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    Yeah, too many things have changed. For example all evergy storages/convertors now have orientation, so they will either A. not work B. mess up everything.

    Not to mention that MFEs now output 2-4 times as much, so any IC1 wiring with MFE -> machines will blow...

    Is the Nanosuit supposed to have no special abilities? I was haxing it and the quantum suit in to see the changes from IC1, and while the quantum was nice the nano didn't do anything?

    Is it just because I TMI'ed it in? Or is it intended?

    Would be more sensible if the Nano had weak abilities (like 1.5*movement, double jump height) OR that the quantum had a different set of abilities altenativerly added secondary abilities.

    Regarding adding extra abilities to the quantum I got a few:
    The boots could make you hover if you hold ctrl+space in mid-air,
    The chestplate could work like a batpack, only for ALL electric stuff (even lazor!)
    The helmet could give a cool HUD that highlight animals, mobs and players in different colors (Maybe even add some ability to set custom color/color groups for individual players!)

    (hasn't figured something up for the leggings...)

    but is it efficient enough to grabt you spending your time on digging up uranium every time you run out?
    I have to agree with the OP here and say that Nuclear power is Teir 3 while solar panels are Teir 4
    since 1 solar panel requires 1 generator, 3 coal and outputs 1EU/t for half a day / night cycle but is eternally productive with no further regulation yes nuclear generators are already expensive enough if you want to produce much energy without blowing holes in your world.

    First of all you get uranium as a side-product from your normal mining, hence there really is no "digging for uranium". Also when you get breeder reactors you can effectively sevenfold the uran you mine, since you can make 8 depleted cells from 1 uran and then enrich them using a single uran cell (that for the record will still produce energy).
    If ones nuclear generators blow up it's because:
    1. You are running a positive generator (but why bother?) in SMP and gets DC'ed, so if there are other ppl around to keep it loaded it will blow
    2. Someone grief your generator in SMP (But they would wreak you somehow anyway, so...)
    2. Yo doin eeet wongh!

    Not to be a necromancer or anything, but I also think nuclear reactors are a bit too good. They are very compact, produce a lot of energy, and only needs a small amount of babysitting. It might just be me, but on my first day of nuclear engineering I had (legitly) built a perfect 9k temp breeder (even with 1 of each uran and isotope it still produces) and a mk1B reactor with respectively 0 and 1 additional chamber. Lots of credit to whoever made the thermometer mod though, it simplifies stuff by over 9000%

    I think it would be fair enough to make reactor chambers more expensive, both to make nuclear power distinctly "high-tier" AND to make ppl think twice about slapping 6 of them onto every reactor.
    Current recipe is:

    A = alloy, D = heat deriv, P = plating, M = Machine

    I'm thinking of:

    A = adv. machine C = adv.circuit

    That would change the recipe cost from:
    14 Riron, 9 tin, 27 copper, 1 adv.circ

    20 Riron, 18 tin, 46 copper, 16 coal, 4 adv.circ

    That would make reactors generally more expensive but also a bit scewed towards "advanced" materials, which is a great improvement IMO.

    Meh, maybe it's too much now?

    Edit @above: It's piece a cake to make a 100% safe reactor with decent output, like my 20EU/t heat-neutral 1-addon reactor :love:

    Solar arrays are less compact, cannot be stacked vertically AND needs a clear view of the sky. That makes them vastly inferior for hidden, astethic, and/or compact bases :sleeping:


    Use uran to power mass fabricator that produces more uran