[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] IHL Tools & Machines

  • ok I used the detonation sprayer tonight for needle files and and it did all 64 for one diamond dust, witch I dont see an issue with, but it didnt use up the gunpowder.also is there a way to use ore dic axes so thermal foundation bronze axes will work, if installed they take over the IC2 bronze axe.
    also the axes have the same damage issue as with the foge hammer in the last post, it only works with fresh axes but only does 1 damage to it.

  • there is still 4 recipes in the iron workbench for the detonation sprayer even though the axes have been removed.

    edit: did you remove the guide book?

    edit2: diamond drill in D. sprayer doesnt activate the achievment

  • there is still 4 recipes in the iron workbench for the detonation sprayer even though the axes have been removed.


    edit: did you remove the guide book?

    Uhum. I notice that people tend to disable that feature in modpack and it was hard to keep it actual.

    edit2: diamond drill in D. sprayer doesnt activate the achievment

    Probably launched on crafting event.

  • people keep it disabled because it spams them whenever they sleep. They get a ton of those books for no reason. You should just make it craftable instead.

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  • suggestion, a way to upgrade the evaporator to the electric version.

    edit:is there a level or biome requirement for your ores? I have never played without GT before so I didnt need them till now, I have done a lot of mining and only found limstone once, no oil or other ores.

  • 1. They replace vanilla stone.
    2. They spawned in long straight veins 3-blocks wide.

    BTW, do you prefer more vanilla-like view of an ores? There was complains about it.

  • I like the way they look, I just wish I could find them. when I go mining I tunnel around 11 since IC2 spawns all ores at that level and you can also find diamonds, lapis, and redstone there. but I always search tunnels I find as well. maybe I need to setup a miner/quarry to find them better. I have found atleast 15 diffrent lava rivers/lakes below 16 and still havent seen any oil.

  • Yep, I had some research and there is an issue. I don't know why this system work before and why it is not working now. Fixing this will take some time. Take a break from IHL until I find a way to fix this.

  • i was looking at the springs for tin snips and sulfuric acid production tonight in my last video till the ore issue is fixed. I found a few bugs with NEI for wires, not sure you can fix it, but it shows all the wires rather than just the one needed when looking at recipes. also saltpeter for sulfuric acid? shouldnt it be sulfur? saltpeter is KNO3.

  • Ok, I'm done with a new oregen, I hope I did not overdid it. This could be done faster, but I've got addiction for a one MMO game (damn its good).
    In most case for me it's easier to rewrite a chunk of a code instead of fixing it even if this is my own code, but a one year old.

    It should be sulfur+saltpeter. Saltpeter is used to produce nitric oxides which oxidize sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide.

    Lathe is a part of iron workbench environment. To create some items you need a working lathe nearby to iron workbench.

  • making dice i noticed that if you throw to many in the bronze tub the output will be voided after 2 rather than the processing just stopping. also I think the wire needed for the DC motor recipe is the wrong one. you need a lathe to make a wire mill and a wire mill to make the 1.166 wire needed for the DC motor.