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    I am still working on a similar idea but use a nuclear reactor instead that runs with only 7 components at 40 EU/t. Since a miner roughly uses 20 EU/t this would allow to power 2 miners (including pumps). So you would have to carry around the reactor + components, the mining setup including a LV converter, cables and a MFE for a total of 22 item slots. If you take some tools with you, that still leaves enough slots to even carry around Macerators/Furnaces to immediately convert the resources found. Add a compressor and you have your infinite, portable mining setup. ;)

    The question however is how to carry the resources you find?

    i'd still advise you to use two geothermals instead. if you place the pump next to the miner and the geothermals next to the pump the pump will pump directly into them, without needing any cells. if you put cells into the pump to get the surplus lava, the pump will prefer to fill the geothermals before it fills cells. with geothermals you actually wouldn't need any kind of energy storage, since they stop automaticly when no one needs energy.
    my experience also tells me that lava also quite offen prevents you from finding the neet resources below it, you can miss quite a lot of diamonds because of that.
    with that said i think it's worth to use geothermals and to invest into an automatic empty cell refilling complex for a mining platform.

    Watch out though, because IC2's custom explosions nerfed water's blast resistance to 30 from 500, which means that nukes and reactors can destroy multiple water blocks.

    never heard or read about that. my last test was with 1.97 and behind two layers of water the explosion of a fully loaded reactor wouldn't even break one RF stone behind it.

    why is nobody using power converters water strainer? it's still very cheap and you can pump water via a BC pump powered by 4redstone engines directly into it, which is enough to power 4 strainer for 8EU/t, a good enough output to get your first machines running.

    Was it the logic system or the frames? Because I would think a frame engineer such as yourself would be sort of used to the kind of lag that can be caused by frames

    the double-click could be me by what greg said. but if i break something it may cause "flickering" in the logic system, reducing everything to slowmotion. happens when you have multiple circuits that block each other so only one at a time can be activated and by accident you activate them all at once. they're permanently trying to dominate each other, causing them to flicker on/off. quite funny to watch actually

    when you place your mass fabricator in your base, are you going to want to use teleport pipes/ender chests with a way of making fuel hooked up to a combustion engine just to power a quarry, or are you going to use SpwnX's extremely efficient, and completely clockless cobblestone generator completely reliant on RP2, for scrap generation?

    i seriously hope you don't set up a quarry just to fuel your massfab XD
    and to say that RP2 is better at redstone than BC is like saying cars move faster than humans. that's what it was originally invented for.
    on a side note: the worst lagging system i ever created was the logic system for my mining ship with RP2, even when all timer are idle i get enough lags for a double click bug and if i remove the right bundles it gets up to 0,2 fps lags. with that said, RP2 isn't all that lag resistant 8)

    Is it possible to download that map in the screenshot with the autocrafting?

    don't let the size confuse you, the actual idea is very simple.
    it works like every autocrafting device with retrivulator, but the key difference is that the input chest (or whatever) is also the output chest where the products go into. that way the different crafting tables can use the products of each other by connecting them all to the same input and you only need one table for every item.
    you can modify this to fit your needs, but that's the basic idea how it works.
    try it with a wood to sticks production or something, you'll grasp the concept in no time

    Nope, thats randomly generated Taint (because there was no Taint-Data in your Savegame). The Crystals do not affect the Taintproduction of a Chunk, they just regulate the Vis.

    well then, now all i need for my farm is mod that gives me pea shooting plants to keep those zombie chickens and sheeps of my farm

    Another alternative could be burning autofarmed wood/reed/cacti.

    Has anyone tried it? Is it effective, compared to solars, for example?

    i actually did that once for fun. i tried to build a fully automatic tree farm with forestry. since i didn't know what to do with all that excess resources it produced "as sideeffect", i decided to turn all that into EU, burning wood in generators, burning peat in peat engines and converting that into EU, squeezing saplings/apples/seed/mushrooms to burn or convert it into fuel, burning that.
    at the end it has a tree farm, a peat bog, two wheat farms, a mushroom farm and and two moistener (they don't need any energy).
    the surplus of EU this produces is something around 50EU/t :D
    i would say there are more efficient ways to produces energy

    PS: i today entered my farmworld the first time since i installed thaumcraft and exactly where i logged out (around 100blocks away from my farm) spawned a giant tainted zone -.- guess it's because there are no crystalls underground to level it out

    Yea, geothermals seem to be king. A battery of nine geothermals, around three golden waterproof pipes, produces 180 EU/tic.

    To get that kind of energy output, the nuclear plant with an identical EU output is found here. This has a MASSIVE amount of resources and subcombines necessary, and has a (slight) explosion risk, due to it being a Mk II-1 reactor

    i agree with that. hopefully the next IC2 version will change that, but to date those normal reactor designs only waste uranium by using it below it's capabilities and don't have a higher output than an easy to build geothermal plant. in the middle range of EU production, geothermals are king. nuclear reactors rule the high-end energy production as CASUC's.

