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    Nothing is wrong with the vehicles or guns, they could just be a lot better. It also may seem that having a unified theme is not important but it has always drove me nuts that minecraft, especially once modded, is some god awful mish mash of every possible theme imaginable (running around in quantum armor shooting zombies with a magically enchanted bow WTF LSD LOL).

    However, I do want planes and guns which have IC2 recipes and possess more futuristic capabilities. Vehicles should have better handling and manueverability, speed and armor. Weapons should do more damage and have more range or be more accurate. Not sure if you have messed with any of flans packs but before I modified them I didn't think they were that impressive performance wise. Since the guns and vehicles will be improved performance wise the recipes should be more demanding. I'm also aiming to make all vehicle/gun/ammo recipes craftable so that production can be automated.

    Aside, I'm not basing whether I start the server up on if I have this special flans pack done or not. I will just start it up by saturday with altered WW2 stuff if I cant get it done this week; the pack can come later. The only thing I'm waiting on now is RP2 but I'm not waiting more than a week. If RP2 is going to become undependable then we will just dump it altogether (suggestions for replacements; preferably OPEN SOURCED ones would be appreciated).

    Does anyone know of any way to remove name plates permenantly? I want those damn things gone but comecloser and herosneak are not updated.

    Yes, I'm picking saturday 1-19-13 as the grand re-re-re-opening. That gives me enough time to set up all perms, test all the mods and plugins and build the map. I want to have everything ready instead of launching it THEN setting things up and pin pointing bugs, which is hard on all of us and creates many problems.

    As far as frame mining goes there will be a brief window for it. We will not be having a mining world and there will be no chunk regenerations. Once all natural ore is mined out, it's gone forever. Team worlds will be 400x400 and will be just that - isolated maps linked to a hub map with portals. They will quickly be picked clean and that will make having large rigs unneccessary. The hub world will be unprotected so having an expensive or obvious rig there will be very dangerous. I was also going to limit frame ships to one per team. If there were further problems with that we could just limit the size.

    There is a lot of interest in frame ship combat or I would not go through so much effort to let it happen.

    Given how I enjoy augmenting the economy to encourage combat it's unlikely that you will need forestry. As always, railcraft will have questionable utility cause any rail line would just get blown up anyway (with obsidian being subject to raids by highwaymen). Also, planes make rails obsolete. Did I mention we will have some kind of mod or plugin that will let you chop trees down by breaking the bottom block? I wouldnt mind getting computer craft but I have read some horror stories about lag and the turtles are wayy to cheap. Frame quarries will be enough. Plus I will be bringing back the old school mines on the hub world; more to fight over.

    I'm sure whatever reason redpower has not been released is a good one, considering that updates have been consistent in the past. Like I said though, its not entirely necessary, frames can wait and RP ores can be bought in shops. I will hold out for a little and then bring it up regardless cause as things are all the mods and plugins are getting along.

    ...Also, can Flan's mod work with IC2 and the others? It would be amazing if it could, I remember talking about smp flan's on this server months ago...

    Yes it can. I have a test server running IC2, greg-tech, redpower and flans. All the mods are bukkit ready except red-power, which should be ready, but is apparently not due to some bureaucratic hold up of sorts.

    .. Also, will you be on a team? It would be nice to get red team back together...

    I agree. I had a lot of fun getting my ass kicked by MantaRayMatt and working with you guys to fight terrorismand further the glory of the coalition of the willing. However, due to having to be an admin now, I can't play. On the other hand I will be able to dedicate my time to building bad ass dystopian cities and locales (something I legit enjoy) for you guys to loot and fight in, so it should be a win-win.

    Time: I love those skins and hope you grant me permission to use them. Very nice work man. Curious to see if you can make a tank skin that actually lets the driver see. I don't know if you have tried it out yet but actually trying to drive the tank is nearly impossible because of the tiny little viewing window in it (refering to the ww2 pack; havent used the modern one yet so it may be different).

