GregTech replacement, for those who are tired of the ridiculous changes

  • Well well well, would you look at that... someone finally got off their ass and did something about Greg's ridiculous (insert just about everything in GregTech here). Now we don't have to mine the entire planet just to get enough Rubies for enough chrome to build a single industrial whatever. The days of using that poorly-done TerraFirmaCraft clone are over.
    For those interested:
    Sadly, however, I can not change to any other replacement, unless they add Exactly what gregtech adds, which I already have some of in my world, and I don't like resources getting destroyed for nothing.

  • Uhhm am I right in the assumption that this is either a Troll Thread or you thinking that Mod is being up to date at all? The Github you linked is 5 Months old.

    Modding takes time. You of all people should know that.
    And don't Assume. It makes an Ass out of U and Me (get it, Ass-U-Me?)

    If you hate GregTech that much entirely, you may as well drop it.

    I'm still waiting for the mod mod to be released with enough of GregTech's content, that I can change to that mod with minimal losses. But of course, modding takes time, so it's gonna be a while.

  • What exactly are you whining about Gregtech doing? Do you have a constructive purpose in any sense but seeing your own text? Did you ever think that maybe suggestions would be a better way to broach ideas? Are you going to continue whining like a child when that mod dosen't live up to your expectations either?

    Do you even PLAY Gregtech?

  • It was mod? :D

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  • Why is this thread not dead allready? The mod is by someone with a majority of it's name being troll, and has most likely no features except a few copies Gregtech ones excluding recipes. Notto mention that I don't remember SegFaulter ever being a big Gregtech hater. I don't know, but Futurology kind sounds like brainwashing.

    • Official Post

    The mod, futurology, was last updated in 1.5.2, contains pretty much NONE of the content that GregTech contains, (although it may still be worked on, it doesn't look like it) and so the thread is being locked. Doesn't Greg have configs to increase the ore amounts anyway? If you think there is too little, you can always increase it.