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    It is indeed 144 x 144 blocks around you, 9 chunks into each direction (10x10), that are being kept "active" but I was also told by a skilled programmer that in SSP, chunks will not get unloaded once you've been in them, can't confirm the latter though.

    There might be some buffer, but if chunks didn't unload you'd run out of RAM if you went trekking :sleeping:

    Did the cable obscurator use basefile hax?

    I was thinking ... Change all affected blocks into another, invisible block (Glass with fully transparent texture?), that stores the data of the original block (Dunno if it can store enough to handle machines and the like though...)
    This would ofc basically freeze all dynamic stuff, but I wanna know it it would work! :)

    ZPMs should require an incredible amount of work/eu to produce, for example by using Iridium (Lots of recycling or lots of EU required), MFSUs (lots of diamonds, THE rare commodity) and some adv. circuits (well ... looks nice?)

    I = Iridium, M = MFSU, A = adv. circuit

    S = SI, H = HV transformer
    Gives a ZERO-POINT ENERGY UNIT (Copyright lol)

    The 32 iridium costs about 40kk EU (full MFSU) and like 8k scrap, or just 224 mil EU with no scrap boosting
    Additional costs are 48 diamonds, like 350 lapi, 64 glowstone and quite a lot of circuits and redstone. Not to mention a few metric shittons of human labor ^^

    Could last like 200 times as long as uran (over 3 IRL weeks yo, or maybe just make it last forever?) and produce ... 100 EU/tick? in a reactor. Dunno about heat... none?
    it will give you exactly 4kkk EU, which should be quite fair IMO for the cost and long giveoff time.
    The first one will be maddeningly hard to produce, but if you keep it up you'll probably snowball pretty fast into the god of energy (If you can find enough diamonds and lapi, that is)

    Just as an example, an admin could hook up a ZPEU reactor with a field generator and some cables to produce an indestructible everlasting reactor for a main town :thumbsup:

    I m not really into the whole nuclear reactor thing however I m pretty sure you can make a mark I 0 chamber reactor with just 2 uranium next to each and 6 integrated heat dispensers around them and then surrounded by a 3x3x3 water block minus the reactor in the middle and the power cable leading out. Of course to some that many heat dispensers may seem a little expensive if you are having a hard time finding lapis. So you could reduce the costs and only use 2 integrated heat dispensers, 4 integrated reactor plating and 4 coolant cells, which should work just as well and be cheaper. It will generate 20 EU/t night and day for 8 days straight and you will only ever need to replace the uranium. Doing a little math and that is 200,000*20 which is 4,000,000 EU in total. The advanced solar panel will produce 11 EU for 100,000t (the day cycle) and 1 EU for 100,000t over that same 8 days. That is only 1,200,000 EU. That means you would need 3 of these panels and you will still be 400,000 EU off. I pretty sure that 3 panels are much more expensive than 1 reactor. I know that next thing your going to tell me is yes but you need to feed the reactor and to that I say so what. I find way more than 2 uranium every 8 days (and I m not even going to get into breeding here.) I can't do anything with uranium other than feed a reactor. So to me that is a moot point.

    So lets recap. A simple nuclear reactor costs less, works underground, and generates more EU in total than 3 advanced solar panels. The only downside is that you have to spend 2 seconds refilling it every 8 days. You nuclear guys just get to caught up in efficiency so you throw resources at you reactors and then complain they cost to much.

    Though I think in the next version I will switch out the generator for a lapotron crystal.

    First off, I was obv off on the EU generation of the solar. It's 6 eu/t sustained. I blame drunk 8o
    With the changed recipe I suppose it seems a bit more fair ... All the plates and the lapo crystal makes it really diamond/coal intensive, which actually seem to be THE major bottleneck now :thumbup:

    BUT! about your recap: Counting major resources your example reactor costs like 26 adv. alloy and 10 adv. circuits. 3 of the old recipe for your solars was like ~3 alloy, 72 coal and about 0.4 diamonds (or 26 more coal)
    While it's hard to value these due to the apple-and-pear situation, the reactor is hardly CHEAPER. Add that it requires more space (!!!), maintenance and FUEL :pinch:
    While I know you get quite a handful of uran, you gotta consider that A. You will most likely run quite a lot of reactors eventually, so you'll NEED a handful B. Breeding takes a lot of time in babysitting and heating, not to mention that the breeder reactor costs QUITE a lot to set up.
    Currently reactors are a tradeoff compactness in exhange for a lot of babysitting, but if you make a renewable just as compact... See the point?

    Also, if we start thinking SMP (really, it's cool) the solar suddenly get a HUGE boost, since you will spend a lot of time logged off. Assuming there's other ppl around, the solars will keep pumping EU while the reactors will run dry soon.

    Edit: your "conversion" recipe (solar > adv) is much cheaper. 12% less diamond, 20% less coal and 33% less adv. alloy?

    Edit2: @dev comments: Wouldn't want more EU/tick. It's supposed to be expensive but compact, no?
    currently, the solar vs adv cost for same EU/t is: 72 iron, 36 coal vs 8 iron, 6 lapi, 17 coal, 1 diamond (+60 coal)

    a lot of apple n' pear, but it doesn't seem like a huge step up in cost...

    Quite horribly game-breaking. 3 of these will produce about as much as a mk.1 2-chamber nuclear reactor, and guess which is cheaper?

    Edit: Really, why make the simplest renewable energy source both 12x as compact AND *much* cheaper? :D

    Overriding textures is apparently possible (hello cable obscurator!) but on a large scale it could probably cause lag ...

    Nice idea though! Would be *AWESOME* to have ancient outposts and one atlantis hidden around the map, ready to be discovered and pillaged examined :thumbsup:
    You should get that customNuclearItems and make a ZPM ie uran cell lasting basically forever and producing over 9000 100 EU/t 8o