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    Mostly because i'm doing a world reset for 1.3.1 (so the temples and such will appear) and plan on firing up the (private*) server again now that logistics pipes has no choice but to be SMP now. That's one of the essential mods I can't play without anymore. Just like IC2 and the q-suit (helmet) here.
    So yeah.. don't want to go through a bunch of effort for something that'll be going away in a few weeks.

    *hosted locally at home, only for a friend or two

    can't see your point, since you'll have to create the prototype anyway and i doubt you'll do it in your real world since prototyping something like that leaves nice holes :D
    by what i see an ice CASUC should actually be much easier to frame than a bucket CASUC. to frame the "ice farm" is trivial, you don't need to worry about extracting something which saves complexity and ice stacks, which makes it much RP2 tube friendlier than buckets. i don't know about logistic pipes, but RP2 tubes would "refill" your generator on what is missing and send the rest back till some ice is missing again. you could just spam infinite amounts of ice and never lose something since RP2 tubes never drop items. the system would only "jam" if it's to much, but that just means that you have way more ice than the generator can use which stops the ice production completly till it's needed again, which one the other hand is a good thing.
    if you would give me the exact machinary specifics for a 5chamber ice CASUC (number of machines, upgrades, ice slots in generator etc.) i'm pretty sure i could construct something like that in a few hours.

    Or as a weapon !!! Attach that sweetheart to some serious frame spammer and send it to your neighbor !!

    i once saw a youtube video where someone build a nuclear rocket with a RP2 computer to program the coordinats for it, but i can't find it now. you mean something like this? :Nuke TNT:

    Plan on doing such whenever everything updates for 1.3.1 though i'm probably going to go ice CASUC, assuming frames can move BC pipes. The inital idea was to make a mini-base in the Aether but i'm not 100% sure if that's going to be included on the server. (server != public, sorry)

    why wait if you could do it now? from idea to tested prototyp this thing took about a day. doing the same with an ice CASUC if you have the knowledge on what's important shouldn't be hard.

    Have you heard of the term stupidity? I use it to describe situations where someone attaches a highly volatile, very dangerous nuclear reactor to a flying vessel. Screw nukes, this is how I'm going to be killing people on SMP.

    But seriously, this is awesome. Great job! Its not to long before someone builds a functional flying frame base (as in, they build it legitimately and actually use it as their primary base).

    it's not stupid, it's SCIENCE!!! *fancymusic*
    but from my own experience i can tell you, that an object with over 20k framesize needs some time to even move one block, so the base idea is something for patient people :D

    What i would recommend doing is having an MFSU on each input line so if it dosen't get to the main storage system the energy dosen't get lost

    actually a good idea, they could do the same with a detector cable but that would lead to EU loss. set the MFSU to half full signal and let it disable the reactor, but you would need at least two MFSU per line since one can't handle a 900EU/t output.

    the heat generation at the hull is a normal part of the cooling, since the hull of your reactor is also part of the cooling system. think about it as the "heat hub" for your integrated heat dispenser. the dispenser emits the heat into the hull from where another dispenser can take it, so there is always a minimum heat at the hull.
    you should also remember that dispenser and plating won't disperse much heat if any at all, so your main cooling devices are the cooling cells and the hull. always try to minimize the amount of dispenser and plating to increase cooling to the maximum. i can't remember if uranium cells even accept dispenser as cooling device to emit heat into.
    my experience tells me that the best design is one where every cooling cell is connected to at most one dispenser. it's useless to connect multiple dispenser to the same cooling cell, since the dispenser can transfer heat between themself over the hull at a much faster speed, they don't need an "internal connection".
    at least that's my experience with nuclear reactor designs.

    hmmm my calculator says that a 120EU/t reactor should produce 40.000EU in 16,666.
    i also don't think that the reactor has a different behaviour than any other generator, so 1s = 20ticks should apply here.
    there are two differences though. first, the reactor "ticks" in 1s intervals and it seems to completely ignore short redstone impulses, so it could be difficult to time it in t rather than s. this could also cause the strange behaviours you mentioned, since minecraft works with t and the reactor with s.
    second, the reactor always works. it doesn't shut off when no one takes the energy and it doesn't have a internal storage like other generators.
    i think it's highly possible that your results are influenced by those behaviours.

    on another sidenote: i noticed with my own reactor, that it doesn't seem to produce a constant EU/t ratio. when spamming my EU-meter at the output it most of the time says 1534EU/t and sometimes a single impulse over 1600EU/t. in a long run that gives me perfectly 1560EU/t, but it could cause problems in a small scale system like yours.

