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    So I can just plug a BatPack into the lower slots of the Miner and the Pump? If so, that would definitely be a viable tier 1 solution to all this. I'll look into it when I get back home!

    yes you can. it's a very nice trick as long as you're struggling at tier 1 were charging your miner is quite a task or you need to temporarily increase the capacity of your batbox. it's more or less a 60.000EU battery

    I remember trying to run a miner next to a pump and a geothermal generator before (pump in between both), but the lava didn't seem to be transferred to the geothermal correctly, though when I tested that part, I didn't go into too much depth so my little test was probably invalid. I'll try that and report back the results.

    i don't know if a pump can directly....... pump into a geothermal (probably not), but it can fill empty cells for the geo

    True, but with all these technological machines, I find it silly that to cool a nuclear reactor, we have to pump buckets of water or ice blocks into it >_>. That's like the equivalent of owning a computer, but trying to fix it with a hammer every time it does something wrong.

    in fact a real nuclear reactors works with water at every step^^ they're nothing more than giant steam plants, vaporizing their cooling water to drive the generator.

    For starters, there is a difference between, "earning" your power, and having to babysit the source of your power. Casuc reactors require some form of cooling and thus fall under the category of either non-renewable or having to have a long string of things creating ice blocks or some such to keep going. What I guess my main gripe is, is that in real life, nuclear power produces a TON of power and relatively safely now, but that's not the case for the nuclear reactors in minecraft.

    what do you mean with "earning" your power? i think i pretty much earn the power for the casuc i set up and cooling is infinite since we know water is a very renewable resource. it's a non-renewable generator because it needs uranium.
    i also think that the nuclear reactor in IC2 is better than a real one, since it does pump a ton of EU and contrary to a real reactor it doesn't produce radioactive waste for which we have still haven't found a way to dispose it.

    the HV cable melts because it can only take 2048EU packages, but the ones your reactor produces are higher. for some reason that effect doesn't apply to the HV-transformer, so use that one instead.
    Hagop: the number of packages doesn't matter for a cable, only the size of those packages is relevant. it's different for the transformer though. they can only transmit as much EU/t as their higher side is, so only 2048EU can pass a HV-transformer per t. if you need a higher output use mutliple transformer in a parallel setup.

    I'm thinking about starting a new world soon myself and I'll probably make a "portable goethermal station kit" that I can take with me to lava pools I find when I go mining in the overworld, then i'll use lapotrons to transfer the energy away to my base-- I could probably use an ender pouch to store the kit materials and the lapotrons in.

    miner fill pumps when they're next to each other with lava. this could be an easier way to get your lava supplies, would also make your miner kinda self sustainable if you supply it with enough empty cells (there's always lava underground). i also noticed that lava offen hinders miner to find the good stuff below it.

    1. search for a seed with a village somewhere reachable near spawn (i get lonely easily)
    2. repair/upgrade the village and make myself at home
    3. prepair for adventure (2miner's backpacks from forestry, enough food, torches, etc.)
    4. search for a deep cave. there are always some deep caves nearby if you search a little, they give me lots of resources for little effort, most times they lead down to diamond lvl and they satisfy my adventure meter. with mystcraft i also start playing around with random ages for this.
    5. use this resources to build a watercell (8EU/t small imp. watermill/pump setup) and build basic machinery (macerator, E-furnace, etc.)
    6. setup my first RP2 energy generation and alloy smelting as good as possible
    6. try to automatice the refinery process as much as possible with the remaining resources
    7. prepair for the second expedition and a small expedition into the nether for glowdust
    8. prepair my first miner and start getting resources while doing nothing :thumbup:
    9. start to setup my late game energy source, may require additional expeditions
    10. build my quantum suit (that's actually the first armor i use 8) )
    11. expand base for world domination, build flying constructions, automatic farms, whatever i feel like (mainly the end of being poor)

    on a side note: prepairing a hit and run miner setup for fast mining missions in "dense ore" ages with mystcraft really helps gathering the valuable resources like redstone, lapis or diamonds, but you have to be fast so you won't lose everything once the decay gets out of hand.

    on another side note: i notice that i never use enchanting or alchemy

    i wouldn't say a bucket casuc is more compact in generell. if you devide your casuc into cooling system and reactor, you could say that with a bucket casuc the cooling HAS TO BE directly at the generator, or else you can't supply it fast enough, while for an ice casuc, as you said yourself, you can build the cooling system far away from the reactor and still supply it, since the reactor needs some time to eat through a 64stack of ice. with that said, the ice casuc would also be cheaper to isolate since it is smaller.
    the ice casuc also runs absolutly stable, since a stack of ice gives you enough time to waste until resupply must arrive, while a bucket casuc can explode upon minor disturbances.
    on the other hand, the cooling system itself for an ice casuc is quite big and uses energy, while the bucket casuc's cooling is very cheap, small and runs for free.

    take your fancy

    776 iron, 513 stone, 3 gold, 4 rubber, and a stick is not expensive for average 128 EU/t continuous. -- investing in the diamond+redstone to move that down to ground level may be more expensive, alternately building a floating castle also may not be desireable.

