[Suggestion] Rare metals from stone dust

  • I was thinking about the way rare metals such as Iridium, Silver or Osmium/Platinum/etc... are extracted from the earth. In order to get even a tiny bit they have to process tons and tons of rock. I was thinking that stone dust could be Thermal-Centrifuged to get one "tiny pile of rare metal dust" or something along those lines, which would be combined with eight other tiny piles to form "rare metal dust". This would be Centrifuged once again to get tiny piles of gold/silver/iridium (any three metals really) (Iridium could be a random chance, say 10%) which are 1/9th of a whole metal dust. With this mechanic you could be 1 Iridium ore for 729 stone dust (if chance were added it could be over 1000 dust, or 500 ores), which I would enjoy.
    For me Iridium is actually really common, because Mystcraft adds dungeons out the wazoo. It's not unheard of for me to have over 16 Iridium before even getting an ME Network going.
    Anyway, thoughts?

  • Its a pretty decent suggestion, and it uses up peoples useless stone dust, however I think people might think it is too grindy (Although It is certainly less laggy and less destructive then my meteor suggestion >:D)

  • Well, if you had to centrifuge stone dust over and over for a few rare metals (like tiny dust of iridium and/or uranium), why not?
    Overall it would be a bit cheaper than UUM, but much more time and automation infrastructure-wise costly.