E.R.A.M. (Experimental Research Assembly Manufacture) corporation

    This time without post-editing. (80% size shots)

    First of all: magic showcase of "open/naked" styled shots.
    Air system.

    Air vents "close up".(btw its 3x3 inside)

    New power-tubes and "bridge" lights.

    Closer look on huge reinforced door mechanism.(air vent in background)

    Power tubes coming up from buttom. 2 for security systems 2 for rest.

    Decoration close-up. (ahhh such pain! 45mins of work with WE)

    Such monster!!! That small thing on the right is...

    STATION!!! Ahhhh.... <3

    Lower lvl lobby/elevator floor is just started.

    Looking great right? Of course it is. But prepare for something even better!

    Best shot so far... <3 <3 <3 <3 YOU MUST LOVE IT!!!

    Why water you ask? Well why not... yea stupid but imo fit.

    Mmm 1 day i will have to cover that all with dirt, somehow remodel to a hill.

    What is it? Will it eventually eat you?

    Something fancy inside... ;)

    Nah again too much work for today... lets rest a bit in fog near middle-lake.

    Going to say "good night" with last shot of nanodome.

  • Ahh i love those luminators so much...

    First main station elevator is complete!

    Here is same insane and beautiful automated control of this elevator. Again no buttons, levers, pressure plates, or touchscreens. Only perfect timing and motion sensors.

    Station 95% done! Below E.R.A.M. display you can see our night-bar!

    Closer look...

    This time i will leave you with interesting view of station tunnels.

  • Day without media update is sad day...

    Thanks to my new friend we built staff dressing room/kitchen/dining room like in 10mins!

    This took us a bit longer but it look pretty impressive to me. Small train depo.

    ...and lot of useless crap around...

    Lets pimp my ... ohh... well... whatever... Random PIT-STOP shot number 95.

    But masterzh must work everywhere. Continuation of main station tunnels breaking (temporarily) out of hill.

    Yep, ladies and gentlemans thats train-tunnel-elevator.

    Sir, stop your train on red mark. You will be moved to tube F3. (just kidding trains are automated so they slow down/stop/launch/speed up automatically)

    Can we PLEASE get EU-detector working? :(

  • Few more news and media update:

    First E.R.A.M. surgery!

    Chunky! God i love this tool. Behold full glory of my island.

    Yes, yes i know almost no surface structure so take it as...dammit! Take it as covered with camouflage-forcefield so it will look like hill :)
    I am honored to present you my first(but not last) "real" surface home.

    On the left is huge multi floor structure.
    From top:

    • My personal apartment
    • Machine/storage/control room and other personal rooms
    • Drone bay
    • [last visible floor] first defense parameter(those small white platforms) and rest free space will serve as air-loading/unloading storage platforms for personal VTOL planes
    • [more floors and structures in hill under]

    "SexyAss" shot <3

    My "shortcut" to core underground cylinder thingy... in middle is WIP temple(no purpose yet) then on left is hill with that mentioned cylinder thingy... damm i need to make name for it eventually...

    Not much else to say well... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

    No no no! I am not done yet! Just 4 shots? HELL NO!!! We need more media-porn ;P
    Masterzh (weird)resting place.

    Sorry i could not refuse to post my top floor apartment "blinds".

  • Very small progress on the project. Been busy recently.

    Passenger platform. Of course RIM.

    Loading/unloading crane for small cargo.

    Station is getting more stuff. Finally its not so empty.

    Armory from above.

    At the back you can see "bigger guns" racks protected with (disabled not on picture) forcefield.

  • As expected new media-madness for you guys.This time not from E.R.A.M. copr. island.
    Anyway are you ready? Yes? Are you sure? Well you have been warned.

    (simple exercise: find all xenomorphs on that picture! Yea, i should hide them better xD)
    (answer is in the end of this post, in spoiler)

    Lets start with night showcase shall we?

    impressive huh?

    First time ever small step by step sample of my work with these pictures. No huge changes.

    Lets continue with green magic...

    Ignore bugged light on guns and buggy in front.

    So atmospheric...


    Even more guns!

    Hummers! Trucks! Tanks! Futuristic.... something!

    More futuristic... things! This time with legs!

    Were did i saw these robots before? hmm? ;)



    Another news.

    • Added new sounds for all existing stupid vanilla MC... sounds
    • Get working my custom blocks mod. Now i can use as many new blocks/mincroblocks as i want. (oh god currently 176 NEI pages)

    • Changed all backgrounds.

    • Added 50 removed mods back. Now running 118.

    • Official Post

    So many huge pictures...

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • That project of yours is looking awesome. I wonder if i could take a look on it someday.

    IC2 is one of core mods of this project. ARS, nuclear control, gregtech, gregslighting all addons i love, all made only thanks to awesome and ageless (at least to me) industrialcraft. Any member of modding "gods" is welcome in E.R.A.M.

  • MEDIA STORM / UPDATE!!! (ehm with real storm...)

    Lets start with landing platforms for VTOL...

    Such PAIN! I hope it will work... (transport system for VTOL cargo...more info in this post)

    Finally i made that transport VTOL. Also storm is coming prepare for wet shots....

    I am sexy and i know it!

    Oh god i am in LOVE! (again and again!)

    Its based on this beauty. <3 <3 <3

    My penguin at bad weather...

    Heh, look like batmobile to me... ;)

    Sky-lab in progress.

    Pretty huge dont you think?

    Annnd the last one. Call it BONUS shot. So any comments/likes?

  • So after 1 year i am giving you guys fast tour of almost whole project with some beautiful shaders in action.

    I hope no1 get sick of too much "fly-by"scenes, thats why i included warning about it.

    Please, before you comment on laggy scenes and glitches in video remember, that all scenes were rendered with 150mods running, on "far" or even "extreme" view distance and on top of that with shaders. Try to record such madness in 1080p.

    Enjoy and dont forget to watch in 1080p
    Post some feedback!

  • Just... Amazing!
    Glad to see that IC² were one of the mods that survived MC transitions. (i've read your post on FTB)

    Yes, but 1.6.x to 1.7.x didnt work and carphenters mod (slopes) has no backwards compatibility so i guess i will be stuck on 1.6.x with not working eu-detector. :(

  • [CENTER]
    Concept goes like this:[/CENTER]

    • Air get sucked in to ventilation shafts on the surface.
    • Get filtrated in A. filtration section.
    • Get distributed to A.storage tanks and main huge middle air-vent same as smaller side vents.

    All air vents are accessible if you are able to "crawl". (by any mod or by morphing to get through 1block vents)