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    I hope you mean snooping on foriegners internet activities.

    Posse comitatus act is pretty clear when it comes to the military being used for domestic law enforcement/spying.

    I'm also well aware that the airforce has deployed a program that lets them manage fake identities - on the scale of one person being able to manage 1000 facebook profiles.…y-of-fake-virtual-people/

    Nevermind what they are using it for (obvious domestic propaganda ops).

    I just hope they understand that there are going to be Nuremburg-esque trials for people who betray the public, the constitution, and the laws of the land. Maybe not today but eventually justice will prevail.

    Thanks to some wonderful person who fixed merks broken mod we can play for real again. The map is no longer a temporary one so its business as usual.

    Also, Mistic if you read this email me, I may be able to help you out with troubleshooting. I hate to see you go. You were obviously a great leader and your people liked you.

    And Tu, papoose is a native american word for child. I think he was talking about this house in blues old base. It was kind of rectangular and seemed to be the meeting place for all of blue team.

    It had a sign on the outside that read "Iroquois longhouse - needs moar papoose". It became a meme among blue members and the admins.

    The server is not down but we are using a temp map due to some technical isues.

    MMW is truning out to be a real headache. His downloads say they are for v.9 but they are all v.7. He might be aware of this if he didnt just name all his downloads WITHOUT a version number in the name.

    I realized this AFTER I tried numerous times to fix the ridiculous iron pellet exploit, where you can turn 3 iron bars into 6 iron pellets and then trun the iron pellets back into iron bars at a 1:1 ratio....

    If anyone has any files that are actually v.9 files let me know. Until he fixes his downloads we will be using the temp map.

    Nothing you do in the temp map will have any consequences, officially, and I placed a couple ridiculously overpowered "base blocks" around, so go ahead and make use of those.

    New capitols are at X:0 Y:800/-800.

    Both teams have vaults that are open to them.

    The resource field is located at spawn and each team has an oil deposit.
    Here are the coordinates:
    TIN: X:130 Z:14
    COPPER: X:118 Z:-77
    COAL: X:116 Z:95
    IRON: X:22 Z:-19

    The resource field is now under the city. Enjoy your urban warfare.

    Vaults have vending machines in them so I will no longer be conducting trades. Whatever I used to trade is now available at the vending machines. If they are empty let me or nik know.

    Locations are marked with stone pillars. A bedrock pillar stands at the center of each capitol.

    I did not dissolve teams but picked new reps. If you dont like them vote them out.

    Red - Tumuchfkingcreep, ndelmnco, cc1010100
    Blue - markman1111, misticblade7. ixipulseixi

    The final battle on the map will take place shortly...a demolition war.

    Here are some before pictures of the bases:

    I will be judging based off the % damage done to those surface structures. Team whose capitals have the least % destroyed wins this round.

    Afterwards the server will be going down. Im doing some hardware and software upgrades then the new map will be ready. Shouldnt take more 2 hours.

    What really blows my mind is how a bunch of overworked, unpaid volunteer modders are basically fixing minecraft and making it a great game while the guy who makes millions of dollars off of it does virtually nothing (nothing good at least).

    So much for the profit motive.

    Long live the community!

    I know how you feel - all this vanilla minecraft garbage is ruining the game. I hope a way can be found to just disable vanilla features like brewing potions and enchanting..and villagers..and snow golems..and mooshrooms...

    At this point I dont even see this as notch's game anymore. Its albakas and space toads and eloraams game and notch is just some rogue trying to mess things up with his half baked, overgrown man child ideas.

    Narthok what in the hell are you talking about? I have no idea who your mother is, where you live, or what you are rambling on about. All I know is that you created about 10 different accounts to come on to the server and insult one of my admins. I sat there and watched them all log in in the server console and banned them as they came up. "warthok" ? And just about everyone had hacking mods. If you want to talk nonsense and your crazy conspiracy theories do it on some other forum please, and please stop harassing my admins.

    And mistic you and 90% of the people on blue are not banned; this is just narthok, tedd and the cooldudes.

    Narthok is without a doubt a cheater.

    Tedd is supposed to show me something.

    Mrcooldude and doud are temp banned because I find it hard to believe they were not aware of narthok cheating.

    Let me clarify one thing; the people on blue aside from the ones I listed above have been nothing but honest and upfront with me about all this. I wouldnt even have evidence if it wasnt for blue team being so honorable.

    Do not let the actions of the few determine your perception of the entire team.

    Narthok you have been caught duping on two occasions, and I have a screenshot and chat logs of you admitting that you and gold team cheated. I have a god damn screenshot of you setting up a duping factory...Blow steam out your ass all you want, your busted.

    Cooldude, I went to gold teams base and found CHESTS AND CHESTS worth of iron boots, duped iron boots. Then I broke a safe and found that it was full of duped quantum helmets. Even if you DID NOT take part in this, the fact that your a team rep and allowed this to continue is reason enough for a ban.

    Just quit denying it at this point, its pathetic and childish. You got caught.

    On 11-17-11 some major changes will be taking place. We will be dropping WW2 guns and vehicles, two of the worst mods I have ever hosted in my life. We will be picking up red power (all of it) and minecraft modern weapons (MMW). We will also be having a map reset and keeping teams capped at 2. Before all this though we will be having a contest to see which team will get a completed vault in the next map. Both teams will get a vault completely decked out with everything you need to survive in a harsh new world. Only the winner of the contests will get a factory in their vault; wait to see what the factory produces.

    Starting on 11-16-11 at 6 PM EST all wars and suspensions will be lifted to allow all teams to participate in the contests. Also, starting at this time gold team will be folded into blue team and green team will be folded into red. Gold and green capitals will still exist and remain where they are now, but each team will basically then have two capitals.

    The first contest will begin at 6:30 PM EST on 11-16-11 and will be a capture the point contest. To win the contest you will have to capture the opposing teams command center three times. However, you can't capture the same command center twice in a row, you will have to alternate. For example, if red caps one of blues command centers (the one currently in gold base) they cant cap it again until they capture the one in blues capital.

    The second contest will take place on 11-17-11 at 6:00 PM EST and will be a capture and hold contest fought inside the vault in our present map. The team that holds the vault (no people from other teams in it) the longest period of time in one hour will win that contest. I will release the coordinates for the vault at 5:50 PM EST on 11-17-11 and will open it at 6.

    The final contest will take place on 11-17-11 at 7:30 PM EST and will be a demolition contest. The teams whos capitals surface buildings sustain the least amount of damage will win this contest. I will look at what is on the surface before the contest and after to determine who suffered the smallest % of damage. Note: during this each team will have two capitals so I will be taking both those capitals into consideration when determining the winner. I half expect this contest to crash the server considering each teams arsenal of world conquest proportions finally coming into play.

    Best of three wins the vault + factory.