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    Perhaps have it so they all must be placed into the crafting grid for a "toolkit" item? I'm sure there will be an addon for this eventually, but it does seem beyond the scope of this mod cause it incorporates other mods as well. Would be really great none the less.

    EDIT: I derped, didnt realize it said [addon suggestion]

    Every team now has a command center. These are located at the center of team bases at bedrock level. In war time if an enemy team can manage to get in the command centers upper chamber and take a screenshot with at least 3 people against the unique backdrop, the team whose command center was breached loses (same outcome as surrendering - one week trapped in the capital area). Hide command centers well and defend them as best you can.

    Also, there seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding leadership. Some people have come forward to assert themselves as leaders. This is great and what I hoped would happen. Other teams have no leader because they can't decide on it. This is not acceptable. If you are unable or unwilling to annoint some form of leadership then I will impose it on you. I dont want to do this but I also don't want a team to be a chaotic, leaderless mess. I need leaders to communicate with. Here are some options for getting leaders -

    vote someone in
    appoint them based on merit
    hold a contest (duel, building, etc)
    just claim your the leader and if no one challanges you I will acknowledge the claim

    If I have to decide I will ask each team member who they think should lead and then appoint the most popular choice.

    One more thing - flying over a capital is no different from tresspassing. Airspace is under their jurisdiction just as much as their land is. If I catch people tresspassing they will be banned. If I get a screenshot in my email of someone tresspassing I will ban them. Not a joke. 90% of the land in the server is lawless. The only areas under protection are capital zones. Even then, those zones can be attacked if you declare war on that team. If a person can't respect these rudimentary rules that I established to maintain fairness then Im certainly not going to tolerate that person. Before you violate the team rules remember that they are there for a reason, and that without them NO ONES area is safe. I know you all want an edge on each other but that is not the way to get it; even if you win because of that edge your victory will be hollow and illegitimate - it will in no way reflect the quality of your abilities. If you just want to triumph without any challange play normal minecraft.

    I just wanted to confirm that many of my users are also crashing nonstop. They have all the right mods, changed config, etc..but some lose connection as soon as they come in or they keep crashing once they reach a certain point. One user just told me that this is not happening to him on other servers. Is there any other explanation for chronic crashing syndrome (CCS)?

    Note that this is only certain users. Some users can be on almost nonstop while others can barely play for 5 minutes. Poor internet or lots of players seem to exacerbate the issue. Matter of fact, it seems once we hit 10 people on if more join others crash. This is very frustrating and I'm hoping there is something I can do on my end to improve the situation, I dont want to drop BC.

    The latest IC build makes it so you can no longer use pipes to draw items from safes. It also gave laser resistance to reinforced stone and reinforced doors. This should help you guys defend your holdings much better. Thank Alblaka for this awesomeness.

    Also, a couple words on red's blitz on green:

    The attack was not permitted but the rules werent very clear, so I didn't ban adam and I simply undid the damage to greens base. The attack itself was devestating though, and after seeing how much damage a bombing run can do I'm pretty impressed by those planes. I rewrote the rules and put them in play so there is no reason for another event like tuesdays (nevar forget: 10-24-11).

    I also would like to take a moment to clarify some issues:

    -Many people are having crashing problems. This has been identified as a buildcraft issue and Spacetoad is working very hard to resolve it. I'm sure it will be addressed in a few weeks. Until then if you are crashing I would suggest to stay away from chunks with loads of buildcraft stuff. There is a direct correlation between the quality of your internet and the crashes, so go figure..

    -The huge mines and huge oil wells coordinates are written below. He who controls those points controls the game.
    IRON: X:174 Z:-146
    COAL: X:108 Z:-152
    COPPER: X:91 Z:-62
    TIN: X:155 Z:-83
    OIL: X:119 Z:-107

    -I will conduct ONLY the following trades with players to counter the scarcity of certain resources:
    1 leather for 1 rubber
    1 gold for 40 gunpowder
    1 iron for 100 slimeballs
    1 industrial diamond for 1 real diamond

    -With the redesigned safes it will be possible to set up a trading outpost. If this is something you guys are interested in let me know.