    Men's I love the server idea. It sounds so fucking awesome. I agree with you on the option one cause like you said I'd rather not have someone from halfway across the world go in and capture the base while everyone from the us is asleep. I honestly can't wait for this server now

    Thanks Keebes I appreciate that. And yes, I'm pretty excited to. If red-power is not ported by a certain point in time I'm just gonna start up without it and add it later. Greg-tech can automate things anyway, we just wont have frames right away.

    Imagine: combat between frame ships with .50 cals mounted on the decks. Or, frame ship aircraft carriers. Or, when ICBM gets ported, frame ship aircraft carriers with launchable chemical weapon tipped cruise missiles (shadow complex!).

    Also it has all the things you listed with extra like an automatic rife and dmrs,
    and silencers don't really work that much, well maybe if I had a really quite gunshot that didn't echo as far like the rest,
    and there really isn't an option to in-cress the speed of the bullet cause if there was I would of ,they are really slow.

    You can increase the velocity for any gun, but you have to add a line in the file cause flan didnt include it in all his guns. Look at the file for his crossbow and you will see that it has a line to determine velocity. You can copy that to any other gun and alter the velocity. I did some !SCIENCE! and set the BAR to a velocity of 40; I will have to send you the file to get on my test server to see for yourself but its basically a real gun now. Further alteration of accuracy means the bullet actually goes where you want it to, with a tiny margin of error programmed in intentionally. I set the .50 to a velocity of 60 but havent tested it yet; I'm afraid it might tear a hole in the space/time continuum.

    Also, keep in mind that I'm actually going with a theme this time: planetary war in the far, far future. It will be loosely based off Warhammer 40k. So the varience in guns is unnecessary and will break immersion. The technology will have advanced enough that one assualt rifle will have the best features of several, making more than one redundant. Also, one gun can have clips of different sizes, for instance drum magazines vs. clips. And the only thing that should determine how much damage a weapon does or how fast its rounds travel is the caliber. A .223 semi will do the same amount of damage and have the same velocity as a .223 auto, but the auto will have a higher rate of fire. As long as barrels are the same length and rifled to the same quality accuracy also wont be any different. Recoil should be determined by the strength of the round and the weight of the gun, as heavier guns have less kick. Finally, having as few types of ammo as possible is a good thing. It's much easier to keep fighting when you can use the ammo of the guy you just killed, which isnt possible if he's using an AK74 and your using an FN-FAL or M16.

    EDIT: Was thinking about the justification for having an SMG at all given what I just wrote and determined that due to the size of the gun when zoomed in the ACOG should clutter up the screen much, much less, making it easier to look around while zoomed in for CQB/urban warfare.

    now there's a bunch of different packs but I can mash them to gather to make a idea modern warfare type pack
    but this would be only for this server

    Yes please do. We also dont need a zillion different guns that do the same thing and use different ammo types, nor do we need "Russian" or " 'murikan" guns. All we really need is:

    pistol (10 mm fallout style?)
    smg (10 mm fallout style?)
    shotgun (12 or 10 gauge)
    semi rifle(.223)
    assault rifle(.223)
    battle rifle (auto .308)
    machine gun (infantry; .223 or .308)
    heavy machine gun (emplacement; .50)
    anti-personel sniper (.338 lapua or .308)
    anti-material sniper (.50)
    rocket launcher
    grenade launcher

    ..and they can be generic, made up, or modeled off real guns. Doesnt matter as long as we can still alter the bullet damage and velocity. It would be a bonus if these had different ammo types, clip sizes and attachments like ACOGS, silencers and bayonets.

    Later on I want to implement super weapons, like Gauss rifles, miniguns or space marine bolters (rocket propelled armor piercing exploding tip bullets anyone?), but please don't develop those now cause super weapons will be paired with events and will have special construction requirements.

    As for vehicles would be nice to have an APC in addition to the jeep and battle tank. Also want to get rid of the prop planes and use jets; perhaps an interceptor, fighter-bomber, and bomber model.

    One way or another, the old system of having to come on here and declare war to attack a town will be discarded in favor of more fun and dynamic systems.

