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[Today, 8:06am] VirMan: can't help :)

[Today, 8:06am] VirMan: something got wrong either with mod interaction or mod themselves :)

[Yesterday, 10:48pm] CubeWrench202: I try to run it again and same crash

[Yesterday, 10:46pm] CubeWrench202: Can someone help me with this crash ?, i'm trying to run Bluepower from eclipse

[Yesterday, 10:07pm] VirMan: btw - how to make textures transparent ?

[Yesterday, 9:57pm] VirMan: well - it shows baaad names like

[Yesterday, 9:57pm] Speiger: good question^^" But with that i do not have much experience. I just dropped my translation because it was to much work.

[Yesterday, 9:39pm] VirMan: i did exactly as tutorial say but there is no translation.

[Yesterday, 9:38pm] VirMan: btw - is there any glitch regarding lang files ?

[Yesterday, 9:35pm] VirMan: thanks :)

[Yesterday, 9:32pm] Speiger: if you catch me then you will be welcome to ask me.

[Yesterday, 9:30pm] VirMan: do you mind few more questions if they arise ?

[Yesterday, 9:30pm] VirMan: ok :) - you helped me a lot :)

[Yesterday, 9:29pm] Speiger: only on servers. And yes. Because this function exsist only on clients.

[Yesterday, 9:28pm] VirMan: @ForgeSubscribe @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public void createAfterIcons(TextureStitchEvent.Post par1) - so this removes whole function ?

[Yesterday, 9:27pm] Speiger: it works for the line diretly down to it. It removes simply classes from servers. But Icon interface class is Both sides.

[Yesterday, 9:26pm] VirMan: and annotation @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) works from particular line till end of block or differently ? :)

[Yesterday, 9:23pm] Speiger: if i understood it right then yes.

[Yesterday, 9:21pm] VirMan: am i getting it right ? :)

[Yesterday, 9:21pm] VirMan: that's why if i just create it once and initialize with local instance, it is then not displayed as every block is separtate instance that needs to be registered for texture ?

[Yesterday, 9:20pm] VirMan: ok - so basically i need some (prefereeably static) field that holds textures and every block or item should get this texture on creation - best if this would be static field within class.

[Yesterday, 9:18pm] Speiger: And yeah i do not like the missing texture from MCvanilla and my Texturer made a missing Texture. So i override my textures if they got not loaded(because of missing)

[Yesterday, 9:17pm] Speiger: This is for every mod i create and uses my api (SpmodAPI is my baseMod) and TMT uses SpmodAPI also compact windmills (Spmod Version).

[Yesterday, 9:16pm] VirMan: ok - bit overkill for single mod :) soyou replace textures with your own or fill if missing ?

[Yesterday, 9:11pm] Speiger: here is my Texture Storage class:…

[Yesterday, 9:10pm] Speiger:

[Yesterday, 9:10pm] VirMan: ok - no problem :)

[Yesterday, 9:10pm] Speiger: here: my githubg

[Yesterday, 9:09pm] VirMan: and get some comment :)

[Yesterday, 9:09pm] Speiger: i do not give my Private skype out. I am in the FTB ts at the moment.

[Yesterday, 9:09pm] VirMan: if i may - i';d love to see your solution :)

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] VirMan: not to spam this chat ;)

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] Speiger: what do you mean?

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] VirMan: do you have few moment over skype ?

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] Speiger: So everything is sorted and clean. It allows also my Texturer while he is ingame to see which block uses which texture (the original file)

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] VirMan: yes - that's why i say non static textures on not changing blocks is silly :P you made it right ;)

[Yesterday, 9:06pm] Speiger: It is simply an extra class so i do not need to write fields for every textures in ever block class.

[Yesterday, 9:06pm] Speiger: VirMan my Texture storage where i access/register all my textures is static.

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] VirMan: Aroma1997 - yes and it would take me forever to virew and browse all of those to pick up relevant ones :) asking does not hurts :)

[Yesterday, 9:04pm] VirMan: funny thing is, even if i register texture, and there is no error, ti got no texture if block is not a static field in master class...

[Yesterday, 9:03pm] VirMan: - it should be static field in particular class so it is once initialized andf then just used later.

[Yesterday, 9:03pm] VirMan: thanks - i think this is stupid to call for every block at creation register for texture by string as it is slow

[Yesterday, 8:55pm] Speiger: Its your choice. I personally Register all my textures in a textureRequest pool and they register Textures then when the event gets fired,

[Yesterday, 8:51pm] Aroma1997: There are tutorials out there, if you just google.

[Yesterday, 8:24pm] VirMan: Should i register texture in constructor or just once while registering blocks ?

[Yesterday, 8:24pm] VirMan: if i put any static field in class, this field will be shared across all instances- so why in examples all fields are static?

[Yesterday, 8:23pm] VirMan: question :) : why in tutorial blocks that i create and register are put as static fields in main mod class?? is minecraft needing those classess permanently?

