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    On the subject of making the game more difficult/time consuming, I have a couple suggestions, and I'm going to use this opportunity to talk about them.

    - Incorporate a system that randomly deletes a users entire map. It's a feature NOT a bug!
    - Create a thread to monitor who's a real bad dude by keeping track of who can complete "super hardcore challange mode" which involves smashing your hands and face with a hammer, then playing through the excruciating pain and partial blindness. Pics or gtfo.
    - When a user dies once implant malicious code in their system that steals all their banking information and hands it to Barister Hong Manata, or some Nigerian "lawyer".
    - If a reactor melts down, use a script to flash their BIOS and overclock their computers processor. Only losers use stock heatsinks anyway, amirite?
    - Build custom electric shock-collars that send near fatal amounts of electricty through a user when they get electrocuted in game.
    - Require a blood sacrafice of a users first born child to get to the "end game" stage. Substitute family or freinds are acceptable if they have no children (sorry, grandma).

    I for one would quit my job, stop paying all my bills, stop tending to my yard and house, give up my social life and naturally forgo any other computer game just to recieve the honor and SSI checks that would come with a playing such a manly and challanging game. And before anyone disagrees with me, let me rebute your articulate and well thought out response with this insult: your stupid and lazy. Phew, that covers it! Time for me to change my depends and get back to building my scale model of the milky way galaxy with diamond blocks (all legit, of course).

    Omega - there are no other weapons mods but "balkons", which has like, spears and shit (aka retarded and anachronistic). No one has ported any gun mods. If you can find them please let us all know. Quoting this for relevance.

    you may try to implement plutonium and torium fuel "upgrades" with much reduced power of uranium, but, possible something similar already implemented.

    The only reason the US govt started their nuclear program with uranium reactors was so they could create enough material to construct tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Other countries followed suit with India as somewhat of an exception because they plan to actually use thorium reactors. Reactors fueled by uranium or plutonium are dangerous, expensive, would not be economically feasable to run without govt backed insurance, and uranium is not exactly abundant. Thorium reactors are safe, relatively clean, cheap, and thorium is abundant. Small amounts of uranium would be needed to start a thorium reactor but after that the thorium begins to transmute into uranium, possibly yielding a surplus of uranium. Its all very sexy and would add some diversity to the whole reactor system. Maybe get thorium from processing basalt in a certain way? Recycling?

    Source: Forbes

    One suggestion - revise "nerfer" to "collectivist", as the prime motivation of your average, vocal, nerfer is probably not to make the game more difficult for their own sake, but to force their beliefs on others consent be damned. Considering that if they only wanted the game to be harder, they just wouldnt use the [insert OP machine/method here] themselves, one can postulate that their motivations are based on a lust for power and control. Worse yet, some collectivists are so dogmatic that they will actually INSULT people who don't believe their ideas are the be-all end-all of all discussion on the topic.

    It's truly a crazy world when people dump so much raw emotion into mere computer games while banksters and psychoticians systematically turn those same people into debt-serfs. Me thinks that people would rather focus on the enemy they can see as opposed to the one they cant, no matter how petty the conflict or how steep the opportunity cost of not addressing the latter.

    I have decided to close the server down. I have tried to get several people to take it over but due to financial or time related reasons they are unable to. It has been a good run but I no longer have enough time to host the server, referee wars, fix the constant stream of errors and bugs associated with this game, help out new people and handle pretty much all the issues associated with running a server by oneself. I am very sorry to the people this may let down and hope that no one takes this personally. Over the past month I have tried to stay involved but have only found enough time to answer e-mails and check for war declerations. I'm not even sure that I would be able to attend wars in the future based off my schedule change.

    I will be officially closing things down on friday. I was going to have one last big war but it seems there is not enough interest for that anymore, unless its a one-sided affair. If anyone wants to take this over please let me know by then, as I will hate to see something I have put so much time into collapse entirely. I am willing to send an appropriate admin whatever server files or website accounts/passes they need to smooth the transition to a new admin. If I dont get word by this weekend I will be releasing the server files to whichever players want it.

