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[Yesterday, 11:18pm] EvGamer: But to be honest its not too hard to gather resourses for big and stable reactor.

[Yesterday, 11:18pm] EvGamer: If you make sort of realistic safisticated construction lately introdusing into exp, then yes, things become littlebit tricky.

[Yesterday, 9:34pm] Dragsteur: hi

[Yesterday, 7:18pm] ultrasn0w: Yay :)

[Yesterday, 7:12pm] GregoriusT: And another release again.

[Yesterday, 6:20pm] Mine_Sasha: or golem

[Yesterday, 6:20pm] Mine_Sasha: compared to lava

[Yesterday, 6:19pm] Mine_Sasha: and it's a bit late game

[Yesterday, 6:19pm] Mine_Sasha: well, depends, you can rush it, but I prefer building a big stable reactor

[Yesterday, 6:17pm] EvGamer: its availible at aluminium age

[Yesterday, 6:14pm] Mine_Sasha: @ev : because nuclear is end game

[Yesterday, 5:04pm] RevengeCreeper: any help?

[Yesterday, 5:04pm] RevengeCreeper: Im using fastcraft 1.1.2 and it says A probolem occurred running the Server launcher

[Yesterday, 4:53pm] GregoriusT: Ho

[Yesterday, 4:49pm] FloeyGH: Hey

[Yesterday, 2:57pm] Requia: wire cutters

[Yesterday, 2:30pm] sprAngles: Sorry I'll ask again what's the appropriate tool to remove GT cables?

[Yesterday, 2:02pm] EvGamer: @Mine_Sasha Why no nuclear?

[Yesterday, 1:34pm] GregoriusT: And the Forum is slow again.

[Yesterday, 12:57pm] sprAngles: Well I don't have railcraft or thaumcraft haha

[Yesterday, 12:53pm] Requia: How does a golem treefarm work?

[Yesterday, 12:40pm] Mine_Sasha: use a coke oven for free charcoal ^.^

[Yesterday, 12:40pm] Mine_Sasha: Thaumcraft golems tree farm + small boiler

[Yesterday, 12:40pm] Mine_Sasha: golem ?

[Yesterday, 12:13pm] sprAngles: Thanks sasha but what are the machines for that exactly?

[Yesterday, 12:12pm] sprAngles: Waila harvestability says wrench but it doesn't do anything

[Yesterday, 12:12pm] sprAngles: Oh sorry I forgot err how do you remove cables

[Yesterday, 12:01pm] Mine_Sasha: Options IMO : Lava, oil, solar, golems

[Yesterday, 12:00pm] sprAngles: And not keep finding coal for fuel

[Yesterday, 12:00pm] sprAngles: So I'm trying to find a good source of energy for the electric age

[Yesterday, 12:00pm] sprAngles: Yup I've been using steam for a pretty long time already

[Yesterday, 11:56am] Mine_Sasha: Most of RC UN got changed, that's was quite annoying to fix to be honest ;P

[Yesterday, 11:31am] GregoriusT: Railcraft renamed its Items to no longer start with "" and instead start with "Railcraft:xyz"

[Yesterday, 11:30am] Ultimoos: Ok, so only resipes are bugged. How would that even happen? Boilers themselve work correctly and adding them back with minetweaker works too

[Yesterday, 11:05am] SpwnX: scroll up the shoutbox a bit and you'll find the answer

[Yesterday, 10:51am] Ultimoos: Does GT disable RC fire boxes in any way? I just realized i have no recipes for them

[Yesterday, 10:37am] SpwnX: you can use IC2s as supplementary.

[Yesterday, 10:15am] Max Shen: I am pretty sure you have to start out with Steam.

[Yesterday, 9:51am] sprAngles: Sorry I just recently got into this awesome mod

[Yesterday, 9:50am] sprAngles: Other than the super hightech ones and steam

[Yesterday, 9:50am] sprAngles: Hmm can anyone let me know what other ways of energy generation there are in GT

[Yesterday, 9:29am] Max Shen: The reason I am unsure is because HV Cable uses the same 512-2048 as the MFSU, which is EV.

[Yesterday, 9:22am] Max Shen: I am wrong. The tooltip for the Nuclear Reactor says 8196...

[Yesterday, 9:21am] Max Shen: IC2 doesn't seem to support > 8192, and the only references to even these names are Transformers labeled LV,MV,HV,EV.

[Yesterday, 9:20am] SpwnX: which should be on par of ic2s

[Yesterday, 9:20am] SpwnX: just gregtech labeling of voltage

[Yesterday, 9:20am] Max Shen: Strictly IC2?

[Yesterday, 9:20am] SpwnX: 8*4^N

[Yesterday, 9:20am] Max Shen: What. Where did you get this information? In game only refers to 8192 in the tooltips

[Yesterday, 9:19am] SpwnX: Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage, Extreme Voltage, Insane Voltage, Ludicrous Voltage, ZPM Voltage, Ultimate Voltage and MAX voltage.

[Yesterday, 9:18am] Max Shen: I don't remember where, but somewhere I read "Insane Voltage". Otherwise no idea what it is called 2048-8192

[Yesterday, 9:17am] Max Shen: OK. Do you know if I labelled the Tiers correctly? LV MV HV EV ???IV???

