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    Did you see that the miner now needs about 20-25 eu/t to work in normal speed? takes some more solars...

    Are you using diamond drill? Cos normal drill is like 8 times more energy efficient ... Seriously, a LOT. Given how cheap miners are now you might as well make a few of them with standard drills and OV scanners (9*9 mine area!), stack a LV transformer and MFE on top of each, charge them a few times with energy crystals, and leave them for a long while before rinsing and repeating :)

    Well, I dunno ... With the (currently?) most efficient breeder you can enrich about 8 depleted cells per nuclear cycle, thus actually run for example my two reactors at a total 70eu/t and use up only a single raw uranium. Given that you get a relative lot of it from both normal and auto-mining, that's REALLY cheap a price for the epic compactness.

    Not to mention that you can feed that cycle infinitely by creating your raw uran from generated mass, actually with a pretty huge net energy gain. Troll science FTW MinecraftNotch

    Radioactivity has mostly been rejected due to feasibility issues. Maybe if someone were to write an add-on... I like the ideas being thrown around though. I agree with the more longterm, small damage thing. Makes a more radiated area feel more lethal as well. I dont think just because someone said "lol lets radiate shit" and that got turned down doesnt mean that threads discussing more feasible ways of adressing this should be disregarded. (also anyone suggesting that handling uranium should be dangerous clearly has no idea about nuclear decay and the term "activity").

    Well, I have a feeling carrying a bunch of fuel rods in tin cintainers can't be THAT healthy ^^

    You might not get radiation burns or anything, but you won't feel so well in 10 years or so if you do it for a long time :whistling:

    But still, the most sensible way to implement it is non-realistic instant damage.

    Edit: Lol, the radiactivity suggestion linked by the compendium suggest making the ORE radiactive, so you need a lead suit to mine it.

    ...obvious violations of physics? I'm sorry, you don't like the floating islands? Or the random floating blocks of dirt?

    There is a secret invisible power suspending them, of course. That's just about balancing forces. CREATING evergy, on the other hand, is such an extreme violation of the fundamental principles of physics it makes my head hurt.

    As for the later argument of self-replicating water, it's simply a coding limitation. Know about FiniteLiquid? It only simulates finity for small bodies of water, yet it can chew CPU-power like there's no tomorrow.

    I know there's really no point bringing in the "durr hurr REALITY MAN!" argument in gaming, but if there's a simple choise...

    NOW, with that said, I do want higher tiers of ... EVERYTHING! Currently, it's quite easy to beeling for the most advanced stuff in only a few days; Making for pretty quick stagnation in SMP. It would be much cooler if a lot of people would contribute to make an epic high-tier power plant in their new town :thumbsup:
    Edit: OR maybe I just have too much freetime :rolleyes:

    Or just make them tick very rarely, like once a minute. What about making it ONE block, that (on creation) takes the appearance of the one it replaced? (It IS possible to have variable texture on blocks, right?) Maybe a small glow, but they should be hard to identify; If you blow a nuke in the forest it WILL be lethal for a long time unless you stip away all the dirt and maybe even the stone below...
    So on these "radiactive ticks", every radioactive block will have a chance to trigger the AoE damage (Chance to make it less predictable). Also they will randomly reduce some "radiactivity level" that both determine damage and, when it runs out, changes the block back to the original non-radioactive one. Maybe there should be a "scrubber" terraformer that remove them...
    These blocks will of course have to share a similar step sound, minespeed and all that, so what about stone material (quite neutral, dull sound) and a fairly low minespeed unaffected by tools (0,5 sec?)

    Now, these blocks shouldn't be LOLWTFDEAD? GIven that they tick rarely and even then only damages if the dice rolls their way (Chance determined by radioactivity level), half a heart in a pretty long radius (7 blocks?) won't be a lot unless you build a house there.

    Although I have a feeling this won't be implemented as a matter of principles; If they pull stuff off the "nonono" list, people might just start trying to being up EVERYTHING in there and thus negate its purpouse...

    AoE Teleporter...hmm....I assume that's teleporting all players in an area, but it gives me the image of teleporting entire buildings.