    As always if you have any problems or questions email me at

    Ok, both you guys and alblaka make very valid points that I completely agree with. Macerating charcoal into coal dust is OP in survival. The dynamics of the game change completely when in PVP though, which is what I am unsuccessfully trying to say. Yes, when your fighting a bunch of dim witted monsters and just building for the sake of building you WANT that satisfaction of having to work hard to get something. In PVP, you want the satisfaction of knowing that all your hard work won't take 40 hours to rebuild when it eventually gets destroyed in war (oh it will). In PVP, you want to fight for the most part, not just build. I mean imagine if building a pylon in starcraft took hours of hard work, and yet is only one small aspect of your base. Would anyone really even want to fight with so much time invested into their creations? Irrelevant though. Recipebook for craft bukkit can simply be used to make charcoal -> coal without the hassle of mods. Not to mention deposits of coal can just be added into the game. I was just trying to establish that one mans survival game is anothers war game and maybe get you guys to look at things from another perspective.


    "Also, the guys behind the DoS attack claimed to be the same guys who developed MCoverhaul. Unlikely..."

    So I guess it was just a coincidence that as soon as you went apeshit and stormed off in a huff with your pals the server got DoS'd?

    Doesn't matter anyway, I have the IP's of the people who DoS'd, and I have the IP's of you and all your buddies. Any further discourse is moot.

    They were initially players. They were upset because I would'nt give them their own team. Then they were naive enough to allow themselves to be provoked by someone not even on red team. Honestly, how can these kids muster the cognitive ability to program and use computers but be ignorant of EVERYTHING else, haven't they ever heard of a false-flag attack? No wonder history repeats itself.

    I advise you all to think critically. Deception is part and parcel with combat.

    Server was down because several people were DoS'ing it.

    My response:

    Computer fraud and abuse act of 1986 + + the IP's of the attackers (already recorded from day one) = no longer my problem

    I can substantiate the attack with records from my ISP. Further, even if the feds don't take legal action these people will be scrutinized. Thats one big magnifying glass, and since they did this they have probably done other things too, so hopefully at least one will get hit. Even if I can get the feds to identify them by pressing charges against the holder of the IP (through the ISP) I can get their names and addresses (when legal action is taken both parties are identified on the letters sent by the prosecuter). Also, the guys behind the DoS attack claimed to be the same guys who developed MCoverhaul. Unlikely, but I'll see if anyone from that team has any of their PII (personal identifiable information).

    Also, should'nt really fuck with government workers, we know people. Like state officials in the governers office, and members of the PA cyber-crime task force.

    I know this guy didn't name his post according to procedure but I did not want to start a redundant post. I second his question "is there a way to ban the mining laser". For some reason the laser lets people ignore the protection system my server wrapper uses. Sucks, cause i love the thing and so does everyone else. Sadly, I don't think theres another way.

    Some updates on whats been happening:

    4 teams have been formed, and everyone has picked out a capital.

    Every team has at least 3 people, average 5.

    Blue declined a peace treaty with red.

    Teams are mostly even and have been staying so, but I maintain the right to cap a teams size if it gets too big. This should give other teams a chance to catch up in recruitment.

    An important note: I have upgraded the servers internet to 50mbps download and 15mbps upload. This means i will be lifting the slots from 14 to 32 as soon as the new modem gets in (this week). Things should also be alot smoother. For those of you on slow computers I highly recomend optifine:…-b-fps-boost-hd-textures/
    (make backups!)

    I am looking into bukkit, but am currently having some problems getting everything working together right.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    I completely agree with your sarcasm though. If theres no point to a game, why place restrictions on it? I'm sure people have their own purposes for not using TMI or creative mode. I'm not bashing those reasons. If you want to toil so you can stand back and say "i made this without cheating" more power to you, congrats. However, the main reason I wanted a PVP server is to give all that stuff a purpose. Your building factories and placing wires and generating electricity to drive a war machine. Your purpose = eliminate the opposition, who is now in direct competition for you over land and resources. Thus, building up your tech and getting a strong economy now has a clear purpose, and cheating would give you an unfair advantage or completely eliminate the economy aspect of war, making things no fun.

