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    well, now that there are gasses, there are gas dangers. Suffocation, asphyxiation etc.

    gas mask:
    :Rubber: :Rubber: :Rubber:

    :Coal Chunk: :Rubber: :Coal Chunk:
    :Rubber: :Refined Iron: :Rubber:

    where :Coal Chunk: = reinforced glass

    consumes o2 cells

    pump recipe (idea)

    :Refined Iron: :Empty Cell: :Refined Iron:

    :Electronic Circuit: :Empty Cell: :Electronic Circuit:
    :Rubber: :Compressor: :Rubber:

    and a gas container recipe (alternate ideas)

    :Refined Iron: :Rubber: :Refined Iron:

    :Coal Chunk: :Empty Cell: :Coal Chunk:

    :Refined Iron: :Rubber: :Refined Iron:

    where :Coal Chunk: is reinforced glass.

    gas detector, detects presence of gasses and amounts(ppm).

    :Cable: :Empty Cell: :Cable:

    :Rubber: :Electronic Circuit: :Rubber:

    Reactors should have a cooling tank/tower, so as long as water is pumped in, you won't blow up :P

    crafted like so

    :Tin Ingot: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Tin Ingot:

    :Advanced Circuit: :Miner: :Advanced Circuit:

    :Empty Cell: :Reactor: :Empty Cell:

    where :Compressed Coal Ball: is carbon plate, :Reactor: is reactor chamber and :Miner: is a pump

    pulls source blocks of water beneath it into the reactor, offers cooling similar to water bucket.

    if it runs out of water, it will continue pumping for 5 minutes before it turns into a machine block(drops?).

    i'm still not in favour for a peltier unit. as long as it's safe to stand right next to a working nuclear reactor, I feel that it is not necessary to implement the 'hot generator burns my back if I don't use a peltier unit' thingie. plus, it makes it expensive for the trouble you throw yourself in. usually you have the resources to make a lappack quite fast.

    But in survival, this items looks like its not needed. in the upcoming adventure mode, I could see a few uses though :)

    sorry for not being clear, the peltier is only for the react-o-pack

    lol i am colorblind (red-blue defiency), i cannot read that text without highlighting it :pinch:

    As far as the sled, I think perhaps not, since then it wouldn't be nearly that much better than a minecart rail system. This is designed so you don't have to carry minecarts around to go places; you just hop in and off you shoot. Another advantage of this system is that you can go straight up and down without pesky slopes and such. Otherwise, your recipes sound quite good - I'm generally not very good at coming up with machine recipes, only features.

    Also, I would argue that the tube NOT be able to branch; since the tube will have to carry air pressure and a direction, branching might be difficult/laggy to code. Then again, cables are actually quite similar in some respects, where air pressure = EU/tick and direction depends on sources and sinks. For now, I'd suggest that tubes connect to other tubes only in a straight line or a bend, so you can run lines adjacent to one another.

    well, the sled was just an idea, but what do you think of my recipes? << wow i need to read closer :P

    first i saw tubes and went "oh no, not again", then i saw personal transport, which is awesome!, 2 thumbs up :D. I like this, A lot. But i think the recipes would be better more like this maybe. Take a look.

    i would suggest the recipe be something like this for the blower

    :Refined Iron: :Cable: :Refined Iron:

    :Cable: :Wind Mill: :Cable:

    :Refined Iron: :MFE-Transmitter: :Refined Iron:

    :MFE-Transmitter: =mv trans, not mfe

    and an advanced one (faster?)
    :Refined Iron: :Coolant Cell: :Refined Iron:

    :Coolant Cell: :Wind Mill: :Coolant Cell:

    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Machine: :Refined Iron:

    :Wind Mill: =blower, not mill

    and maybe

    :Uranium Ore: :Uranium Ore: :Uranium Ore:
    :Cable: MinecraftCow :Cable:
    :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:

    :Uranium Ore: = reinforced glass, :Nuke TNT: = reinforced stone, :Cable: = alloy plate, :Compressed Coal Ball: =carbon plate, MinecraftCow =open space :P

    makes eight transport tubes


    :Uranium Ore: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Uranium Ore:
    :Cable: MinecraftCow :Cable:
    :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:

    makes 4 hatches
    I would also suggest a "sled" for it.

    :Uranium Ore: :Uranium Ore: :Uranium Ore:
    MinecraftNotch MinecraftNotch :Uranium Ore:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    where MinecraftNotch = minecart, :Uranium Ore: =reinforced glass

    well, those are my thoughts, do with them what you will :D

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, im gonna rework this suggestion :D