    Capitols will no longer exist either way. Teams will now have planets that are linked to the hub world by portals. Under normal conditions, reds wont be able to travel to blues planet and vice versa. Gaining access to an opposing teams portal will have requirements. As for those requirements, I have two ideas in mind. They both would rely on towny and its war system. They are as follows:

    1. There are 5 locations and a central location. The central location is a portal complex which features numerous portals. The portals can be directed to dial up a portal on any teams planet, allowing invasions to occur. The portals need power to work, though. The only way to get power is to accumulate it by capturing land in those 5 points. To capture land you would have to occupy it. The land has "health points" which are drained when someone from the other team stands on it for so long. After the lands "health" reaches 0, it becomes the property of the team occupying it and that team is awarded power points. Players would be able to capture land to accumulate points at any time. After a team accumulates so many power points, they can redirect the power to the portal complex and use it to open a gate to their enemies homeworld. However, the gate needs a certain amount of time to power up and can only be used during certain periods. The gate will also cease to function after its power runs down and the whole process will have to be repeated.

    tl;dr - You can accumulate points by capping towns at any time but you still have to make a formal decleration to invade a homeworld, and you have to have a certain amount of points from town capping to afford to do that. The portal stays open for a certain amount of time then closes, requiring more points to be accumulated to activate again.

    2. Each team (2) owns about one third of the hub map, which is divided into towny plots. The teams plots will be situated in the corners of the hub map, with their portal rooms at the very edge of the map corner so that there are numerous plots to act as a buffer between the wilds and the portal block. The team leaders can declare war at any time, thereby allowing their team to start claiming the other teams plots. To claim the plots you must place down a flag and keep it intact for a certain period of time. After the time period elapses the plot would come under the control of your team. The team would be unable to claim plots on the interior; they have to start at the plots bordering the wilds and work their way in. Once they have worked their way to the portal block they will be able to claim the plot which has the portal chamber. Once that plot is under their control they will be able to use the portal to their enemies homeworld freely, until it is taken back off them. However, to prevent that lone guy from Slovakia from beating an entire team at 5 AM with a wooden sword,
    teams will not be able to claim plots unless X amount of people on the opposing team are online.

    tl;dr - You have to claim territory by placing flags on it. After you claim all the territory leading up to the other teams portal block, you can capture the portal block and use it to travel to that teams homeworld. The only way that team can keep you off their homeworld is to take the portal block back. Teams have to have so many people online before territory can be claimed.

    Option 1 still uses the forum decleration to a very limited extent. Option 2 does not but requires a certain number of players to be in game before you can capture plots off them. I'm in favor of option 1 due to the fact that with option 2 a weak or unlucky team could be completely dominated with no respite to build up their strength. However, option 2 doesnt involve as much gimmickery and is more like real war (capturing all the territory leading up to a nations capitol and having to take and hold that capitol with an occupation force).

    Weighing in here for input and to see what you guys might prefer.

    didn't Eloraam give permission through this?

    One would think so...seems kind of arbitrary to wait...maybe there is strict quality control?

    And damnnnn time, nice skins on the abrams. I definitely want modern vehicles and planes. The ww2 stuff is too retro. I actually want some skins and guns + recipes that match IC2's theme. And it's also nice to see hyperlite supporting you. Your little spy on red..

    We will be using a system similar to the one we have used previously as far as the economy goes. UU matter will be generated vanilla style, as I will always strive to avoid or nerf the scrap system as much as possible. I know, changes have been made and its not that laggy, etc. When dozens of people start doing it though, it becomes a huge problem.

    I would like to open up the end as a sort of asteroid setting, but may or may based on computing restraints. I would be more inclined to use the end if it had some sort of space effect, requiring an IC2 helmet to breathe. To be honest though, I would rather generate normal worlds and alter the distribution of ore via worldedit.

    Naturally, spawnshop will always have those rare things that you cant kill someone for. For a steep price, of course.

    Will definitely be using the more expensive recipes for green tech and machines as well as laser and saber.