    Minecraft is a sandbox in more than one way.

    EDIT: I also wanted to clarify that I understand the rationale behind the way things work now. In the context of a "survival" game, it all is probably well balanced. Furthermore, at no point did I suggest or would I ever suggest that the core game be changed. I merely suggested that an add-on like this would be not only useful (notably in PVP where things have to be rebalanced for combat) but possible. TBH, if I wanted to just toy with the game I dont need an add-on, I could use TMI or whatever. The very reason that I would like this addon is because I want the whole experience to be more serious, and I want my players to be able to afford to have a war 80% of the time rather than 2%. I totally understand this would fuck up survival, but if its PVP, tha nature of challange changes completely. Its honestly really cool, and like a different game. I urge you to check it out, and would be more than happy to see you on the server.

    Im kinda lost on the concept of something being OP in a game that poses no challange what so ever. Holes are also OP cause you can dig 3 down, bury yourself, and essentially win the game (please don't ban holes). I can understand how one might think that this speeds up your progress, but progress towards what? There is no end game, no big boss, no final fight. Just endlessly building monuments to boredom. I welcome this idea cause it would keep the pace of combat more steady for my server. Unlimited energy? Maybe until someone blows your precious factory to hell. Also, I didnt address this to the programmers, cause they have better things to do then make stuff to satisfy every niche preference. Now that we have the ability to make addons though, we should take more upon ourselves. If the code doesnt allow for charcoal to be macerated just implement a work around (different machine, etc). Theres more than one way to skin a cat...


    Industrial War is a PVP server. Players are recruited by two opposing nations who must fight for the control of crucial points around the world. Each nation has its own capitol, a 300x300 zone protected by suppression fields designed to keep their enemies at bay. The nations are able to capture territory in the world by occupying it and by doing so accumulate power for their side. The power generated this way can be used to bring down their enemies capitol's suppression fields, rendering them succeptible to assault.

    Griefing/stealing/killing is not restricted but members of the same nation may not grief/steal from/kill/betray each other. Capitol invasions require so many power points to be accumulated from capturing towny plots at the Quantum Dams. After a team accumulates 200 points they will have the option of bringing down the suppression field around the enemy teams capitol at their discretion. The only exception is that the suppression field takes 24 hours to drain and the fields can only be disabled for a short time.


    To run its war system Industrial War uses towny. Each side is defined as a nation with one town block. Those town blocks are located in the team capitols. When players are recruited to a side they are also placed in that team nation. The one town block that each team owns (Proteus for red and Amazonia for blue) can not be captured or taken off them. It is out of bounds and theirs forever and excluded from wars.In the world there exists another nation: New Detroit. This is not a faction anyone can join so don't ask! The faction controls 2 locations on New Terra: one at -400 500 and one at 400 -500. The locations are actually towny towns named QuantumOne and Two. During war time (99% of server uptime; check with /towny war) players from any or both factions can occupy the town blocks of these locations to gain control of them. To occupy you merely have to stand in the block. Each block is 16x16x128 but no one under 60 Z is considered to be occupying it. There are about 90 blocks at each dam. The town blocks have 24 health and it takes 5 seconds for one player to knock one health off (it stacks with more players) so it takes 2 minutes to capture a town block at a minimum. The only part of the town you can't capture is the homeblock; it is the one with 9000 health (don't waste your time standing on it). You will know when you are capturing terrain because the plugin will read off the plots health as it goes down to 0. When a town block is captured $1 will be awarded to your teams bank account. This is not spending money (obviously)! This money is a representation of your teams score. It is by capturing land and building up the teams bank that your team can unlock special abilities and events (listed below). Note that all townblocks will revert back to New Detroits control with each restart and the teams can go and capture them all over again for more points.

