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    The frame is such a fuss to construct. The worst part are the controls, one direction is "fine" but beyond that, I can't even figure out how to make it go up or down. Wouldn't be so hard if the engine would always stick to the frame.

    yeah, the mainproblem with framemotors is that they behave like a frame for the top side, but like a normal block for all other sides. that can be seriously confusing when building more complex things with them.
    here's the most simple design for a frame motor.
    Compact 6-Axis Frame Engine
    it has the little flaw that the up/down engines get stuck cause they have no power source when in moved position, but that's easily fixable. it's a very simple design and perfect to understand the basics of how frame motors work.
    you also don't need wireless redstone. everything can be wired downwards into a control centre

    it's still a pain to rebuild this system everytime you have to move your miner. get chummy with frames and build it on a frameplatform would be my advice. aside from that all other questions have already been answered.

    I've been playing around with nuclear power for quite some time now on a test world and lurking the forums here for good reactor designs, but I've yet to find a reactor design that beats having a solar panel farm. :S It just seems like nuclear reactors don't output nearly as much EU (once you get a decent sized farm together), and also have the disadvantage of having to replace the uranium cells every so often. The designs that do output a good chunk of EU and aren't horribly inefficient usually either have to be cooled manually with ice, water buckets, ect, or have to be so horribly micromanaged so they don't go boom. I know you can setup redstone timers for this as well, but then there's still the problem of the reactor having to cool for like 90 minutes before you can start it over again. So unless I'm missing something, there's not real point to nuclear reactors unless you're just in a place where you can't have a solar farm, or don't want an "eye sore" in front of your base. I guess if someone could point me in the direction of an amazing reactor design it'd help, but lurking on the forums for the past few months, I've yet to find one.

    you call 1840EU/t for a total of 320.000.000EU "a good chunk of EU"? :huh:
    i don't know what other people think, but CASUC reactors are extremly efficient, can pump you your UU-matter for the quantum suit in 2,5h without scrap and the designs are good enough that they only blow up if you made a mistake with the construction. the only problem is to get the uranium to start it.

    What is BC? Do you mean that completly useless Mod, when you have Redpower installed? :D

    BC isn't useless :(
    it's totally needed for Forestry (which is better than BC so it's worth having it), it's still better than RP2 for fluid transport and it allows me, together with power converters, to build my ingenious oil-fab-generator, which pumps 300EU/t and looks incredibly stylish (maybe i should post the design somewhere....)

    He did include the mod pack he is using didn't he? But yes, a zipped file containing the config/ redpower/ and buildcraft/ folders would be nice.

    the problem aren't the mods, it's the IDs. if you have different/more mods installed than someone else it can happen that forge gives you different IDs for the same blocks the first time when it creates the configs. that can cause some bugs when you open the world, from blocks vanishing to save chunk error cause theres something in the "pipe" which shouldn't be a pipe as far as your minecraft knows.

    i usually use a flying mining station with RP2 frames, powered by two geothermals which get their lava from the miner (includes a small, fully automatic emtpy cell production system)
    other than that you could change your config so miners accept lapotron crystals and use them to power your miner.

    hmmmm i can't use this world. it seems that my minecraft can't find some of your blocks, especially frames, which causes everything to be floating in midair......
    it's actually a very interesting problem, since it tells us to submit the config data together with the world.

    This reactor is just one core without chambers or internal cooling parts. It costs only 10x of solar in metal and only 4x in resin. So, it provides 5x more energy per metal.
    Only expensive construction part is uranium, but you can use mostly-empty uranium cells for it. And good breeder can make enough uranium cells from four uranium ores to feed one microcycle core for a lifetime.

    na metal becomes cheap once you get your miner running. the really expensice materials are lapis and redstone, maybe glowdust, which you all need to craft those chambers and the reactor. also don't forget that you mentioned a breeder, which is another reactor that costs materials.
    the design itself is interesting, but i'd prefer 4 watercells (24EU/t) with power converters for this which would run infinitly.
    your eutronic experiments are more interesting ;)
    on a side note: just learn some boolean algebra and logic, then RP2 circuits will do just what you want. playing logic based games like "codex of alchemical engineering" or "spacechem" helps a lot to improve logical thinking in bigger circuits :thumbup:

    I use RedPower for things like my auto sorting system which is in charge of sorting incoming items, macerating ores and cooking dusts. For factories I still prefer Buildcraft, its much nicer with advanced pipes to say "send 2 iron to the circuit machine and 8 to the machine block crafter" than to have everything done constantly. I don't want 8 circuits for each generator, I want 2 :).

    that's actually the default mode of the sorting machine no one seems to use ;)

    i prefer to do it the other way around to not waste even a single EU by emitting packages bigger than what the MFSU can still take before it's full. i let the MFSU emit a signal when empty, which activates a state cell to let the reactor run for a set time. a reactor with 1840EU/t needs around 270s to completly fill one MFSU (my calculator says 271,739s).
    and AND gates are definitly the way to go, since that's the function you're looking for

    Because you never tried that old BC-trick (to store infinite Items) with the Tubes. I disrecommend any use of Tubes as infinite Storage. (happened to me accidently with my Sortingsystem yesterday)

    BC are pipes, tubes are RP2 ;)
    i also only use pipes for forestry, liquids (since RP2 fluid tubes are still in an unusable state) and autocrafting with logistic pipes (the only mayor advantage of logistic pipes i could discover, but it's very nice and comfortable)

    Got another question for you lot! connecting the relays to the buildcraft pipes worked great and I increased my number of machines too (no noticeable lag increase either).