[Yesterday, 9:16am] Max Shen: Gregtech doesn't help on the IC2 wiki >.<

[Yesterday, 9:14am] SpwnX: throttling the energy flow to a certain direction and GregTech.

[Yesterday, 9:14am] SpwnX: they have two purposes so far

[Yesterday, 9:12am] Max Shen: Also, transformers don't make sense without loss, but I assume they are currently useless anyways.

[Yesterday, 9:11am] Max Shen: So, I know loss is disabled by default and explosions are NYI. But what else is missing from the energy net?

[Yesterday, 9:09am] SpwnX: said concept is totally valid on GregTech though, called by another name, ampere

[Yesterday, 9:08am] SpwnX: can't say they really are when the network does not function fully

[Yesterday, 9:03am] Max Shen: Trying to document EU on the wiki: are packets still a thing? like EU/p.…lk:Energy_Units

[Yesterday, 4:22am] SpwnX: you could use blue wire of GT?

[Yesterday, 4:21am] SegFaulter: i have tons of nikolite ore - yet no thing to use it for

[Yesterday, 4:16am] SegFaulter: Does anyone know of a mod for 1.6.4 that isn't rp2 and uses nikolite mineral ore for something, because GT registers recipes for it, which makes nether ores think that it should generate the ore

[Yesterday, 2:09am] Jigsaw0213: thank you

[Yesterday, 2:09am] SpwnX: api and dev are for the modders

[Yesterday, 2:08am] SpwnX: the straight

[Yesterday, 2:04am] Jigsaw0213: ive been using the ic2 classic

[Yesterday, 2:04am] Jigsaw0213: im sure this is a dumb question but which download do i want the api,dev or the straight jar file

[Yesterday, 1:14am] EvGamer: Also you cant extract battery by piping.

[Yesterday, 1:11am] EvGamer: Very weird thing to do.

[Yesterday, 1:08am] SpwnX: you could use charging stations and move batteries up and down

[Yesterday, 1:08am] EvGamer: That makes low tech rotors irrelevant, because why would you use them?

[Yesterday, 1:08am] SpwnX: then GT HV+ transformer, theres too much cabling.

[Yesterday, 1:06am] EvGamer: I meant by means of GT. I wanted to point once again what so severe losses causes troubles. :p So to have wind power i would have to get to 2nd tier at least.

[Yesterday, 12:56am] SpwnX: or use ic2 lossless transmission and then a GT transformer :P

[Yesterday, 12:56am] SpwnX: you use a GT transformer on the kinetic gen, the voltage is up to you, preferrably HV or more

[Yesterday, 12:48am] EvGamer: I came to question: how to transfer power from the windmill by means of GT? Using high voltages? So we will transfer small piece through huge pipe?

[Yesterday, 12:33am] Saidrex: ok. thx. I will take a look

[Yesterday, 12:33am] GregoriusT: so you would only need to copypaste the Config Entries of MineTweaker

[Yesterday, 12:32am] GregoriusT: maybe someone of the MineTweaker Thread in the GT Forum Section has done something like that

[Yesterday, 12:32am] GregoriusT: you can fix it with Minetweaker I think

[Yesterday, 12:31am] Saidrex: well, this sucks... whole 50 hour project just got useless =(°

[Yesterday, 12:30am] SpwnX: if we have underbedrock veins, why not vulcanic regions for geothermal powerplant purposes

[Yesterday, 12:30am] SpwnX: normally shouldnt hah. well. hey greg, what about my suggestion of hot bedrock for geothermally active areas?

[Yesterday, 12:29am] GregoriusT: no there isnt unless you downgrade RC

[Yesterday, 12:29am] GregoriusT: And the Chisel thing got revoked due to me checking for na update of Chisel. And also it caused some Bugs in Chisel itself.

[Yesterday, 12:29am] Saidrex: is there a way to enable them?

[Yesterday, 12:28am] GregoriusT: it does, due to a Bug caused by an RC Update after I stopped developing GT5.

[Yesterday, 12:07am] SpwnX: it doesnt

[Yesterday, 12:06am] Saidrex: Anyone knows if GregTech 5 disables Railcraft boiler fireboxes?

[Feb 28th 2015, 10:56pm] ultrasn0w: GalacticGreg crashes with GT-6.00.10

[Feb 28th 2015, 10:55pm] ultrasn0w: oh

[Feb 28th 2015, 10:50pm] ultrasn0w: Was the Chisel Mod integration revoked?

[Feb 28th 2015, 10:48pm] ultrasn0w: huh?

[Feb 28th 2015, 10:24pm] GregoriusT: Updated GT

[Feb 28th 2015, 9:18pm] SpwnX: you're welcome

[Feb 28th 2015, 9:12pm] leviathon: idk maybe it doenst matter but i like to think i would help if i could to someone thats asks

[Feb 28th 2015, 8:58pm] leviathon: and thank you spwnX for your assistance with my issue

[Feb 28th 2015, 8:56pm] leviathon: so the ic2 wiki on the semifluid generator need to be updated or something. biomass does not work in it but biogas does

[Feb 28th 2015, 8:38pm] SpwnX: hi

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