[128px, 64px][1.7.2, ic2-experimental] modern ressource pack

  • Hey guys,
    i'm currently working on a modern looking texture/ressouce pack.

    Version 0.3 preview (will be out on 1.5.2014)

    Tell me if you like it!
    I know, these ore textures are hard to differentiate, but thats intended!
    i did use real ore pictures.

    i'll keep this thread up-to-date.


    [128x] 0.1 made for mc 1.7.2 and ic2-experimental (may work with previous versions)
    [128x] 0.2 made for mc 1.7.2 and ic2-experimental (may work with previous versions)

    just drop into './minecraft/ressourcepacks'
    go into options->ressourcepacks and choose 'mindcraft'

    Version history

    v0.1 initial release
    Blocks: coal_ore, cobblestone, stone, crafting_table, diamond_ore, dirt, double_plant, tallgrass, grass, grass_snowed, grass_top, iron_ore, ladder, lava, planks (all kinds),
    redstone_ore, snow, water, copper_ore, lead_ore, tin_ore, uran_ore, reinforced_door
    Items: coal, redstone_dust

    Blocks: tracks, wooden_door, metal_door,
    Blocks: reinforce_door, ladder(made more slim),

    v0.3 (next)
    Blocks: rain(dense), snow(dense), electric_furnace, any wishes?
    Blocks: flip doors, grass

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