    Those look expensive at first glance, but once its up and running 24/7, nukes just dont compare.

    In my main game world, I use wind towers in my main base, but nukes at satellites/mining stations, and geotherm in the nether. Use the right tech for the right location.

    while i agree that such a solar panel array can support an over average IC2 base it's not enough if you want to do stuff like using UU-matter as constant resource, e.g. when building you quantum suit (costs 280UU-matter) or for redstone (never have enough of it).
    but uranium is seriously expensive, so only relying on nuclear power could be a problem. i always prefer to have a smaller side system, like geothermals when i build a mining platform that also produces lava cells on mass (there's more lava in the overworld than most people think^^)

    Are you sure, that there is a diffrence of 700000EU between Oil and Fuelbucket? I just ask to make sure that this is no Typo.

    that's what the describtion for power converters said. the buildcraft wiki also states: "A bucket of fuel generates 7.5 times more energy than a bucket of oil when used in a combustion engine. (tested in 2.2.2 SMP)"
    these are old values, but the first time i built this setup was with BC 2.X and the EU/t output hasn't changed since then, so i believe it's correct.

    since i find this to be a very neet design, i thought i'd post it here. it is a kind of generator that uses the Oil Fabricator from Power Converters as main component and pumps around 300EU/t.
    the basic idea was even posted at the discribtion for power converters: the oil fabricator needs 50.000EU to generate one bucket of oil. one bucket of oil burns in a combustion engine for 50.000EU, so we have an equivalent exchange. on the other hand we can refine oil to fuel, which burns for 750.000EU per bucket. it doesn't need a math genius to see where this leads us, but the question is how to use that idea effectivly and that's what i tried to do.

    here's the basic frame

    it shows the basic outer ring of the generator. mainly a bunch of combustion engines connected to wooden conductive pipes and cooling water supply system.

    here i added the wp stone pipes for the fuel distribtion. it's noteworthy to mention the symmetry of the construction. to compensate the lack of intelligence of pipes i had to built everything as evenly split as possible, since that's the only behavior wp pipes know. if build unevenly split one engine would take all the fuel while others stand idle. as you will see later this effect will actually be utilized for more critical engines

    and here are those critical engines. i added the last pump in the middle, as well as the conduction pipe system for the pumps, the refineries and the combustion engines for pumps and refineries. the new pump in the middle is for those 6 engines, which are important for the whole complex. as you can see those 6 engines are connected directly to the output of the refineries, so they get their fuel first and fill up before all outer engines. the downwards faced engines are for the pumps. the pumps have to pump a lot once every engine reaches green/yellow heat lvl, so it's adviced to support them with 2 engines instead of only one. the other engines are for the refineries, since a refinery needs 2 combustion engines to run at full power. should any of those engines fail, the system could explode or simply lose efficency.

    that's the other side of an engine block, to show how the refinery engines are connected.

    the last picture shows the final touch. i connected the MV engine generator to the outer engines output, installed the Oil Fab and a MFSU. you can also see that i already filled the water supply pipes. it's just a safety measure to prevent anything unexpected.

    the complex is now ready, so i could bring it online with some buckets of oil for the refineries and one refinery engine on every side.
    in the beginning some engine may stop cause they get no fuel, but that stabilizes once the middle engines are full. the system itself pumps around 400EU/t, the oil fab takes 100EU/t for itself, leaving us with a surplus of 300EU/t. since the refineries produce a little bit more fuel than the engines need the output will rise a little, since the pipes are full, the refineries stop working and so the oil fab won't need EU, but it takes some hours to reach that point.

    at a last notice: the most expensive part in terms of high value materials are the refineries and the oil fab. while you can't to anything about the refineries, the oil fab works just like a mass fab (which is in fact a component for the oil fab) so one oil fab should be capable of supplying multiple complexes with oil.

    so far from me, wait till i get another idea i just have to build (i'm thinking about a mining laser quarry :whistling: )

    With redpower, sure. Vanilla IC2 or Vanilla + buildcraft, not so much -- but for the theory, check out:…ann_universal_constructor

    In theory, should be implementable by anything turing-complete.

    i don't think the Von Neumann machine works here, since we don't want a self replicating machine, we want a growing machine more like a living organism.
    i still think it would be possible to realize it as a growing ring. you'd have to create start state where you use it as a normal framequarry, creating the "centre" of your ring. after that you split it into 8parts, moving into 4directions where 2parts are a side. those 2parts aren't connected, so you can move them apart and fill the space between them with new parts to let them grow. the middle between those 2parts must ever consist of frames, so they won't connect, but you need a reconfiguration mechanism to change that once a new part becomes the middle.