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    I'm using Forge and have Industrial Craft 2_1.118.401-lf.
    This is in SMP, so we run a private server and (currently) up to three people connect to it.

    It probably does not matter, but here are some other details:
    We use the seed -7497564628257033198

    Here are the other mods that are installed:
    WeaponMod 1.13

    Client Only:

    Also, this is the constellation:
    Solar Panels->Glass Fiber Cable (GFC)->MFE->GFC->
    MFSU->GFC->HV Charging Bench
    (and also on this GFC:)->MV-Transformer->LV-Transformer->Various Machines

    Hope this helps!

    I tried the 1.6.2 version and after some time the HV Charging bench keeps taking in power but does not continue counting up the stored energy (stuck at a bit over 2.5 mil). Charging and thus taking energy from it works though, but once it was stuck it would not fill up with incoming energy at all, the energy just seems to vanish.
    Also as already pointed out the gui is messed up.

    Will you update this mod to 1.4.6 soon or might it take some time?

    Also: does your mod add any blocks to the world on world generation?
    I ask because I want to know if I can upgrade to 1.4.6 without your mod for now when I already had it in 1.4.5 but did not use it yet.

    Thanx for your work. I'm awaiting your update :)
    One of the last ones missing. Without it i get a lot of log data of missing items.

    What would happen to a 1.4.5 world taken over to 1.4.6 but addons like this are missing?
    Would the recepies just be missing of also all the ore?

    Edit: I found out myself - anything specific to the mod is gone, including for instance titanium which seemes specific to this.
    Had to roll back to 1.4.5 until your mod is updated to 1.4.6

    I'm in the process of building a fusion reactor, already having got the core piece and looking into the fusion coils.
    What i noticed was that 24*8=192 Berylium Cells are necessary.
    the only way I found to produce them was either with 16 ender pearl dust or 29 emerald dust.
    So this means either 3072 ender pearls or 1856 emerals.
    Both are horrendous!
    I would not know how to ever get them in these masses without spending weeks or even months of gridinding (and I already built quite some other expensive gregtech items, but this is a whole lot more effort.
    Am I missing something (maybe a recipe)?
    Else: how would you approach this challenge and get ender pearls or emerals fast?

    Also I noticed the fusion reactor outputs 32768 EU/t. How to process such huge amounts properly? Would a hv-transformer just send many many 2048EU packets at the same time? I assume an A.E.S.U (which I have) or better is needed to store that energy?

    I put tungsten dust in an industrial blast furnace (that works, I created steel with it before) that is connected to 128EU but nothing happens.
    What I notice is that in the recipe it mentions 2500k heat capacity, but the blast furnace only displays 1020k.

    What am I doing wrong? I need tunsten ingots.

    unfinished machine casing the more advanced machines need a "chasing" for getting runned becouse they are like the coal oven or the Blast furnace from railcraft

    I'm not familiar with those. I created Advanced Machine Casings but don't know how to apply them.
    They don't fit in the four icons on the left of the interface.

    @Machine Casing: Tried to set it up like shown in its GUI?

    You mean the interface of the implosion Compressor? There are 4 slots on the left, but i don't get what the dots in each slot means.

    I have:
    1x Implosion Compressor (connected to low voltage, it blew up on medium voltage)
    1x Iridum Alloy Ingot
    8x ITNT
    4x Advanced Machine Casing

    When i fit the ingot and ITNT in it it does nothing.
    I've set it up exactly like sown in the NEI recipe.

    I don't know what to do with the Advanced Machine Casing.
    I tried just putting them around the machine (as cross or at the edges), but that did not help either

    I created an Implosion Compressor but it tells me "Incomplete Machine Casing!".
    I created some casing but don't know what to do with it/how to apply it.

    How to get the Implosion Compressor working so I can create Iridium plates again (I already got the needed ITNT and Iridium Alloy Ingot)?


    I've had a look at your mod. It's promosing and I installed it, however I have a few questions:

    What is Bauxite used for?
    Is Ruby just used to get chrome, or are there other uses? Is this the only way to get chrome?
    I see Sapphire is used in an alternate recipe for laprotron crystal, but that's it's only use as far as i know?

    I have had two 48x48 Quarrys running for a long time now and found plenty of stuff, but no single iridium ore yet.
    they intended to be THIS rare? Do i just increase IridiumProbability to
    make it appear more often (and re-generate my world)? Is that
    configuration linear, so increasing from 20 to 100 would mean one should
    be found in every chunk instead of just every 5th chunk on average?

    I see a lot of images missing on http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…aft-Addons:GregTech-Addon and instead '32px' is displayed instead, apparently because of a Permission Error. Can you correct this?
    Also I can't find the item recipies on - can you add those there?
    Also in general some recepies seem to be missing, such as use of rubys for chrome.

    As far as I can see it's needed to build a Matterfabricator and thus more iridum ore or other uu-matter stuff. It seemes it's needed in so much stuff in your mod .... I assume thats intentional?

    Thanx in advance!

    Thanx, now that worked.
    I used the advanced machines more now, but after some time I could produce another server side exception:

    Unfortunately, this error keeps appearing now soon after restarting the server each time, not alloying me to play at all.

    I tried having Advanced Alloys and Railcraft running but there is a block id conflict:

    Can you fix it? Or what's the best course of action? Changing id configuration? If so, where to change the Id to what other id?

    For now I added 11 to all block ids of advanced alloys to fix the error.

    There should be a central place where you can reserve and Id number for some item so conflicts between mods are avoided....

    Yes, I'd really like this mod for 1.4.2 too.

    I just compiled buildcraft myself and it works for 1.4.2 - here are some instructions I wrote that might help:…age__st__20#entry18854826

    But I need some more mods before I start off with a 1.4.2 World:
    - zGraviSuite (currently 1.3, can live without it if I can add that later)
    - Tramsformers (currently 1.5, i already use those... is there a good alternative, or just better wait?)
    - Forestry (Optional, something i just wanted to try some time)

    What I generally noticed was that with 1.3.2 (not sure if it was the change from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2 or something else) is that if you are running a server but logged out and noone is there that all the machines stop working and do nothing.
    So you need to be in the geeral area for them to do something. They will not while you are offline, and thus not charge up some energy storage when you are not there.

    Maybe that's it.

    That's an interesting question I have to others: Why and since when does the world "stop" while nobody is there? Is there a way to change that?