    So far here is what your team can do with its points:

    200 points: Bring down the enemy teams suppression field for one hour. Note that if your team desires this they must make a decleration 24 hours in advance between the times of 12 PM EST and 12 AM EST on the IW forums. 24 hours after the decleration is made the enemy nations capitols suppression field will go down for one hour. After the hour elapses it will go back up and anyone caught inside of it will be stuck.

    Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 200 of his teams points to bring down blues capitols suppression field. He makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST and e-mails his intent to The next day starting at 3:30 PM EST the suppression field protecting blues go down for one hour and red gets the oppoprtunity to attack and loot blue in their homeland.

    200 points: Block another teams attempt to bring down a suppression field.

    Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 200 of his teams points to bring down blues suppression field. He
    makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST. The next day at 3:00 PM EST ndelmnco, a blue commander, goes on the IW forums and explains that he will use 200 of his teams points to block red from bringing down the suppression field. Both teams lose 200 points and the event is thwarted. A team has until 30 minutes from the time the suppression field is scheduled to be knocked down to prevent its fall. After that it cannot be stopped.

    200 + X points: Prevent the enemy team from blocking the takedown of their capitols suppression field by spending 200 more points. This can be repeated as many times as a team wishes but only in increments of 200. While at least 200 must be spent in this way, anything spent over 200 will be refunded if the enemy team does not use blocks.

    Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 600 of his teams points to bring down blues suppression field and keep blue from blocking the attack up to 2 times. This way, blue will need at least 600 points to block the three consecutive attempts to take down their capitols suppression field. He makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST. The next day ndelmnco, a blue commander, realizes that he will not be able to get the full 600 points required to stop the invasion by 3:00 PM EST. He decides to use the 400 points that his team has earned to waste 400 of red teams points and blocks anyway. The invasion proceeds as planned but red team is not refunded their 400 point investment as they would have been had blue not blocked at all.

    100 points: Purchase a protected chunk in the world for either your team or a specific rank on your team. Offer
    is limited to 18 per team and may not be within 1000 blocks of a mine or quantum dam.

    SERVER COMMANDS - Everyone
    /help - A listing of commands and their descriptions.
    /mail - An in game mail program. Useful for sending messeges to offline players.
    /ignore - An ignore command to use if you feel bothered by a players speech.
    /balancetop - A command to check the top balances of the servers players.
    /balance - A command to check your own accounts balance.
    /seen - A command that lets you know the last day/time a given player was online.
    /msg - Send a private messege to a player.
    /motd - List the servers messege of the day.
    /rules - A listing of server rules and contact info.
    /reply, /r - A quick way to respond to a private messege.

    /town - Information about the town you belong to, if any. Your towns bank balance is effectively the amount of points your team has earned from capping land.
    /l - Chat which only people near you can read.
    /g - Chat which everyone across all worlds and sides can read.
    /n - Chat only people in your nation can read.
    /town here - Shows you the town screen of the town in which you stand.
    /town list - Lists towns.
    /towny map - Shows town maps.
    /towny universe - Shows full towny stats, resident/town/nation/world counts as well as townblocks claimed.
    /nation online - Shows players in your nation which are online.

    Tree assist
    /treeassist toggle - Toggle on/off the ability to fell trees in one swing

    SERVER COMMANDS - Commanders/Commandants & Officers/Komots

    /pex user [username] group set [Militia, Recruit or Officer for blue; Guerilla, Conscript or Komot for red].
    /town add [player]- Add a player to your teams town.

    /nation set title [resident] [text of prefix] - Give a player a rank or NON-OFFENSIVE nickname (example. Lt., Col., Spc., Vanguard, etc..)
    /t - A chat channel for high ranking members (Commanders and Officers; Commandants and Komots)
    /town set board - Set an announcement which anyone in your town can read by using /town.
    /lb - Bring up the block log tool to check for griefers breaking/stealing/using things. Works on blocks, chests, frames, doors, buttons, levers and plates.
    /ban - Ban a player followed by a reason and a report to Mensrea regarding why they were banned.
    /mute - Mute a player who is causing a disturbance.
    /m - A chat channel for admins and high-ranking officials of either team.