    Though most of the resources that got fed into factories tube system were mainly single items or tiny stacks. Wouldn't this possibly cause increased lag with so many entities going through the tubes? In which case is there a easy way to get them to form full stacks?

    i never noticed much lag with the tubesystem. in my mining ship the distribution system was fed by nine miners and the mining pipes for those were also speeding around like crazy, all that in a quiet expansive mag-tube network, but it still didn't cause any lag.
    the only things i noticed to be laggy are sounds, working logic devices (several timer or counter), very big redwire/bundle networks (even constant signals seems to cause noticable lag once they're send into enough logic gates over a complex enough network) and moving frames, of course. everything else seems to be fine.

    Suspicious numbers. I was very excited when I solved this thing - all these ratios (21/10, 25/6, 28/3) adds up to 31. So, packet is divided to integer sized packets, round down. Not sure what happens to remainder, but it seems to not be lost completely.

    my intuition says that's the 0,5EU loss per block of the slitter cable.

    1. Whats the best way to transfer the resources from quarries into my factories redpower tubing system? I've tried running the buildcraft tubes into a series of chests and using the retriever, but that has 2 problems. First it ignores some of the chests and second it tends to focus on the items popping up in the top left corner (least thats what happens when using a single chest). The latter becomes a big problem when it stops grabbing stacks and just does single items half the time.

    i agree with gregoriusT: Relays. they're perfect links between tubes and pipes, since pipes accept them as chests. it also works the other way around with a little trick involving obsidian pipes. let the relay throw the item and catch it with an obsidian pipe, but don't connect to relay to the obsidian pipe.

    2. What would be a simple way to split some items up? For example sending half the stone to the output chests and the other half is processed.

    either use equivalent length or a sorting machine. length requiers close to no extra effort, except counting your tubes. the sorter may be the more difficult to set up, but its the best way if you can't realise the first solution. sorter is better if you have way more than two choices or if you need non equal distribution, such as UU-matter for different products.

    3. Should I be using overclockers or instead increase the number of machines? I was using 4 quarries in my creative game and it easily out paced my factories ability to process all the materials. I've heard that having too many machines together can create a ton of lag. Also maybe the number of overcloakers needed would push the power requirements sky high.

    just as greg said, use a number you find fancy.

    use forestry :P
    since i have tons of propolis from my apiaries and i can't really use them for anything else than making them into sticky resin for rubber i'va always enough. getting an multiple apiaries started in the first place is another issue^^
    forestry also comes with a rubber tree farm, for the people who need more than ordinary trees.
    on the other hand, i never had problems with rubber. once i find at least one tree, i take it's saplings and start cultivating my own rubber plantage with around 25 trees. since i don't need them to have leaves i just cut them off to minimize the area needed for this and i'm also trying to get every tree with two holes. that usually gives me more than enough resin every time i harvest it.
    but i must admit it was a pain to always craft enough treetaps, good thing we now have an electric treetap. :Treetap:

    7? Ok, must have learned reactor blast cage design that's old school. Back when I last built a reactor it was a 4 layer thick walled room of RF stone to contain a reactor with a one block of space between the walls and the reactor for water, along with a 3x3x4 layer thick pads where the cables pop though (red alloy wire to turn it on and off and the glass fiber to get power out). The SUC design seems to be working, semi watching it, there is enough ice bouncing around in the tubes to keep it at a stack of 64. But I'll expand on the chamber (I have my quantum armor finally, so working in a water environment isn't a problem. :D ) and add another two layers to the outside to compensate. Be tricky but doable. :D Thanks. :D

    there's nothing wrong with your 4layers thick wall, since 4layers in every direction around a reactor gives you a 11block³ big room^^ (11block³ = 11x11x11).
    in case it wasn't clear, the measurements i've given you where the "layers" of the cube. 1block³ is the reactor itself, 3block³ are the chambers and cooling water, 5block³ is additional water, 7block³ is the failproof waterbarrier for blastprofability since blocks in 5block³ can vaporize in the same moment the explosion happens, 9block³ is the RF-stone wall.
    i tested this setup several times with a max uranium cell fill for the reactor and it always withstood the explosion.

    having water, with source blocks at the roof and flowing everywhere else, everywhere inside the 7block³ radius is the best blastproof isolation anyway. if you build a RF stone cage around that, an explosion won't even destroy a single block of this cage. it's 9block³ big and still has a weak point where the cable comes out of it, but it's safest thing you can build. water in the 5block³ area isn't enough, since the generator tends to vaporate a water block exactly at the moment it's blowing up, destroying everything behind that weakpoint.