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    sionw: Do you actually use the 1.7.10 version of the pack? The console
    and logs/latest.log or logs/fml-client-latest.log should have something.

    -Player (best uername ever)

    Yeah I looked at it and here's what I found in latest.log:

  • Well, to be fair, most mods kinda end in 1.7.10. I personally don't even think it's worth it to move on, much as I viewed early 1.7.10 when 1.6.4 was all the rage.

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  • As per FTB's requirements, I am notifying Player that I will be using FastCraft in my public, unlisted modpack named "New Dawn" on the FTB Launcher.

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    FastCraft 1.23 seems not compatible with Opifine HD_U_D8 I hope you have any idea to fix it.:)

    Have you tried this?

    http://files.player.to/fastcraft-1.25.jar should fix the optifine-shaders issue, I can't fully test it with this PC though.

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  • Greetings all.

    So I grabbed an old 1.7.10 pack to test out EE3, never having got the chance to, and after a bunch of messing around to get things to stop crashing and updated, pack loaded just fine. Albeit with medial lag and FPS issues. World loaded fine afaik and I messed with settings so they weren't set to extreme everything.

    Went to add fastcraft, and upon reload of the already genned world the blocks were invisible, the only things I could see were floating animals and the sky/void skybox, along with the selection border of anything I was close enough to mouse over. Restarts of the world, the game, and my computer, as well as changing allocated RAM from 4 to 6 hasn't had any noticeable effect, and leaving it alone for a while doesn't make the blocks suddenly appear like it usually does if loading is being silly.

    Console doesn't seem to have much that's relevant (adding the pastebin link below) beyond a good chunk of spam in the form of "FastCraft: rg lookup failed".


    (If something's missing from it, that's because I set Twitch/Curse to use the native launcher, which meant I had to go in and copy everything by hand. Lemme know if I need to go do that again or find another way of grabbing it that doesn't omit things, or if I should try the jar launcher instead.)

    Computer specs are;
    Win7, 64bit
    16gb RAM
    AMD A4-5300 APU 3.40GHz
    AMD Radeon HD 7800 graphics card
    Drivers were updated about a month ago, and I've been playing Sky Factory 3 for a while just previous to this, so definitely capable of running it.

  • It sure would be nice if version 1.25 could be uploaded to CurseForge, or at the very least if the OP could be updated with it. It's so frustrating getting the latest version of Fastcraft from the topic or CurseForge and then having stuff crash because it doesn't work with the latest Optifine.

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    Trisscar: You may have some luck with version 1.25, the rg error is rather fatal for getting the world to be rendered. It's most likely an incompatibility with another mod like Optifine.

    retep998: I updated the post here since I'm not likely to fix it in a better way soon, interacting with CurseForge however is unfortunately broken until they fix it. Something in conjunction with the Twitch integration prevents me from uploading files or responding to PMs there.

  • I am notifying Player that I will be using FastCraft in my unlisted modpack named "White Pack" on the FTB Launcher. White Pack is a small modpack I made to play with my brazillian friends, and your mod is a great addition.

  • Annnnd, nope. Still rg lookup error and invisible world. Also not using Optifine, still have the habit of avoiding that combo like the plague from years ago. XD

    Given the sheer amount of mods I've currently got running testing each would be a massive chore, I can throw the list here if needed, but I think I'mma go back to BetterFPS for this particular pack. Thanks for suggestion though. :)