[Yesterday, 5:13pm] 31trainman: same as here

[Yesterday, 5:13pm] 31trainman: :)

[Yesterday, 5:13pm] VirMan: sure - mine is bajtec

[Yesterday, 5:12pm] 31trainman: tech and transport

[Yesterday, 5:12pm] 31trainman: I have skype if you want to add me

[Yesterday, 5:12pm] VirMan: centeresd around ? :)

[Yesterday, 5:12pm] VirMan: and as there is not really much mods pvp that you can run competition for longer, places are mostly empty

[Yesterday, 5:11pm] 31trainman: im building a new modpack atm with ic2 and such

[Yesterday, 5:11pm] VirMan: people got bored after reachiung certain level in minecraft

[Yesterday, 5:10pm] VirMan: i play on my but there is not much people on it :)

[Yesterday, 5:10pm] VirMan: do you have some nice server with ic2 ?

[Yesterday, 5:10pm] 31trainman: One minute im alive the next it says 31trainman died

[Yesterday, 5:09pm] VirMan: althrough i blew it up few times - enough to learn to make blast resistand shield between machinery and reactor :)

[Yesterday, 5:09pm] VirMan: i put a lot of safeguards- and it runs on it';s own :)

[Yesterday, 5:08pm] VirMan: hehe

[Yesterday, 5:03pm] 31trainman: Automating them the wrong way is not fun :)

[Yesterday, 5:02pm] 31trainman: Iv learned quite the lesson about nuclear reactors XD

[Yesterday, 5:00pm] VirMan: if ic2 code will allow :P

[Yesterday, 5:00pm] VirMan: after some basic boxite and aluminium arc furnace, carbon electrodes and so on, i'll make copper block doing as heat conductor :P

[Yesterday, 4:51pm] 31trainman: Gotta love seeing those go through console

[Yesterday, 4:49pm] VirMan: just missing texture files and other small issues :P

[Yesterday, 4:49pm] VirMan: it works :] - thanks Player - i have no idea how but it works (i know how obfuscation and reobfuscation works - still i wil find out how gradlew exactly uses those)

[Yesterday, 4:45pm] 31trainman: Oh cool

[Yesterday, 4:45pm] VirMan: tired of waiting for new ic2 content - i'll try to make it nicer, like defences, force fields, portals, flying cities (atlantis:P )

[Yesterday, 4:44pm] VirMan: my mod :P

[Yesterday, 4:39pm] 31trainman: What mod?

[Yesterday, 4:38pm] VirMan: i'll try to run it now

[Yesterday, 4:38pm] VirMan: there is my mod - :)

[Yesterday, 4:38pm] 31trainman: Was trying to type stuff in chat without being logged in, facepalm

[Yesterday, 4:33pm] VirMan: hi :)

[Yesterday, 4:27pm] 31trainman: hi

[Yesterday, 4:06pm] Player: gradle puts the output into build/libs

[Yesterday, 3:51pm] VirMan: ghost - unreachable dream.

[Yesterday, 3:51pm] VirMan: documentation.....

[Yesterday, 3:51pm] VirMan: where are all damn configuration parameters -wht this thing does actually ?? no configs all magic..

[Yesterday, 3:50pm] VirMan: gradlew buid just says everyutjhign is ok.. and where do i see jart output ???????

[Yesterday, 3:50pm] VirMan: i even set up eclipse and started from scratch... but of course nothing works outside eclipse eviroment.

[Yesterday, 3:49pm] VirMan: i just want to reobfuscate my jar....

[Yesterday, 3:49pm] VirMan: duuuhh.. frustrating experience...

[Yesterday, 3:08pm] VirMan: anyway gradlew still magically wants to do everything on c:\users\..etc

[Yesterday, 2:55pm] VirMan: Player - do you have few moments over skype ? :)

[Yesterday, 2:54pm] VirMan: should i call some parameters on graddlew to point my jar. ?

[Yesterday, 2:53pm] VirMan: ok it did not helped...

[Yesterday, 2:35pm] VirMan: hmm i moved sources and relinked library to my repo folder.. that might break up some hidden references - but i can;t find any - will search for it.

[Yesterday, 2:32pm] Player: well as long as you use the existing/default directories, the build.gradle from forge-src will work

[Yesterday, 2:30pm] VirMan: point is - it uses a lot of MAGIC setup fron ready eclipse enviroment - i use netbeans ;)

[Yesterday, 2:28pm] Player: lookup a basic forge modding tutorial for 1.7, it should explain the general build setup

[Yesterday, 2:27pm] Player: build.gradle

[Yesterday, 2:27pm] VirMan: problem is which script - netbeans witrh imported enviroment does not see this reobfuscation script :)

[Yesterday, 2:27pm] Player: there it's even faster than long

[Yesterday, 2:27pm] Player: fp isn't much slower than int, see…4414543#4414543

[Yesterday, 2:26pm] VirMan: okok

[Yesterday, 2:23pm] Player: you can use that only inside your dev environment, outside it needs to be reobfuscated, which the normal gradle build script from forge will do

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