    Yes, you found the only Downside of this Device, but since its way too easy to aquire these Resources, its not that relevant. If you have a few IC²-Minersetups or a Frametunnelbore, then you already have enough resources, and you need only the resources to craft the Components twice (one for the Blueprint in the Retrievulator and another one for the Requestcontainer), before it starts producing, so it wastes only 1 produced Item more, than Logisticspipes.

    And isnt it the sence of Autocraftingsystems to massproduce Stuff?

    na, the waste doesn't come from the setup for the autocrafting, it comes from the continuous crafting. as i explained with the logic gates, you may need some more complex things so often that it's worth putting up an autocrafting complex (that's actually the reason why every programming language has functions), but you only need them on demand when you want to build something new and not endlessly.
    for example: why would you need a chest full of nuclear reactors? it makes sense to build a setup for this since they are very complex and a pain to build manually, but you won't need them permanently.
    i don't like the idea of just throwing resources into my complex to make it work properly when i won't need 80% of the stuff it produces.

    MY SYSTEM IS EVEN FASTER THAN LOGISTICSPIPES!!! Because the Items are already there and ready to take, and when i add Magtubes to Mk-II, then its 20 Times faster, HAYO!!!
    Here a small overview of Autocrafting-Mk-I, how i currently use it (guess where the Autocrafter for Nuclearreactors is)

    i hope you noticed that your definition of "efficient production" somewhere twisted into "production in abundance". it's somehow like people forget the value of money and work once they have more money than they'll ever need. :(

    Redpower has Tubepathfindingbugs, which will cause any System with too many Tubeconnections (like a giant Layer of Tubes), to calculate the Distance wrong, and then choose a Path, which is waaaaaay longer than the wanted Path (no matter how many Restrictiontubes i add!), and ignore my Temp-Store-Chest (which just has one Restrictiontube) in favour of my Autocraftingtables and Macerators (which have 3 Restrictiontubes).

    I had to rip off a few "shortcutrestrictiontubes" inside my Autocrafters to fix that Problem.

    even though logistic pipes and in this case especially crafting pipes SHOULD work on a totally different concept i noticed that this problem is somehow connected, since all melting worked correctly once i had redesigned this "pipelayer" into a more disconnected, linear form. it still messes up with the rubber production, probably because you need a damn lot of it to make a solar panel. once you order more solar panels it gets confused with to much stacks at once.
    and i know that a single-purpose-production is better to realise with a RP2 system, but the advantage of crafting pipes is to build an all-purpose-production complex, which is much smaller than a RP2 one, since you only need one crafting table for every component ever.
    also, it's funny enough that this is best used for RP2 gates, since they're ridiculously complex constructions out of many subcomponents. with logistic pipes i just throw the raw materials into a chest, tell my request pipe that i want 3timer, 2 NOT's and an OR and ZAP, everything delivered fast and without me messing up because i miscalculated the resources somewhere.
    so i think it's a very useful system for more complex things you need a lot but not permanently, like logic gates, block breaker, filter, etc.

    no other mods then IC² no Laptroncrystalls in chests, just plain mfsus.

    that's pretty much the problem. it would be a not even noteworthy effort to build something with RP2 wiring/logic to let your last MFSU's emit a signal once full and stop all generators to not waste fuel.
    on the other hand is RP2 only making things smaller and easier to handle. with clever placing of your generators/MFSU's and some normal redstone logic arrays (those big things with torches people already created years ago before RP1) you could do this. those logic gates should still be somewhere on the minecraft wiki.

    I wish the miner had a "quarry" function. Nothing like seeing a big hole being dug out.

    you can add stone, dirt and gravel to the miner in the config, then this should work

    Setting up a RP2 system with sorting, pipes, automated crafting would be more a lot more material intense then doing it using say logistic pipes? I can imagine it being quite complicated if you for instance don't have a material at hand, say refined iron and you'd need to smelt some iron bars first.

    don't forget that the logistic pipes themself need high value resources which makes them quite expensive, even though you get a fair amount of pipes for your stuff. and smelting ores also works well. redirect them via a satelite pipe into a refinery complex and extract the wanted resource from a chest.
    but i also had this bug that the logistic pipes calculated the amout of resources wrong for no notable reason when i tried to craft solar panels from UU-matter

    Diamond Chest full of Laptrons seems like your best option, despite the huge expense...

    nice idea, a chest with lapotrons can hold more EU than a MFSU. except from that, use a third dimension to place the MFSU's. you can't make them smaller so a block with only MFSU's is already the smallest design.

    I just did a test with a BatPack, and it powered a Miner w/OV and Diamond Drill (+ a Pump) for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, so Lapotron Crystals definitely seems like the way to go.

    if you had a diamond drill why didn't you have some energy crystals?^^

    the funny thing is: this information would be totally useless until release of the new IC2 version and then it would only be useful something around 2h. will probably take that long until we have figured out what to do with every new part or until we've read through the wiki