[Suggestion] Radioisotope thermoelectric Battery

  • Back to the topic maybe ?
    I think this type of battery should be crafted with Depleted Isotope cell (some nuclear waste are today heating up to 500°C! [I don't know how it make in F])

    But I give a "+1" for the Idea, as it could allow begginers on IC and player on servs where Nuclear Reactor aren't allowed to use their Ura.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • I like the idea of Nuclear batterys per se. The issue is, why would you want to use your Uranium on a battery, if you can use it in a well-setup reactor, given, for balance reasons, the battery would need to be MUCH more inefficient then a simple reactor.

    then give it like 40% effiency, to retain balance.

  • I would have said 25% ...
    But, it would be 25/40% of 2 000 000 EU, so less than 10% of a energy-value per Ura in a CASUC/MarkV.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Boolean operation called "not" or "inverse".

    !true := false
    !false := true
    !ab := (!a)b = b(!a)

    Oh! How can it be? :D /sarcasm

    Really I'll try to look if they was used right.

    p.s. need to try to learn to explain better ;)
    p.p.s. I really doubt in your last line.

  • After analyzing code can say: Gem ores still added as valuable, just in not easily looking way. Also there are efforts to add any ore, properly mentioned.

    But his last Line is right, trust me, i'm an Informaticstudent.

    Remembering unar precedence and not counting equality sign as operation I can agree. Mislook something. ;)
    p.s. Probably he is informaticsteacher.