    The laser wont have a real big use anymore, mining aside. After actually using the thing in combat I am psychically repulsed at the thought of using it as a weapon, or inflicting that hardship on others. Since I really like the idea of having guns that work, whose bullets don't go comically slow and do foam dart-like damage, I am altering the values of guns to reflect their IRL attributes. Now a .308 is actually something to fear, and the .50 will shread you up just by traveling near you. So you can imagine what a .50 with depleted uranium rounds might do to something like quantum armor, even. Or, if things go as planned, what a space marines bolter might do. Ranges seem about right to. The age of the nano sword spammer is over, we are moving into the era of the sniper, bomber and tank.

    The redpower gems probabaly wont be made compatible with Greg tech. considering my usual eu buffs and affinity for nuclear energy (and now delicious fusion and thorium).

    I'm ready to bring it back. At this point I'm just waiting for redpower to be ported to bukkit. Which, according to these people...

    Posted by Maeyanie on: January 04, 2013, 05:21:51 AM »
    "The port has been complete for several days and is just waiting on Eloraam's approval to release. Please stop bugging me about it..."
    Source: just sitting there waiting for the god-emporers go ahead to unleash on us filthy unwashed earth creatures.

    As far as mods go, these are what I plan to have:

    Industrial Craft 2
    Red-Power 2
    Greg-tech (this mod inspired me to come back, this guy knows his shit and is on top of the problems other modders disregard)
    Flans mods (will probabaly start with ww2 and modern weapons pack, but want to make a custom content pack more in tune with future weapons & vehicles)
    Compact Solars
    Nuclear Control
    ICBM mod (will change the recipes to use IC2 components)
    MFFS Forcefield thing (as long as it is no longer plagued by terrible server destroying bugs)
    Anything that adds turrets, landmines or fightin' robots

    I will be changing the way team combat works, and hope to creatively utilize a handful of plugins to create worlds to fight over, rather than just one big map. I also wanted to set up a persistent system of war, instead of the lame but previously necessary declare-war-on-the-forums-first thing, probabaly using towny.

    I will also be seeking a host this time, cause comcast is a pack of thieving, skulking filth. I plan to go with this guy: Support small business, bitchez.

    So, in the meantime, while waiting for the ported redpower to be posted, I will put the server file together, do some !SCIENCE!, change some write ups, and drag the old forum posts and sites out of the dust bin.

    Not really denied afaik, but more like ignored several times.


    This really was denied. With the rationale being that "Steve is perfectly capable of building circuit boards with a hammer and saw" or some shit.

    I remember that well because I made the suggestion. The suggestion was along the lines of "lets have complex production chains to produce the various caustic gasses and silicon wafers associated with microchip lithography and then make them in a semi-rational way, for the sake of immersion and because making the things on a wooden workbench is absurd". The moment it was shot down was the moment I gave up on trying to take any of this seriously.

    REVISION: I like this idea +111 . Also, SAWRY FOUR MIEN BAT ENGRISH BEACUSS I M FORIN, MinecraftCreeperMinecraftCreeperMinecraftChickenMinecraftGhast:thumbup::thumbup::Cutter: DANKE :Treetap:

    Crap guys I'm really sorry something changed with how the config works and we had to re-do it. Here's the updated config:

    I will also update the magic launcher to avoid any more confusion. Once again, I apoligize.

    For anyone who has trouble connecting, go to user/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/config/IC2 and change it to this

    Everything will be fixed and the war on turror can resume.

    I had a strong feeling when I clicked on that link that it would be planetary annihilation. TA was the best RTS hands down, starcraft seems like super mario world in comparison. Sup-com was good in its own right, but I wouldn't call it a "spiritual successor" like it was marketed as.

    I totally thought James Earl Jones did the voice overs in the originals mission briefings, and was surprised to see that really strange guy was the real man behind the voice.

    Looks like one hell of a game though, worth the investment.

    Does anyone here still play TA spring? I'm semi-active and would be up for a game.