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    They are nice, great way to reduce area needed for windmills, although i'm afraid it doesn't have the same EU/t fluctuation as the normal ones does. [0 - 10 EU/t]
    If it does, please tell me the source code formula .

    OK, I added something more like IC2 EU generation, so it's more realistic. It now also uses the height to calculate its EU output.

    I made it a little bit different, but now it's checking a further area, the higher tier the windmill is.



    This mod adds a compact version of the classic IC2 Windmill. It can produce more energy as it is still within one block, but it also is a little bit more pricy. Because it is a compact version of the Windmill and within one Block, a 256 EU/t Energy farm with CompactWindmills causes less lag than a 256EU/t Energy farm with normal Windmills.
    Like the normal Windmills, they are more efficient the more space is around them, so make sure to not place them in a bad spot.
    They require a rotor in them to produce energy, and you have to replace that rotor. (Rotor requirement can be disabled in the config as "vanillaIC2Stuff")
    They are availible in the folowing stages:
    (From left to right on the image)
    Extreme Low Voltage Windmill 8EU/t
    Low Voltage Windmill 32EU/t
    Medium Voltage Windmill 128EU/t
    High Voltage Windmill 512EU/t
    Extreme Voltage Windmill 2048EU/t

    Mod spotlight:
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    Crafting recipes:

    I added Localizations, so if you want to help me, please create/improve the language file of your language here .


    Problems and Issues:
    If you have any problems with this mods, or if you found a bug, or if you have any other issues, post it in reply to this thread or in a issue on github.

    Version (MC 1.7.2 IC2 Experimental)
    Version (MC 1.6.4 IC2 Experimental)
    Version (MC 1.6.4 IC2 Experimental)
    Version (MC 1.6.2/1.6.4 IC2 Experimental build 301) (This version should be compatible with other builds, if they don't change the IC2API!)
    Version (MC 1.6.2)
    Version (MC 1.5.2)
    Version (MC 1.5.1)
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    As of version of CompactWindmills Aroma1997Core is required.

    Get it from here.

    Sphax Textures (by jaojake1804)

    Can be found here .


    - Name: Robin
    - Minecraft Acc. Name: Aroma1997
    - Timezone: GMT+1(Winter)/+2(Summer)
    - Position: Beta-Testing
    - Experience: I beta-tested other Games, but I haven't on Minecraft yet. I found a lot of Bugs in other MC-Mods, and reported them to the authors, but I never was an official BETA-Tester.
    I know, you have enough BETA-Tester, but I love IC and IC2 and I'd like to help you keeping it bug-free.
    Would be nice To hear of you.