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Thursday, October 13th 2011, 12:26am

- Name/Nick: Luingar
- Account name (For everything everywhere): Luingar
- E-mail (Best way to contact me):
- Timezone: GMT -5
- Position: Sprite skinner
- Experiance: These words are links

Other notes: I'm mostly a hobbying skinner which is why those IMVU items don't really have much documentation, but I'm pretty good if I do say so myself. If you want, you could toss me an e-mail and I'll throw together a minecraft character skin of your specification, from scratch, to prove my worth. I would love to be a part of your team.


Wednesday, November 16th 2011, 5:40am

Erm I,d like too be part of the team!

- Axel (pretty much)
- Mc forum nick Axel IC forum Nick Axel Minecraft account Axel245 time Easter standard time EST
- thought i just mash the last parts together xD

Well i,m saddened to notice the modders applications have been taken I am quite good at modding yet I,m still the level you were when you started IC i thought i would just kind of look and gain more knownledge on how you guys do it but i realise then I would not be much help so I would apply for a job as a texture maker I have quite a few experiences with texture making after making several mods (I dont release I,m kind of nervous when it comes to putting something hard on the line you,ve worked on then someone saying "Hey its already been done") but I can do it here you gimme something like a texture to do and I,ll do my best as long as i,m given details anyway thats my sub form ty!

P.S Sorry for rambling on I just realised I put down quite a bit O-o thanks though -Axel

Edit: Oh crap I just realised that I miss read a position and your not looking for a texturer to make block skins unless that is what you mean then yer I,ll do it anyway xD!


Friday, November 18th 2011, 6:03pm


Name/nick= cammy
Time zone = GMT
position= Beta testing finding bugs
Previous experience= (edit) now i have some experience . But i am allways trying to improve on things or help other people out with what ever they may need i am also part of the team for the minecraft elite mod! :)


Saturday, November 19th 2011, 1:23am

I'll throw my name in here just in case you need more people. I love this mod that much.

Name: Neceros
All my names: Neceros
I'm in Pacific Standard, so GMT -8
Position: I would love to both beta test, and if needed, film for you.

My things:
My IC2 playlist:…feature=viewall

PS: I love you.


Saturday, November 19th 2011, 11:15pm

I want to lend a hand ^^

- Name/Nick: Gashimahiron
- Minecraft account nick:Gashimahiron and Dragonslayer667
(dragonslayer for classic, gash for beta)
- IC forums nick: Gashimahiron
- Timezone: GMT -3 Brazil
- Position: Sounds! it's all i know about!
i used to personalize some sound effects for several games, like fallout, oblivion, unreal tournament and a long list i don't want to strain my brain remembering of
i edited the sounds, cut some of them, added volume, intensity, reverb, used to search new sounds on the internet and used them into the games
basically, i played a lot with sounds, and i don't care to play some more to help on my favorite mod
- Experience: i think i said it all above ;)
just to be sure:

i can't prove anything because i never released any of the modified sound effects, i usually like to see people fend for themselves
:Nano Saber:

also, i'm a bit lazy but whenever i say i'll do something, i can't sleep 'till i do it
some say it's a curse, i say it's a blessing :thumbup:
and, there is also better people than me, i'm just a guy that likes playing around with sound and making them awesome sometimes
there is ppl who study about that and even work professionally with sound :O
they probably don't have as much free time as i do though ;)
and finally, i like honesty and honest ppl like me ;)


Sunday, November 27th 2011, 6:25am


name: Raymi
Minecraft username: raymi
MC forums username: Lemin_X
desired position: Spriter

please contact me via email:
< /signature>


Monday, November 28th 2011, 1:32am

-ncc1702 (MC-forum) (IC-forum) (Minecraft IGN)
-GMT -5
-Sounds Skins Debug and Testing
+ occasionally remix music, rough understanding but could most likely find a sound-file on the web and edit it to make suffice
+ can help a tad with sprites I'm not great with pixel art but i could always make some very basic textures
+ was a Minecraft beta and alpha tester (that was a joke)
+ I have beta tested for games in the past as well for software but there really isn't much to just play around with it and find problems is how i understand it


Saturday, December 3rd 2011, 9:22am

- RawCode \ SharpXea8
- RawCode \ Initrd (IndustrialRage)
- GTM + 11
- Beta testing (advanced debug skills, midlevel MCP, advanced Eclipce\jad)
- Code design (midlevel java)

samples of unpublished anywhere else bukkit plugins i created and screenshot of custom world generator results (fwg) (menger spounge runtime world generator)

ps. part of admin team bukkit SMP (~70 online)
pps. able to host IC2 server (i7 16gb ram)

