly making casuc reactor, and even outside water cooling required skill, but reward was great.

    i found the standard 1840EU/t waterbucket-CASUC to be very simple in design and setup compared to normal mark 3 reactors with way to many complex cooling components for such a small output, but i also think that the gap between CASUCs and normal reactors was just to big to not get nerfed.
    while i could get in on the action to explore the new reactor system i just don't think i could do anything else beside that without RP2, so i have to wait until eloraam feels like updating it ;(

    The simplicity of logistic pipes I like. Also not a big fan of the ender pearl requirement in some/one(?) recipes for RP2.

    there's one recipe that requieres ender pearls: the retriever. while it's a quite important machine, i think it's not necessary for sorting in any way.

    Retrievers retrieve a certain item from ALL connected inventories via tubes, while a filter only filters inputted items.

    but the inventory is in most cases a relay, which inputs by itself

    I have troubles providing recyclers with slabs in non-laggy way, using RP. Faarthest recyclers stand dry, while stacks wander around nearest recyclers to source. I will probably have to use bc instead for this particular task.

    have you tried using the default mode of the sorter for this? it's made for distribution of the same item to different colours

    the limit on the cable is the package size, e.g. a copper cable can handle the 32EU packages of a batbox but will melt with a 128EU package from a MFE. on the other side it's totally irrelevant how many packages per tick go through the cable. four batboxes could send 4*32EU packages worth 128EU/t through a copper cable and it won't melt. there is no limit on how much packages per tick can fit through a cable. the only side effect of doing so is that the cable will deal dmg to everyone close to it. glass fiber cables are the only cables which won't deal any dmg.
    i think that pretty much covers everyting to know about packages and cables, except for EU loss

    I didn't really tested it with frames (I prefer tubes there), but BC sorting using diamond pipes is trivial to setup, although costly (1/4th of a diamond per chest). Just remember not to add any other pipes between diamond one and chest and provide place for overflow (recyclers/cacti). You can set up to 9 items per chest, but you also have to route all of the items through them, so it could get messy. With filters you can get similar effect using tubes, but always remember to handle overflow (RP systems always have some buffer space, but it also can get messy). For really cheap sorting just use chests filled with at least one item in every space and just connect them to tubes/advanced insertions pipes.

    diamond pipes are not a good option for this problem, since they need to expand into every direction to work at their best or you'll need a lot of them. logistic pipes on the other hand could make for a more simple and compact storage system than sorting machines, but again you would need one for every chest which is quite expensive.

    Then fill up the hole with water and remove the bottom block you placed initially.

    two blocks, you need to frame the cable going out of the chamber, too^^ don't let it blow up because you forgot that. you talked about digging holes twice, i thought we were talking about a frame platform :?:

    hmmmmm the storage of my own mining ship is 10*11*12 blocks big and can handle 72-double-chests. it's very very cramped but has a lot of space. i used a linear sorting machine array below where every machine manages 6 chests. if a machine can't identify an item it goes into default to the next machine and so on. the chests itself are stacked up to 6chests each row, so it's like a six blocks high wall of chests. remember that a chest or a frame without panel/cover won't block you to open the chest.
    this system is easily expandable to fit even more chests if you want to and if i had to build it again i would make the corridors wider^^

    edit: i knew i took a had a screenshot of it somewhere 8)

    What version of Forge are you using, and do you have Modloader also installed? Because I just tried on a fresh install, and it wouldn't work. It didn't crash, but it didn't load PowerConverters either.

    my forge build is 171 aka and i don't have modloader installed, only forge.

    Eh, not much point in the mod now, except the Water Filters to replace the whole bucket-driven RP2 setup. Forestry has all your conversion needs.

    i still like to use multiple oil-fab-generator for endgame EU production.

    Probably because some of us like playing with BC 3.x's Gates, and Power Converters is STILL not compatible with it? Or how about Power Converters not even being updated for 1.2.5, and is pretty much Abandonware at this point?

    Doesn't seem to be working with IC2 v 1.103 and BC 3.15. Or if it is, the recipes are hidden, and changed. Or maybe it isn't compatible with Forge build 171. Whatever it isn't compatible with, it isn't working.

    i have no idea what you're both talking about. i'm using PowerConvertersBC3_Client_1.3.4 with the latest IC2 and BC3.1.5 and everthing works fine

    And a pump with four redstone engines is good enough for *nine* strainers, for 18 eu/tic.

    how do you line them up? when i place them above the pump the first layer works, but the second layer stutters very hard.

    That was my last mining setup, however this has severe limitations: at first the miner will stutter, as it frequently uses much more than the 20 EU/t the geo can deliver so you need a Batbox buffer for constant mining, and second the power usage of an average mining run is about 500k, which requires you to supply the geo with about 25 lava sources. Since you usually find much less than that on each run, you have to constantly refill your lava supply.

    The nuclear method is only slightly more difficult to setup as you need to dig a 3x3x3 hole for the reactor and fill it with water, however from that point on everything runs smooth. The reactor generates more power than 2 miners are using average and the MFE buffers for the EU spikes. In addition those 2 uraniums keep you powered for about 16 complete mining runs, during which you usually find way more than 2 new uranium ores.

    i usually make sure that i start my first operations over a big lava lake to get my starting supplies. the first run brings me around 2-3stacks of lava cells. also notice that lava pumped directly into the geothermal is worth 30.000EU, while buckets or cells only bring 20.000. the stuttering is due to the miner needing around 24EU/t, while the geothermal only produces 20EU/t. that's why i'm using two for one miner, also because the other machines want some EU, too.
    while i can see your point i don't like the idea of burning shiny, pretty, expensive and glowing uranium when i could use worthless lava that's hampering my miner anyway. i also think it's annoying to frame nuclears, since you have to also frame the water around it.