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    Something happened that caused the server to crash when I was at work. I just got home so its back up now. Somehow the map got corrupted, so the server used the most recent backup. Nothing was lost but if anyone was on when it went down I would appreciate them letting me know if anything unusual happened then. Sorry about that downtime, I want to determine how this happened so I can prevent it from happening again.

    I really dont think this is IC. The string errors abated a little with buildcraft upgrades and then even more for my users when I raised the latency to 320 from 20. I've seen the sound error...maybe that is what you are refering to with users having trouble near IC machines...but this string error is a very different animal, IMO. I'd wager that buildcraft is responsible for this.

    Honestly I hope she expands the functionality of her mod even more so that I can get rid of buildcraft. Having one mod instead of three would be nice as well. One unified theme, no potential conflicts, less work to do for users when it comes to getting things installed. I dont see a downside to this. She can be as ambitious as she wants cause shes got the skill to back it up. I'm just glad shes willing to use things that other mods already have instead of just saying "get the other mod" like so many do. Having many different mods to achieve one concept is a clusterfuck anyway.

    We will be getting rid of ww2 guns and vehicles, mostly because they are horrible mods and vehicles practically dont work at all (planes are not much better but we dont have another flight mod to choose from). Fortunatly, SDK is back so we will be getting SDK guns when that goes SMP(yay real guns!). We will also be getting red power. The only thing holding us back is SDK going SMP so we are basically waiting for that before we do a map reset. I am letting you guys know now though that you can only bring to the new map what you can carry. To be honest, its not that big of a deal cause we will have mines and a lootable spawn city up on the next map just like the present one. I will give at least a day advance notice so stay tuned and keep your eye on this thread :…-mods-v1-finally-updated/ . Please don't badger SDK though or he might crawl back into his bunker.

    On the next map there will only be two teams. No your not getting a team or special accomadations for your ego so don't ask..I will TP you over a lava are not a special or unique snowflake. Team reps from red have already been picked and will be: tumuchfkingcreep, adamdabester & ndelmnco. No reps for blue have been picked but I have some people in mind (zajozor, come back!).

    On another note, it seems many people feel that the rules do not apply to them and that by bothering me or nik they can be an exception. Let me make this clear: you can't. While whining, bitching, moaning and asking for special treatment will not get you banned (may get you muted), that behavior will certainly invoke the contempt of everyone who doesn't display it, myself and nik included. Good for some laughs for the rest of the crew though, just don't expect us to be to nice to you when every other sentence you say is "this is shit" or "can you refund my stuff that i lost" or "can you tp me back to my base".

    Pro tip: if your having problems with mobs and basic survival you probably wont like it here, humans are infinitly more challanging than braindead AI and mere "survival".

    During the day we usually have at least 5 people on, about half the time more (8-10). Weekends are the most active. BC crashing is really holding us back. New players have it rough before they are recruited. They can really only rely on staying hidden. Thankfully, teams are pretty eager to recruit people as soon as they come on, and as soon as your recruited you get one complimentary teleport to a capital zone w/ the opportunity to move your stuff there from your private base. Generally we are a pretty laid back crew despite being on a war server. I personally go out of my way to accomadate people and give them assistance (advice & technical support, not material). Really no one is turned away, cause its a meritocracy. If you show that your cool & honorable people are quick to like you.

    I sense a disturbance in the force. Its as if a billion balance obsessed players had just cried out in agony...and then were silenced forever. But seriously, if machines not breaking is so annoying to some people, just break some randomly before you dissassemble them. Am I right or am I right?

    Server was down for about 45 minutes while I added a couple really big things.

    One, I got some really nice pieces of the map broville and added it in to the spawn city. There is tons of stuff there to loot and it should make nice ruins after its been bombed and fought over.

    Two, every team has a huge oil deposit somewhere near their capital. Very close...I'm sure you will all find it.
    Mmmmmm, oil.

    Since the nano-saber has a PVP purpose any chance you could make the tesla coil do insane amounts of damage to people in nano/quantum armor so it still retains its function in PVP? I noticed people in suits marching through the things as if they hadn't stopped the entire allied army from invading the soviet union.