RawCode has attached the following file:
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Monday, December 5th 2011, 1:10am

Username / Nickname - MithosFall, Mithos, and Xero are all names I commonly go by. =)
MC-Forum & Minecraft Username - MithosFall | IC-Forum Username - Xero
Timezone - GMT -5 | EST
Position - I would like to be a spriter on the design team.
Experience - Instead of posting links, I'll just post some images of sprites I've done.

Spoiler Spoiler

First is this sprite I made for the Solar Helmet addon. It's nothing much but I figured I would put it in here anyway.


And these are some I made/edited a long time ago. About 10 months ago, actually, when I was just getting in to spriting.

My portfolio (lol) may not look very impressive but I assure you that I can do what's asked of me regarding sprites. Feel free to test me if you like. =)


EDIT: Oh, yeah. I forgot; I also made some custom graphics for some of Minecraft's textures as well as textures in Minecraft mods (for personal use). If you'd like me to post them, I can. I thought they looked a bit better than the original.


Monday, December 5th 2011, 12:24pm

- Scorpi
- Thingear / Scorpi / Scorpirus
- GMT +4
- Tester
- Expirience in finding bugs and fixing them


Friday, December 9th 2011, 5:20pm

Name: sadris (everywhere its this)
Timezone: GMT-5
Position: Programmer
Experience: Java/C/PHP/Python contract developer in financial sector. Java developer for self-owned mobile app development company.


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Posts: 30

Location: near Berlin

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Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 5:08pm

Name: foxxx
MC nick: foxxx0
IC² nick: foxxx0

Timezone: GMT+1h (Berlin)

Desired positions: Beta tester, German translator, forum moderating

Hey Guys,
I would like to apply as a beta tester, even if you're not looking for more of them right now. I just want you to have my apply, maybe i could be useful for you in the future ;)
Since you're actually not looking for another beta tester, I would also apply as a German translator, especially for a German IC² wiki. My English skills should be enough and my German skills are way better (I'm from Germany).

For introducing myself a bit further:
In October 2010 I've started studying "Information Technology / Networked Systems" which has parts of physics, electrical engineering, programming (atm only C, C++ incoming), microcontroller, digital electronics, software engineering, etc.
At this point I would like to mention, that I got some good skills at testing and debugging over the last years, when I started using linux-based systems. Owning (renting) a quite powerful (i7-920, 8GB) dedicated server, which I've installed and configured 2 years ago, makes me capable of hosting own services.
My debugging skills were developed over the last years and now I need them every day in programming microcontrollers and building electrical circuits for university.
You can also have a look at, it's a German version (still a young startup) of uTest, a crowd-based testing platform. I'm quite interested in testing software, therefor I applied at testcloud and now I'm one of the crowd ;)
Since February 2008 I'm a moderator of probably the biggest German hardware forum Hardwareluxx where I'm resposible for the "watercooling" and "linux" section.

If you have use for me and want me to do something, I will do it as well as I'm able to. Regarding debugging and some little programming I got some sort of perfectionism, where I won't stop, until I got a solution which makes me satisfied. Therefor I can work on my own until I got a good solution, but on the other hand I'm able to discuss problems in a team aswell :)

I would be really proud being part of the IC²-Project :thumbsup:

That's pretty much all you should be interested in ;)

Greetings from Germany,

PS: As I mentioned above, I'm from Germany so please excuse some mistakes in language (grammar/style) :)


Friday, January 20th 2012, 3:20am

- Name/Nick (just something to call you with)
- MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname (preferable all of them)
- Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x
GMT -5
- The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do?
Tester, but I can find/make sounds and sprites, and I'll be taking Java courses in June. And Class A bug finder. If it's wrong, I'll probably have found it already.
- Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours.

Sounds for various videos, game sound modding, texture pack production, finding problems in damn near everything.

For the record Sibire is pronounced like "sighbeer", not "cyber", "sib-ere" or "sigh-bire".
:Mining Laser: HEADSHOT :Mining Laser:
For the record "Sibire" is pronounced "sighbeer", not "cyber", "sib-ere" or "sigh-bire".


