[GregTech] Translation to German!

  • Hey all,

    I just started the translation of GregTech to German!

    You can see the status here:

    ITEM STATUS : 100% DONE!!!
    BOOK STATUS : 53%

    Downloads: (les´ die liesmich.txt)


    Thanks to:

    - GregoriusT for the awesome addon :P
    - me (fitnesstino) :D
    - Kulli98 for finding fails

  • Nah, I'm too lazy. :P

    I don't say, your "insert whatever" is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
    GregTech Website
    Patreon really helps me out. If you consider funding the development of GT, so I might be able to do it fulltime, why not?
    GregTech 6, the Main Thread, Bug Reports go here too.
    I'm also on #gt-dev on irc.esper.net, if you don't want to make a Forum account just to contact me.
    (I'm there almost every day, when I'm at my own computer. Yes you can drop bugs and suggestions there too)

  • I could help with the translation, if you want. I'm more in ROM translations (to German), but after I found this thread, I'd love to help here. I like MC a lot and also that mod creators support different languages for their mods.

    Just upload a listing of all words that needs a translations. And if the English word is pure fiction (non existent in the real world ^^), at best with a short description what they do - the applicable environment of the item. Maybe there are in-game descriptions for the player already? I'm not sure, it's the first time I will try IndustrialCraft2 (and a couple of other big mods together).

    If the translation to German is cancelled, please upload the current state.

    Also wenn Bedarf besteht, werde den Tab mal eine Weile offen lassen. ;)

  • @messiagov: kannst mir gerne helfen. Ich werd eine aktuelle Datei hochladen, dann übersetz am besten die Bücher, damit wir nicht das gleiche machen. Ich werde dann die Itemliste weiter übersetzen. Schick mir die Datei wenn du fertig mit den Büchern bist.

    Meld dich aber bitte vorher nochmal kurz! Danke für deine Hilfe :)