    i have to agree with Keserian here, a good documentation is part of being userfriendly. redpower machines are very thought through and come with every feature you could want, but for a novice it's quiet easy to lose the overview with all those options. buildcraft machines tend to have a very intuitive behaviour.
    one example for RP2 are the jacketed wires/cable/bluwires. it took me some time till i found out how to connect them to normal wires.
    another example would be the sorting machine. while the wiki explanes the different modes it's strange that the probably most used mode "all random" is not the default one.
    on the other hand it's obvious, that the tube system of default tube system of RP2 is superior to the one of BC in every aspect except for liquid transport but maybe i'm missing something with those liquid tubes.

    im afraid that you need to use other image hosting site beside imageshack. I cannot view those images. imgur maybe?
    It's zoomed-out, but it says "Domain Unregistered. To view, register at [insert url here]"

    hmmm i'll see into that. i didn't notice this problem since nobody complained when i posted the pictures of my mining vessel.

    I'm assuming the crater is due to a previous design that didn't go so well. So, you have filters pulling the buckets out of the deployers. Why not use retrievers to pull the empty buckets out of the reactor? It might save a little bit of space and wiring. May also prevent some jams.

    you're right about the crater, but that's also the best part about working with a nuclear reactor (combustion engines also deliver a nice crater) 8)
    i think using retriever would actually increase the wiring since they need blutricity. the extraction of the empty buckets also doesn't have any serious problems with jams. if one filter for buckets is jammed it means that the deployer is already full. in that case another filter with an emptier deployer will get the bucket. it still leads to a simplier design and blutricity isn't really a problem where i want to use it, so i think it's a useful change, thx.

    Hello everyone,
    i recently studied a bit around CASUC reactors and while doing that i thought: i want one of those in my mining vessel!
    so i tried to change the design into a "frameable" shape and the result was a 1560EU/t bucket CASUC capable of being moved by frames! i'm still testing it, but it didn't explode for over 9000ticks so i'm pretty optimistic^^
    here are some pictures

    that's a picture of the uncovered underside of the reactor. you can see the reactor itself and also that one reactor chamber is missing. when working with frames you have to remove one chamber to connect the reactor itself with a frame. in fact you have to connect everything to the frame, which lead me to a more planar design. all filter visible here are for extracting empty buckets from the reactor. the main construction is 3blocks thick with the first layer visible in this picture. you can see, that i use redstone tubes and jacketed wires to transmit the redstone pulse which is set to 0.4s.

    here a picture from the side. i removed the water basin for this side to make the interior better visible. notice the colored redstone tubes. they only connect to transmit the redstone signal but they're unconnected for items. every empty bucked has to go a three tubes long way to reach the deployer.

    this is the upper layer. the middle layer is mainly frames and the top reactor chamber, so not worth showing. this part actually gave me the biggest headache, causing two designs to explode until i got it right. the reason is the three tubes long way to the reactor for the buckets, leading to more buckets in the tubes than the reactor needs. that's causing the buckets to block the filter until the reactor needs new buckets. i did two things to improve the performance.
    first: i color-tagged two filter and their pipes. that way excess buckets from one side only block this side and not anything else. it also prevents that one filter get's completly inactive cause every excess bucket goes into it.
    second: notice the three relays. i use them as "dummy outputs". a lot of those excess buckets will go into them instead of the filter, keeping the system working. the only side without such a relay is the one where the jacketed wire comes from below to carry the signal to this layer.
    it could also be important, that the middle tube connected to the reactor is a redstone tube, so the reactor also gets the pulse every 0.4s. i couldn't notice a change in its productivity, but you never know.

    this is also the upper side, now covered with frames.

    this is the underside again, now with frames and the last components. you can see the lever to deactivate the reactor, which is also where you can enter the reactor itself, putting uranium cells into it and stuff. it also shows the timer and the output for EU.

    the reactor setup. simple but effective.

