Advanced Chemistry

  • As for now IC2 adds a bunch of cool elements like lithium, Uranium and Iridium as well as many other cool elements. The point I want to make is that there should be more cool and funny uses for these elemnts. For example:
    If you drop alkalimetals such as Lithium in water it burns and explodes.
    In the Endgame there should be a possibility to transfer elements to other elemts via nuclear enrichment(adding protrons and neutrons to the nuclear core)
    you can't through iridium out of inventory.
    You are able to seperate everything in elements as well as assembling elements together to get a new material

    Most of these proposals are suggestions for the endgame. In other words expensive, and power expense.

  • It's not exactly what you are suggesting but if you want a more chemistry like feeling, try FrogCraft. It might be a little old and not too compatible with other mods that updated recently though.

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    That wouldn't make sense. in RL you use lithium to breed the extrem rare isotope of Hydrogen, tritium, what is needed for fusion. :D

    Yeah, it should be the otherway around.
    Edit: Infact it is the right way around, you put in lithium and you get tritium.

  • Nevermind I inofficially close this thread i finally installed the new version of GregTech and in there is everything i wanted