Saturday, January 21st 2012, 1:34am

Name/Nick___ jacob/jake
- MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname_____ gamer2person/magentis/magentis
- Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x___________ srry i dont know but i live in hawaii and right now its 3:26 pm
- The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do?_____ i would like to be a beta tester
- Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours._________ I have found some major bugs for buildcraft and some minor bug but the minor bugs was not change though. i have beta tested gears of war 3 (i was acctually a tester, not the beta u can download in the xbox market place).
i applyed for mw3 but wasnt accepted.
:Matter: with love from magentis :Matter:


Tuesday, January 24th 2012, 4:09am

Known as : libraryaddict
Timezone : +12GMT
Position : You dont have enough beta testers. You still release with bugs in :D
Previous experience : I know how to play. Which is where the bugs are found.


Sunday, February 12th 2012, 6:34pm


-nick: Overlord
- MC-Forum Nick: TheOverlord15, IC-Forum Nick: TheOverlord15, Minecraft Acountname: TheOverlord15
- Timezone: EST
- The position you want to take: Sprite creator.
- Previous experience on the position mentioned above?
I have been making pixel art for a while, minecraft really got me started on it once I found out how easy it was to edit the textures. Unfortunately I don't have my old texture packs anymore due to them being outdated. All I use are MS paint and time
:D . As long as i have a description of the item/block/thing I can make it.
me + :Nuke TNT: = crash XD


Tuesday, February 14th 2012, 7:02pm


Well, there sure are some great app's here and some tough competition, but I'm going to give my app anyway

- Name/Nick:

- MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname:
jjj51 / jjj51 / jjj51 (Easy to remember ;)).

- Timezone you're living in:
GMT + 0:00

- The position you want to take:
Somebody capable of creating/searching/modifying sound files

-Previous experience on the position mentioned above?
Sample sounds are attached.
I have been the 'Sound guy' for many mods including: PlasticCraft and SDK's gunmod, I greatly enjoyed working with the creators and we had some laughs.
Also, I have been the recording artist/editor and have worked in many different recording studios, From ones in London to ones in New York.
A few of my editing/recordings have made it into some hit records.
Here is a band that I did the editing and recording for:

The sounds I have included are: Chainsaw, Drill and Generator.

If you would like any more demo sounds or more info, just ask.
Alblaka, I hope to be working with you in the future.


P.S.: Once you have read this please put an 'X' in the box below to show you have seen it, thanks.

[] Put 'X' inside once app has been read, thanks.
jjj51 has attached the following file:
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Tuesday, March 6th 2012, 11:47pm

I'll go ahead and throw my name in the hat as well, here's my info:

- Name/Nick
slowpoke, capt_slowpoke on Rizon, or Oniontrain. I have several IM names, I can provide those on request via private message as well.

- MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname (preferable all of them)
Eustace / slowpoke / capt_slowpoke

- Timezone
I'm usually online between 4- 9 PM my time.

- The position
Spriting and/or modeling, I can do either, but I'm not familiar with Minecraft's model format.

- Previous experience

I'm a professional artist that really likes pixel art. I've done a 32x pack for vanilla, IC2 and Redpower (so far) and plan to throw Railcraft in there as well. Before I started playing with mods I could usually get a new version out the same day as a MC version release. I'm trained as a 3d modeler and animator as well, but I haven't done anything for Minecraft. The most recent 3d stuff I've done has been for New Vegas, shoot me a message if you want to see that.

Here's a few examples of my work with Minecraft:
Vanilla blocks
IC2 blocks to match my other textures
Vanilla items



Sunday, March 18th 2012, 12:21pm

- Name/Nick (just something to call you with)
- MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / mtwiscool minecraft is another username
- Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +0
- The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do? ideas and texture makeing and testing
- Previous experience on the position mentioned above?
i have found and reported bugs of minecraft


Saturday, April 14th 2012, 4:12pm

Nick: petergriffin59 (same name for everything)
Timezone: gmt+0/england
postion: creating/searching/modifying sound files also spriter/skinner
previous experience: 2 year collage course in games development still on second year but almost over. also I do a lot of stuff in my free time I am used to doing high resolution textures although I am perfectly capable of doing low res textures. I have a fair amount of experience with sound files both creating and editing as I use a synthesiser and am experienced in audacity and adobe audition as I like to play around with them in my free time.

my texturing/skining work can be found here along with my modeling work yes they are high res but i can do low res but if you want a preview of a something pixelated just ask


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