    PS: i added some extra buckets than what the deployer and reactor have in store per default to balance the long tubes.

    it would have been much easier with tubes and redstone integrated into frames, but you have to work with what you have 8)
    i hope it's somehow interesting for someone.

    greetings, Gaxx

    i have rebuild your system in small scale with some geothermal generators and LV-transformers and i think i see the problem. the LV-transformer can only take a maximum input of 128EU/t. every generator which would produce more than that is idle. since your nuclear generators are already pumping around 1800EU/t it's possible that the same happens in your system cause of the solar plant since your HV-transformer can only take 2048EU/t.
    if that's the case the easiest solution would be to double the amount of HV-transformer at the connection between the two inputs and storage, since that is the bottleneck in your system, making it capable of handling 4096EU/t.

    might be a little late, but i prefer a strong power plant for my main base and multiple small ones for everything outside.
    my main focus lies on hiding everything and do nothing, so all my power plants have to be hidable and preferably self-sustaining. for that i'm using power converter's which gives some nice energy generation options. one of those options is the water cell, a redstone engine powered pump connected to four improved watermills, producing 8EU/t and easily hidable, perfect for small projects like forestry plantages.
    my second design would be the oil fab generator, which uses the surplus of energy gained by refining oil to fuel and burning it in a combustion engine while using this energy to generate more oil and EU. it produces something around 300EU/t, is relativly small for this output and it leaves a nice hole in the ground should the cooling for the combustion engines ever fail. you can't take a generator serious that can't explode 8)
    if i use that, a giant water cell plant or a simple geothermal/nuclear plant depends on my mood, but it has to be hidden underground.

    Google can't possibly provide the same level of intelligence GregT, Alblaka or some other experienced engineer could.

    but as far as i can see your questions are at a google worthy level. redpower 2, IC2 and BC all have very good wikis capable of answering most of your questions. instead of giving you a fish by answering your questions i'll teach you fishing by redirecting you towards them.
    Redpower2 wiki
    Buildcraft wiki
    Industrial-Craft wiki
    as for the experience: experience comes with experiencing things. if you don't try, fail and analyse you'll never learn what works and what doesn't. that's also what the wikis are for.

    Hey guys, i was working on a RP-Frame-Motor-"airship" but then the thingy was to big and now i had to edit the linksize.
    But i Cant find it nowhere Oo i red your topic but its not like one said in redpower.cfg theres simply no "linksize" value... i may picked the wrong folder or stuff
    I hope you can help me :)

    that's strange. when i open my .minecraft -> redpower -> redpower.cfg with editor the first word in the last row is linksize. while strg+f should find linksize you could also search for 1000, that's the default linksize

    I worked yet more time to make this video explaining it even better and showing of everything and how to fix two bugs! With the mfsu/batbox/mfe and the miner :thumbup:

    hehe i've seen multiple chests with filter in your construction :D
    try using >>Relay<<s instead. they are small chest which emit every item put into them into the connected pipe, without the lag caused by timers. if you need to recolor an item, just put a filter behind that (caution: relays won't connect directly to filter for some reason, put a tube in between). i think that would also solve your lag problem for the sorting mechanism :thumbup:
    it's just to bad that Miners refuse to use relays as chests so we're forced to use timer for this *evilStareAtAlblaka*

    As soon as I get my install working and I learn the basics, I'll be taking a stab at this. I have my ideas.

    Could someone point me to a decent guide so that I could learn the drive basics?

    try this Compact 6-Axis Frame Engine
    most people use this design and it's very simple, perfect to analyse and learn the basics of how a drive works. you don't need those transmitter for it, too. you can connect it easily with wires from below.
    the rest is to learn how frames work, what they can and can't do and get practice. once your construction hits a decent framesize you'll have gained enough experience to make everything work with close to zero bugs.
    also test a lot. having a 6-directional drive works perfect for that. everytime you've installed something new make a check by moving it into every direction once. its very unusual that an unconnected part will block every direction. once your ship moved you just have to look which part isn't where it has to be and you've found your bug, but that also includes building nothing to big without testing or the bugs will mutliply, blocking every direction which makes them hard to locate. i just had to scrap several hours of work because i had exactly that and just couldn't find the cause.
    last but not least: always have a copy of your world that isn't completely outdated. when a frame by accident disconnects a tube which holds an item it's game over (permanent save-chunk-error).

    jep, you are^^ i think it looks great and it also makes slim! (longitudinal stripes have that effect :P)
    as long as you have at least one side where you can insert and extract from it's possible. if you have even more sides it's even more simply.
    with at least two sides you can build a simple circle system. if you have only one it's getting complicated
    you have to place a tube and transponser/filter next to each other and let them switch places via frames so that only one of them connects tube system with machine. the storage system can contain both entry and exit, managed by colours. that way you can switch a single tube system between insertion and extraction. i did the same with my first mining drill control system where i stored all drills in a chest until i wanted to activate the miners (found a better way later ;) )

    sounds like an interesting idea and can be reconfigured into a weapon system, i like :D

    Eloraam planned already Frameimbedded Tubes/Redwires/Bluewires which solve your Problem.

    totally necessary! could probably reduce the size of my ship by 10blocks