    I wanted to thank everyone who played on here, even the assholes, for a great time. I have got to know a lot of you better than I intended and have to say you are great bunch of people. I will definitely miss you guys and wish you luck in everything you do, especially terrorizing other admins.

    EDIT: Thanks keebes, that means a lot to me. (finals) - or business trips
    2.not having 1.2.5 (still waiting on red power cause im not using the buggy, server crashing version)
    3.not having frames wars (for at least 2 weeks, and when people come on a war server they sort of expect wars, then leave if there are none) planes/tanks (flan decided he would not port it to smp and is offering to "let" someone do that for him [don't everbody jump on that at once!]) not very much to wars without war machines

    And don't forget the people we lost over the rules.

    Someone left a factory on .2 seconds...

    People, please remember to turn your things off when you leave, and do not ever set timers that low. I do not want to institute lag-machine rules (was hoping common sense would be sufficient), but will if things like this continue to occur.

    And a word of warning to all potential MCedit users: backup before you do edits. I was looking for lag sources on the map last night when MCedit crashed and corrupted the map. FORTUNATLY, I make backups of backups of backups, so nothing was lost.

    Starting 5/7/12 there will be a new war system as well as something entirely different: battlegrounds.

    The new war system will only effect how towns are captured. It works like this: instead of just hitting one block to capture the town you will recieve 10 points for tapping a sign at the control tower. Each team will have a particular sign to tap and doing so will generate a server-wide announcement.. "Red/Blue team has scored 10 points". The signs will have a cooldown period, 5 minutes as of now, in which no one will be able to use them to generate more points. After this cooldown period elapses you will once again be able to hit the sign to generate more points for your team. The first team to 50 points wins. If there is a tie after 1 hour has elapsed the war will be considered a stalemate.

    The battlefield system will initially be based out of the ruins of Detroit. The system will have 3 major features: the ability to capture the city for up to 6 hours, enabling only the victorious team to build or destroy blocks there (note that rockets and explosives can still be used to destroy things), the power to collect "taxes" every 20 minutes at a special station, and the convenience of being open 24/7. No advance declerations, no admin judges necessary, just a fully automated system for fighting for land and taxes. The benefits are obvious; you get money and land that only you can build on. The drawbacks are that enemies can still enter the land to hunt and kill you, and that you have to physically collect the taxes at an office that is exposed to danger. Even if you control the city, if you cant keep raiders from killing the collectors (and stealing their loot), the benefits are marginal. The whole system will also reset itself with server restarts.

    As of now I only have plans for a battleground in detroit. In the future (and as more towns are built) more battlefields could open up. Some ideas that have been thrown around involve mining towns, agricultural communities, power stations and fortresses. We will wait and see whether it is worth pursuing those based on the utility or popularity of the Detroit battleground.

    Also, even after destroying a large chunk of the city it still may lag a bit. Let me know if this lag is unbearable and I can raze some more of it. It was real nice having a city to fight in but practically speaking all those humongous buildings generate way too much lag. Would be nice if minecraft was 1/100 as stable as it is fun.

    Best way to deal with quantum on PVP servers is to remove it entirely. You dont need a fancy plugin to do this. Change the ID for qsuit gear in the config to the
    ID's for nano or bronze armor (cause frankly even nano is kind of ridiculus vs. guns). That way if someone trys to make quantum they will wind up with nano or bronze.

    Just remember, even an asshole can be a leader! But they will be kicked from this server.....

    Assholes can only be leaders when they are holding hostages. In the end they all wind up like Qaddafi/Hussein/etc...ridiculed, laughed at, and having their lives terminated at a whim by the people they agitated.

    EDIT: Anyone care to wager that this...

    5/9 roughly done.

    - Posted on 04.25.2012
    at 10:43:11 (GMT+1) -

    is likely something to do with industrial conflict, alblakas weapon mod?

    Yeah I would have announced it but I had no idea it was even going to be possible. And mke I clarified in the post it had to be sdks guns mod all. Here is the complete list of mods you need cause it needs more than ID changes to work -

    modloaderMP 1.2.3 v3 (SDK's version) & SDKs mods for 1.2.3 ALL -…1-apr-4-modloadermp-only/ -