    Inb4 someone make a huge miner platform, teleporting around and stripmining the landscape MinecraftCreeper

    Edit: Recipes in OP suounds quite fair, even with a battery of nuclear generators and a huge scrap processing factory it will take some time to get them :thumbup:

    Well, not really. It actually uses a lot less iron, so on my current nuclear-fed save I'm drowning in the lovely shit. I'm actually about to run out of lapis for advanced circuits :sleeping:

    So ... on an SMP server you could beeline for nuclear power and then sell the iron! :thumbsup:

    I'm currently running 2 power-producing reactors with two added chambers each giving 35 EU/turn a pop. pretty sure they were quite a LOT less expensive than 140 solar gennies... Not to mention taking only 4*5*3 space in my base and being ridiculously easy to wire!
    But I might be wrong ... :| :wacko: 8o

    They don't : they can hold up to 10.000 heat

    No, in the app they drain heat WAY above that...

    But OFC I know they melt ingame, already had that shit ya know :S
    Edit: Or maybe that was because reactor reached melting point? Meh, dunno...

    Given that nuclear reactors barring griefers now only blow if you basically let them to, by BOTH making them positive in the first place and THEN leaving them unattended for a fairly long time ... You might just deserve a hole in your base if you can't get your arse around making a few layers of reinforced stone. And if the controller block really HAS a heat kill-switch then it will only be griefers. That can just as well blow you with nukes or steal all your stuff.

    Nuclear power should be VERY POWERFUL but also VERY PUNISHING if you fail in operating it; If you make it totally safe it will just be a glorified high-tire generator that requires a bit more than 2 brain cells.

    If you REALLY don't want nuke holes on your server ... Ban ppl for improper reactor handling, or why not just disable them outright?

    Edit: It's a bit silly how fast you can mine reinforced stone ... I mean, it's not like you move your reactor casings around all day...

    Edit2: approve that only way to insta-break it should be long-ranged laser setting

    Barring decomplieing source code and getting told by others, there is no way ;)

    Edit: Al has a fetish for forcing ppl to figure as much out by themselves as possible, so don't expect anyone to leak any "secret" recipes without him sending over a swat team to trash their computer :thumbsup:

    The point is that the Nano have a very limited use, being a lot better than normal and much cheaper armors only agains say PvPers and nuke explosions. The Quantum on the other hand is always good to have due to generally higher mobility, as getting around faster = get more things done. I'm not saying that nano should have build-in warp engine like Quantum, just a little speed/jump boost to make it feel more like fairly cool low tier super suit and less like meh energy-driven armor.
    OR, just to spice things up, you could throw in an alternative nanosuit with only utility and almost no protection: 2x move speed (quantum is still twice as good), 3 block jump (quantum is almost TRICE as good), body work like high-capacity batpack (for high-tier like lazer too?) and helmet ... meh, dunno. But I guess that could be exploited (quickly changing between utility and battle suit etc...) but still ... Current nano is just MEH beyond description.

    IC1 had 2 versions of armor as well, one that was just damage protection, and one with special abilities.

    This is the same thing, just slightly different recipes / names.

    Well, who used the meh non-advanced nanosuit anyway? It was just so ... meh?

    Edit: I mean, against a player opponent you might actually be better off with less protection and some added mobility than being a panzer snail...

    Shouldn't the U-cells last 200.000 ticks = 10.000 seconds?
    I think it is 20 ticks per second...

    20 GAME ticks. This simulator is running on REACTOR ticks, which is one every second :D

    Edit: Yeah, simulator indeed thinks the Uran cells lasts 200k ticks ?(

    Edit2: Are heat derivators SUPPOSED to hold infinite amounts of heat? They sure don't in-game...

    nanosuit should gave a 100% protection from damage. it is buged now.

    Still, that's a bit meh compared to old nano ... Good ol' Nano :love:

    If there's an issue with overlapping features, just make Quantum use a lot more energy than Nano (but quantum should have a lot higher capacity, so still lasts longer)
    That way, Nano would be a poor/EU-greedy man's quantum instead of just meh superarmor...